Is Aaron Smith Levin Still Covering Up for Mike Rinder?

Aaron Smith Levin made a stunning admission a could of days ago. He actually named 2 victims of Scientology child sexual abuse had been censoring themselves because he was on the board of the Aftermath Foundation and they were silent about getting justice “for the greater good”.

I am absolutely shocked at this continued years long abuse of these victims, perpetuated by Aaron Smith Levin, Mike Rinder and Celebrity Anti-Scientology.

2 thoughts on “Is Aaron Smith Levin Still Covering Up for Mike Rinder?”

  1. When he said that willingly I could not believe that he seemed to think that was a good thing. If you’re truly dedicated to exposing lies of $ci, why would you tell 2 survivors to stay silent, especially survivors of CSA?? And why would you humble-brag about encouraging them to stay silent? That doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you complicit. Survivors deserve to be heard, even if their truth is inconvenient to you.

    • You totally missed the point badly. He said that when he left it was a good thing that others opened up. He did not ask or tell or encourage anybody to “stay silent”. He said they may not have said anything out of respect to not make a row with the rest of the AF on their own accord obviously. There was zero humble brag anywhere. The goodness came when the others opened up on their own. Nobody encouraged anybody to say or not say anything. You couldn’t be any more wrong or ignorant of what actually happened and we all saw the same thing. Judge your own ignorance and incompetence in observing communication before making ignorant remarks and opinions that are clearly wrong.


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