Marc Headley Makes Public Statement Solidifying His Status as a Legitimate Critic of Scientology


There seems to be some weird rumor going around that some of us who were involved with Scientology many years ago are holding back some super secret Scientology info we were privy to and that there are mysterious victims somewhere that we have not revealed information about. I want to give you a bit of history so you can judge recent nonsense with this in mind.

This statement is my own and does not seek to represent the thoughts, opinions, or intentions of any other individual or organization.

To be clear, EVERYTHING we know about Scientology was reported to law enforcement years before random hater spokesholes asking uninformed questions appeared on the scene. We are talking 18 years ago. Some folks spreading false rumors may have been in diapers when this data was turned over, so it makes sense they would have no clue about this happening. Or they were not around exposing Scientology when this happened. Or they may have yet to see the large amount of content we have put out where we talk about this taking place.

I understand if people have valid questions. I have been answering those questions honestly for nearly two decades. Ask yourself how long those throwing shade or spreading rumors have been doing this. Likely, it is not even a fraction of 18 years, at BEST.

If you build a house, who would you turn to for help? The guy who has been building high-quality houses for 18 years, or who has a YouTube channel throwing shade at other home builders for his friend who may or may not be a house builder as well?

I rarely toot my own horn because that’s not my style. But for all the folks that have been misinformed, it’s time for some FACTS. There are a lot of documented facts you can look up if you so choose.

I grew up in Scientology from a young age and worked for the Sea Org starting at 15 years old, for 16 or so years. I spent 15 of those years working at Scientology’s HQ in California. For 15 years of 100+ hours per week, I was paid around $29,000 total. Scientology paid me 36 cents an hour for 15 years of 100+ hour weeks.

As soon as my wife and I escaped from Scientology, our Scientology families abandoned us. My father was the only one not involved with Scientology who would support us.

Months after I left, I saw that there were many inaccuracies and few facts about what went on inside Scientology and the abuse that was rampant in the organization. I started exposing Scientology on the internet under the name Blown for Good or BFG. Scientology threatened to sue me and to ruin me utterly. I did not back down. I did not make any deals with Scientology to stop exposing them.

Many of my posts on the internet became the subject of books, films, TV shows, and videos on Scientology. Scientology attacked and started making hate sites about myself and my wife. We kept on exposing Scientology.

Four years after I escaped, I wrote and SELF-published a book about my ENTIRE LIFE in SCIENTOLOGY. Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology. Scientology again threatened to sue me. I put out the book anyway.

My wife and I served as confidential informants for the FBI for years. We met with the FBI regarding Scientology on countless occasions and provided detailed information on many Sea Org bases and operations we knew about. We were asked hundreds of questions about what we knew and what information may have been helpful to them. We easily spent hundreds and hundreds of hours putting together information and documents on anything and everything we knew about Scientology.

My wife and I sued Scientology in the United States. We were told that this was a bad idea and that Scientology would never change and they would never lose a lawsuit. We sued anyway. We did eventually lose our lawsuit, and Scientology made deals with some of the others who had also filed suits. One case did move forward, and Scientology ultimately had to settle this case for an undisclosed amount of money. We kept fighting.

After losing our lawsuit, Scientology threatened to collect the legal fees totaling $46,000 aggressively, and we were told that we could lose our home if we did not pay them or make a deal. Scientology offered to forgive the $46,000 legal bill if:
We stopped exposing Scientology
If we turned over all media and journalists that we had contact with in regards to exposing Scientology
If we turned over the rights to my book – Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology.
If we spied for Scientology and turned over any info, we had on others exposing Scientology.
We refused their offer and scraped up every penny we had to pay the $46,000 bill. A fundraiser was later held that got us all the money back, thanks to Jason Beghe, Tony Ortega & The Underground Bunker team!

Additionally, even though we lost our lawsuit, Scientology had to cease forced abortions and undeniable acts of human trafficking, among other things. Because of our lawsuit, it has been estimated that there are at least 50 children that were born AFTER the Sea Org stopped forcing their members to get abortions, which was a direct result of our lawsuit. We also heard that in certain Sea Org bases, some improvements were made to make the Sea Org members more “comfortable.” We still fought on.

My wife and I have met with and cooperated with many other law enforcement agencies in multiple countries around the world regarding exposing Scientology and their operations in these countries.

We have sent my book to hundreds of libraries, government officials and law enforcement agencies all over the world so that more people could learn about Scientology and not fall prey to their tactics.

We have participated in or been on over 300 TV shows, documentaries, videos, radio shows, podcasts, and films in multiple countries exposing Scientology in the last 18 years.

I have participated with/in at least five other books written on Scientology.

I traveled to Europe and spoke to a consortium of European governments and law enforcement about Scientology abuses. TWICE!

Our BFG YouTube channel has gotten over 2.7 Million watch hours of our videos exposing Scientology. We had over five million views of our content exposing Scientology in one year. This is in addition to the millions and millions of views of all of the content we produced before this last year on YouTube.

Continued in Part 2

PART #2 – BFG POST Jan 31st, 2024

Scientology has spent millions of dollars trying to ruin my life. Google Ads have been paid for by Scientology for years, up until the last I checked last week, pointing to Scientology hate sites about my wife and me for over a decade. They have hired private investigators to harass us at our homes in California and Colorado. They have sent hate letters to my business clients. They have spied on us using our friends and associates.

My wife Claire was informed that she may be called on to be an expert witness in a Scientology legal case. She spent many hours preparing for this case was not initially called. The case was retried and she was again asked to testify as an Expert Witness. She did end up testifying and justice was gotten for some of the victims of this criminal. What did Claire get in return? She got Scientology posting her picture all over social media comparing her to a known convicted criminal. We still fought on.

I am unsure what people think I would NOT have said by now. It is ridiculous at this point, given the well-documented history of our work in this area. We still fight on.

My wife and I have helped hundreds of people escape and start their lives over after leaving Scientology. We did it for many years before there were any organized groups to do so. We did this with our own money and resources and we never asked anyone to fund this work. We did it because we thought we could help. We have received messages from hundreds of Scientologists over the years who read my book and found their way out of Scientology to start new lives.

Since the day I escaped from Scientology, Scientology has been trying to silence me and my wife and they have been relentlessly attacking us. THE ENTIRE LAST 18 YEARS. FULL TIME. Private investigators, spies pretending to be friends, spreading false rumors, hate sites, Google Ads, messing with our businesses, anything and everything else they usually do, they have been doing to us. They have been doing this because they perceive us as a threat and KNOW we are constantly helping people escape. They have tried to “ruin us utterly” per their policies for 18 years. We never stopped exposing them. We still fight on.

If we have left out any information, it’s how much we have had to endure over the last 18 years under pressure from the attacks of Scientology.

So, after all that, to speculate on what we have said without knowing and not even looking back or asking us is suspicious.

If we are exposing Scientology for this extended period of years and someone wants to silence us, would it make more sense to ask what THEY have done to expose Scientology? What do these people have to gain by attempting to silence us? If you don’t like our content, scroll on. But to attack us for NOT exposing Scientology? Huh?

While I do not usually respond to comments like this based on the information above, I do so now to let all the newer folks in this arena understand that this has been going on for 18 years. OSA has been spreading rumors for years. I have been ignoring them, and they usually fade out and die. Hopefully, this will help people understand how long this has been going on so they don’t wonder what we are up to when they hear the latest nonsense.

continued in PART #3

PART #3 – BFG POST Jan 31st, 2024

Our work has been productive, comprehensive, and consistent for the last 18 years. How many others can say that?

Here’s the kicker: while all the above was happening, Claire and I have been raising our three children and running our businesses. That is a LOT of work for two people to get done who never received a high school education or had much of any decent education as children raised inside Scientology.

This might be the more important question. Why would someone try to take out those who have done so much, and why now? And the follow-up question, who would gain the most by taking specifically us and others who expose the Scientology cult out? These might be more productive questions to ask.

Anyone who wants to can help expose Scientology. If those in this space are attacking the folks who have been doing this for years, you must ask yourself why. If they have a better way of doing it, leave the others alone. It seems relatively unproductive for those doing this for this long to answer questions about dumb rumors rather than do the job at hand.

My record in this area is undisputed. If you don’t believe what I have written here, get your Google on and look around. I have exposed and forgotten more shit about Scientology than most will end up exposing in an entire lifetime.

If you have a better way to do what we are doing, do it. We are certainly not stopping you. We welcome all those who have information on Scientology to share it widely.

To all those who have been supporting us and are with us, we see and hear you. Your support and encouragement help us fight the nonsense and keep doing the work that needs to be done. To those who are supporters of ours or teammates in this fight, we see you too and stand united against Scientology as we have been for the last 18 years.

Some of us are getting up there in years. Some of us have personal health battles we are dealing with. We still do everything we do and make time to expose Scientology. To do all this work for this many years and have folks attack you for what you ARE NOT DOING? This is wild. Don’t think these attacks are uncalculated. I don’t think those engaged in these attacks are “accidentally” involved. They either know what they are doing, are ignorant and gullible, or, in the rare case, the trifecta.

For those that talk the talk, try to walk the walk. Try walking in my shoes; you’ll stumble in my footsteps.

Scientology has been ruining people’s lives for 70 years. They are not going to stop on their own. We have to put an end to the abuse and crimes by exposing them.

If you don’t like the way we are exposing Scientology and have a better way, do it. If you don’t want to help, that’s fine, too. If you’d like to watch, that’s okay as well, but stay out of our way; we still have shit to do.

Until next time,

aka Marc Headley

8 thoughts on “Marc Headley Makes Public Statement Solidifying His Status as a Legitimate Critic of Scientology”

  1. I actually feel sorry for them. He actually thinks this is OSA? Or that his work is diminished by the current events? We already know, and we supported the shit out of him and Claire, until we didn’t. Because they are in panic moode behind the scenes. Shill man! It’s not you. It’s the cult think. We loved you and will support you.. oops that was the af mail to Aaron…brb

  2. Shit go do like clearing the planet? Insulting and intimidating people who were of SA as a preschooler by their father because that is what those emails from M R were and if the Headleys cannot see why people think that is wrong the work they have to do is get some psychiatric treatment for because that is bottom of the barrel behaviour. Also rarely toots his own horn? Marc needs to watch back some of his videos, modest he is not. Nothing wrong with that but he loves to toot!

  3. They all need to step down from the aftermath foundation or it is going to fail.
    They seem to care more about theirself then those they are supposed to help.
    Please people until they step down do not contribute to this foundation

  4. Thanks Alanzo for posting this…i wish you had all the comments… Marc Headley mentioned something saying that some guy going on about hotels??? was really a bizarre statement…I am hoping all the truth comes out now about these EVIL execs…all writing books…unhinged AF as Serge says…personally i believe AM fdn is just a front group for Indie Scientology…the taking over of CAN in 96 was evil as hell…CAN paid for my trip to Cleveland from The East coast of Canada…and helped me with all my PSTD from cultic involvement…however seeing scien in bldg retraumatized me…will never forget it…Stacey Brooks speaking out with her husband Robert Vaughn…messed me up…but made me research this cult since then…

    But as Bob Dylan says… and I quote…”the enemy i see wears a cloak of decency” is my mantra…glad you are on youtube and hopefully now vindicated…thanks for all you do Alanzo

    • Yes. I’d not gotten about 3 or 4 sentences into this on his youtube community tab before I realized I HAD to web this on my blog.

      Because my god the blind arrogance here is Tom Cruise level blind arrogance.

      And sure enough, he’s taken it down now. Think of the self-righteous time he spent writing and rewriting this.

      Well, it’s now up here on AlanzosBlog for everyone to see – forever.

      In 1996, I was still a loyal Scientologist, working my guts out in a small mission in South Pasadena to beat “deadline Earth”.

      Keep going, dude.

      I’m right behind ya.

  5. WOW!!!

    thanks so much for posting this Alanzo….Unbelievable Damage Control by MH…Was quite shocking to read…All these Execs should just shut up and go away…before they implicate themselves further…They are digging themselves into a bottomless hole of no return…nice to see you out and about on Serges channel….What a bright LIGHT he is!!!


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