Scientology and the Aftermath S2E1: Mike Rinder Silent About the Procedures He Developed to Suppress Victims of Sexual Abuse in Scientology


As the head of the Office of Special Affairs for 22 years, Mike Rinder met with attorneys and helped to develop all the contracts and procedures which were used to suppress the 2 victims of sexual abuse, Mirriam Francis and Saina Kamula, and others like them, who were profiled in Season 2 Episode 1 of Scientology and the Aftermath.

Why didn’t he say anything?

Why didn’t they have a segment where Mike Rinder walked us through the procedures, from the Church’s viewpoint, which he developed and executed as the head of OSA to handle these types of sexual abuse incidents when they came up?

Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath consistently fails to utilize Mike Rinder’s vast understanding of the abuses that the Church of Scientology wages on people and exactly how they are carried out.

These incidents of sexual abuse were considered internal legal and PR threats to the Church. So how many attempts to suppress these did Mike Rinder personally carry out? If he did not carry any out, which of his juniors did? Did they report “dones” to him? Did he report “dones” to David Miscavige? How did all this work?

Everything in the Church of Scientology is written down in policies and all relevant employees are drilled in how to handle them. And it would have been Mike Rinder’s job to see that these procedures were put in place and if Mike did not write these policies and procedures himself, then he approved them from his juniors.

So instead of going through all this himself, Mike Rinder sits silently throughout this whole episode 1 of Scientology and the Aftermath.

How long can they keep doing this before anyone catches on to this charade?

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  1. Mike Rinder as the head of OSA for many years, MUST have direct and personal knowledge of EVERYTHING that went on at that section of Scn, including EACH cover-ups, each forced Disconnection, and each Fair Game practice perfored on another. Yet, what he has ONLY confessed so far is about his role in the secret harassment plans for journalist John Sweeney, and about the secret “Executive Directives” for the “Eradication of psychiatry”. How many skeletons is Mike Rinder hidding inside his closet?

    If he has – as it should be OBVIOUS that he does – so many first-hand details of Fair Game and Disconnection abuses, why is it that he is not using ANY of that in The Aftermath. I mean, he can HIMSELF verify the details of his testimonies as he was the one who PLANNED or carried out or ordered these things to be done.He KNOWS that the church isn’t going to use what he did while he was the head of OSA, as that would only incriminate them as well. So it is very CONVENIENT for him to keep quiet about it. Can you imagine the amount of lawsuits that Rinder would have after his ass I he were to confess?

    What Rinder has as a “Humanitarian”, I have it as a “famous movie actor”: NOTHING!!


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