The RinderNinnie Character Assassination SubReddit “SPTV_Unvarnished” Operates Just Like OSA

Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control, Emotion Control – where have we seen this before?

“Serasaurus”, who is a fellow Opus Dei-Level Catholic with the colossally hypocritical Stefani Hutchison, censors the discussion of Aaron Smith Levin in her sub – even though the sub is entirely devoted to discrediting him. No disagreement is allowed. No alternative ideas can be spoken.

This proves these people are not capable of telling, or even tolerating, the truth about anything.

Just like Scientology.

That people who pretend to be more intelligent, more moral, more civilized than Scientologists would act exactly like Scientologists is just astounding to me. And they are completely blind to it.

Amazing. They’ve learned well from Mike Rinder.

serasaurus censors discussion

3 thoughts on “The RinderNinnie Character Assassination SubReddit “SPTV_Unvarnished” Operates Just Like OSA”

  1. The Cult of Aaron… Cult of Unvarnished… Cult of Rinder…Cult of protesty’s…will never tell the truth…Did I miss anyone??? Its all a complete and utter bogus shitshow…round and round it goes…He said She said…yada yada…They are all grifters who like to make money and have no plan to truly expose the crimes of scientology….its time for me to move on…Seriously??? Alanzo you really want to take on this BEAST?

    • It’s the just the chaotic airplane crash of a collapsing regime.

      Aaron has been working for Marty and Mike, at first undercover, since 2014. He’s seen a lot of the sausage-making. He knows, or has observed without allowing himself to see, what Marty and Mike have been doing since they came onto the internet in 2009 to “handle” it.

      It’s like we’re standing in the middle of the debris field of an Airbus crash.

      I’m staying away from a lot of it.

      But I believe I have a unique position to identify the most important storage trunks, carry-on bags and injured bodies, and I’m headed straight for those before the clean-up crew arrives.

      Hopefully, we can get justice for Mike Rinder’s, Marty Rathbun’s and David Miscavige’s victims.

      Don’t give up just because this Airbus Crash of a Debris Field is total chaos.

      For our purposes, chaos is good.


      • thanks for the heads up Alanzo!!! I understand why you took such a long break…However I am glad you are back…Will see what comes out of this insanity!


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