Aaron Smith Levin’s Spectacular Exposure of the Covert Anti-Scientology Tactics To Control What You Think & Feel

Aaron Smith Levin has finally seen what he needs to see about how he has been played by Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, and David Miscavige.

Aaron is finally now revealing what we have always needed him to reveal so we can all make more informed decisions on Scientology and Anti-Scientology.

Sorry I’ve been so hard on you, Aaron.

But you deserved it.


I’ll be creating a transcript for his video because Aaron is revealing a lot of very valuable information here.

Who knows? If they piss him off enough, he may burn the whole thing down.

Unlike the fake whistleblower Mike Rinder.

And Marty Rathbun.

And Leah Remini.

I believe, I have always believed, Aaron should.

And I have been inviting Aaron to do that for the last 8 years.

It’ll take a few days to get everything transcripted and to make the transcript exact, but it will be exact.

Thanks Aaron.

Keep speaking up, will you please?

An old man who has been enduring this bullshit for 25 years, and many other people who you should be helping and not discrediting, would be very grateful to you.




Everyone welcome back for more SP TV, where every day is a great day. Not to be in a cult. But we’re every day.

It was a certain possibility that some former cult members will continue to act like they are still very, very much in that cult. Now I realize that’s something people accuse me of. But anyway, I’m just saying no matter who you want to point fingers at, still Tuesday. I did not expect that this would happen this quickly. I did not expect this would happen this quickly. Up until now all of the disagreement between Leah Remini and Danny Masterson as victims and other Jane DOE’s has been kept behind the scenes for the most part mainly for Leah’s benefit. And two days ago I did a video called Leah remedies attorneys dropped her as a client. And the source material for that video was a blog post put out by Stephanie Hutchinson who’s been serving as a mouthpiece for Leah remedy for about six months or so now. And Leah has been leaking allegedly leaking information to Stephanie and having her write blog posts to attack former Scientologists, me and people who are friendly to me in the ex Scientology community. And Stephanie in the blog post that she wrote two days ago, inadvertently leaked for the first time that the Jane DOE’s had long since severed all ties with Leah Remini the Jane DOE’s I’m generally referring to Danny Masterson as victims. Not all of them are still known as Jane DOE’s for example, Jane Doe three is very publicly Chrissy Carnell Vexilar, who’s going to be a prominent figure in tonight’s video, and just while it’s on my mind, so I don’t forget later. Here is Chris’s Instagram profile. If you’re on Instagram if you’re about the IG life, go over there and follow Chrissy.

Oh, yeah, Stephanie had almost accidentally I don’t know if she realized what she was writing almost accidentally, or maybe she didn’t realize that this had never been made public before that the Jane DOE’s had severed all ties with Leah Remini Long, long ago since November and so also what the blog post two days ago kind of inadvertently revealed a very much strongly implied that Leah remedies entire legal representation team had been conflicted out and was having to withdraw from hurricanes. And I did a video two days ago, commenting on this, sharing some real information sharing some speculation. And I had no idea that we would be treated to a new blog post from one of the other mouthpieces that Leah Remini has been using. Absolutely confirming that Leah remedies team entire legal intact Lea remedies entire legal team has been conflicted out and in my opinion, in my personal opinion, the reason we are seeing so many unhinged attacks against former Scientologists by Mike Rinder and Leah Remini. And their mouthpieces is because Leah has known for a little a little bit of time now that she was not going to be able to proceed with this lawsuit because her legal team was conflicted out and no legal team in the right mind would substitute in. That is my personal opinion. I could be wrong I hope Leah does get a new legal team. I hope her lawsuit does move forward but the evidence seems to indicate that not even Leah thinks that she will be able to do that because we would not be seeing these massively on a hinged attacks coming at the direction of Mike and Leah and that it has reached its its ultimate point tonight, where for the first time ever, the unhinged attacks are being launched squarely at the Jane DOE’s and the Jane DOE’s are being blamed specifically for Leah Remini ‘s legal team having to conflict out and the fact that this blog post would be written in a way that even legally speaking could only go back to Leah Remini seems to be such an unforced error. But I’m not going to let an attack on the Jane DOE’s go. And Leah Remini is not the only one with a platform. I’ve got a platform to and so if she’s gonna hide behind mouthpieces like Stephanie Hutchinson, who at least isn’t an anonymous person, the blog post we’re gonna be talking about tonight is from one of these despicable people who won’t even show their use of their real face or their real name. You’re gonna hide behind people. I’m going to do it in broad daylight. We’re going to do it. So in order to frame this story here, let me show you this Twitter account called informer snow. The Twitter account is only one month old. And you can see it only has 74 followers. You can see a Twitter account that’s only one month old and has 74 followers shouldn’t have any real famous followers should they? Accept Yeah, Leah Remini is one of those followers. Okay. Now, Lee Romney got that’s just a coincidence, right? I mean, there couldn’t be any other indication that this person’s secretly being used as a mouthpiece by Mike and lay up mic up. Mike follows the Twitter account as well. Now you might go Aaron. Geez, that’s come on. That’s 74 Five. I can tell you because I already did a video about this last that when this Twitter account was only like two weeks old, and when it only had 20 followers, Mike Rinder and Leah Remini. Were two of those followers. And I actually did a video about one of the one of the blog posts that this account had done before that tweet promoting that blog post which was also an attack on the Jane DOE’s but not quite as strong, had five likes. Five likes. Leah Remini was one of those five likes. So let’s let’s let’s not have any illusion. Let’s not be kidding ourselves at all over who is behind this Twitter account? Who is feeding information to the person behind this Twitter account? Who is cheerleading this Twitter account just due to the personal relationship or personal connection? Between Leah Remini on this Twitter account, or the person behind this Twitter account? We can at the bare minimum agree that this person would not be allowed to write anything about Leah Remini that Leah Remini either did not think was true. Or was not happy to have written to can we agree on that? Like it makes sense. Right? Okay. So

yeah, I mean, this blog post is literally like an hour. Old. And we’re going to be throwing Here we go. Here’s the blog post written by this person.

The reason I’ve taken screenshots of this thing is even though I’m going to be doing a video exposing what this person has published naturally, I’m not actually trying to raise their platform.

So we’re gonna go off screenshots here.

informers no oh, by the way, by the way, oh, actually, I just realized there was something else that I wanted to show you on this Twitter account. So when we go to this, oops, let me go to this Twitter account. You can see the this entire Twitter account was created just to attack former Scientologists who are friendly to me. If we go all the way down, look, here’s Aaron Smith Levin’s partners in crime. By the way my partners in crime include the Jane DOE’s according to this blog post, which is a blog post Leah Remini. liked Thank God for Leah that that Twitter got rid of being able to see what what tweets you like. Here’s just this Twitter account attacking me, attacking me. attacking me attacking me again, okay, I’m a fraud. I am a liar. So, the very first tweet that this account ever tweeted about eight weeks ago, was just a blog post attacking me. And Leah and Mike were one of the founding followers of this Twitter account. I mean, seems a little on the nose. It seems like if you are involved in litigation against Scientology, accusing them of harassing you online and orchestrating attacks against you, though, last thing you would want to do is have public evidence on the internet of you doing the exact same thing to former Scientologists who are engaged in the same sort of activism that you’re engaged in. Seems pretty stupid. But you know, you guys did it. Okay, let’s take a look at the blog post here.

Lebanon OSA are the same picture. Hello, everyone. It’s been a pleasure watching the work on social media to expose the lives. Aaron Smith Levin and his band of flying monkeys have been spreading throughout the ex Scientology world. With recent events escalating the conflict further, I needed to come back to shed some light on a few things Aaron has gone from from an obnoxious social media personality to a serious threat to the entire ex Scientology movement. Instead of concentrating on exposing the abuses of the Church of Scientology, he’s created a cult of personality on YouTube, and as converted otherwise decent people on and offline into his flying monkeys. This has been documented documented by me, Stephanie Hutchison, and others many times, let’s review just a few facts. Okay, a couple of comments here. You’re gonna see sort of a thread a common thread throughout this post, which is that there is an assumption there’s sort of an implication that the ex Scientology community is Mike Rinder and Leah Remini. How can they be because otherwise, guys, in order for a lot of the statements and the positions asserted in this blog post to even be taken seriously, to be considered accurate, you would have to assume that the ex Scientology community is some sort of a hierarchy and that that hierarchy and that that, you know, the whole activist movement is, is headed up and represented by Mike Rinder and Leah Rob. Why would you have to assume because the ex Scientology community actually Barbara This is a series video we can have things popping up on the screen here. Please, please, please. The EX Scientology community I know is hundreds and hundreds of people. How can the ex Scientology community be a threat to the Scientology community and 95% of the content that I do on this channel is directly focused at Scientology. David Miscavige Scientology abuses platform out there, you know, helping former Scientologists who don’t have their own channels, get their stories out, and a small percentage of my content is focused on trolling and exposing other people in my community that I don’t like and I think are disruptive. Okay, and because me in the aftermath foundation board members parted ways back in November. There’s been a handful of videos where I have defended myself against information that was put out by the board members. But you see, what I’m saying is that this channel is not dedicated to taking down ex Scientologists. And even if someone wanted to say, well, there’s about five of them that you would seem pretty dedicated to taking down I’d be like, Yeah, what about the other 100 who I’m trying to lift up? The thing is, this activist community doesn’t have leaders. And one of the problems is that Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have acted and positioned themselves as if they are the leaders in the gatekeepers of this community for years and years. And years. So just keep that in mind. When you see a statement like is it so here?

What was the statement that I was responding to? Let me pull it up. Because I feel silly just staring at my screen.

Oh, that I’m a serious threat to the entire ex Scientology movement. How can the person who has the biggest ex Scientology channel and puts out the most information exposing Scientology be a threat to the ex Scientology movement, unless you define the ex Scientology movement as Mike Rinder and Leah Remini and even then you’d have to prove that I’m actually trying to take them down in any way, which I have never tried to do. And let’s go on to the next part of the blog post. Even Okay, oh, yeah. The blog post then lists a whole bunch of discreditable crimes that I’ve been accused of by the aftermath Foundation, folks, Mike, Mark, Claire, Leah, even one of these horrible acts would be caused to remove Aaron from any nonprofit anywhere in the world. Aaron is simply not stable enough to hold any position of real responsibility. But worse, Aaron has now switched sides and in effect works for Scientology. For all I know Aaron has been bought off by the Office of Special affairs. If that sounds insane, consider this. In the last few months, Aaron has attacked every major and many minor ex Scientology whistleblower activists in a clear effort to ruin them utterly, as dictated by L Ron Hubbard himself in Scientology policies towards its critics. I’ve already read this through but now that I’m reading it again, I’m just I’m actually doubly shocked. Could somebody please put together a list of every major forget the minor every major ex Scientology whistleblower and activist? Here’s the if I were just being charitable. The people that I have attacked are Chris Shelton. That’s the end of the list. Okay, I do throw shade at Tony Ortega. I reject any implication that I’ve attacked Mike Rinder and Leah Remini because I just haven’t. I’ve never attacked Mark Headley or Claire Headley. And honestly telling the story of the series of events that led to me in the aftermath foundation parting ways is not an attack. I’ve never I Chris Shelton has offended says, says someone in the chat Yeah, I’m not even one of the people who says that Mike Rinder is definitely covering up the fact or are lying about having participated in covering up child sex crimes. I’m not even one of the people who comes onto YouTube and says that in all of the documents that Mike Rinder took with him when he left that he pretends weren’t his. There’s one series of documents about a farm about a Scientologist named James barber who was a pedophile. And the documents that Mike had with him document how Scientology helped cover up his crimes. I have said that those documents indicate that that’s just a fact. Mike Rinder claims those documents aren’t his mic renders free to come on YouTube and explain that to the world. I don’t have to explain that to the world. I don’t know that that’s true. As far as I know, they are his but I have anyway. I don’t want to get I don’t want to get too far off. I guess it’s just the statement. Aaron has attacked every major ex Scientology whistleblower. Do you know what a major Scientology whistleblowers are in the world? Right now? It’s the members of the SP TV community and the protesters out there in the world. Those are the major whistleblowers against Scientology in the world right now. I have worked to build up every single one of those people and try to increase their platforms. And their reach and collaborate. So there you go. All right. Um, and his efforts, okay, and his efforts have succeeded far beyond anything the Office of Special affairs could hope to accomplish. Just imagine if I told you two years ago that the future of the ex Scientology movement was a fractured divided community that hates each other is and is actively undermining every legal effort to stop Scientology from lawsuits to real world protests. You would never believe it could happen and yet here we are all because of Aaron. And his enablers. If you were to if you were to have told me two years ago, that the ex Scientology movement would be a fractured divided community that hates each other. I would say that sounds like what it’s always been. What world are you living in? The EX Scientology community? And any ex cult communities are always afraid of fractured community of people who hate each other. Just look at what happened with the Lisa McPherson trust, and that like, this is human nature. And yet the beauty of what we’re doing here on YouTube, is that it doesn’t matter. Who likes who I can talk shit about Chris Shelton for five videos a month and I can do another 150 videos a month about Scientology. Chris Shelton can cry that no one watches his videos and that I punch down every time that I say his name. He could do that five times a month and then he could do another five videos that month exposing Scientology and if you want to watch me you watch me if you want to watch crazy watch Chris. If you want to watch nor you watch nor like I’m just mentioning Nora as another very successful high profile content creator right now exposing Scientology and I just love I just actually just love how Nora has grown into the space that she’s created on her YouTube channel.

all communities are fractured. Especially I mean any community more than 10 people is going to be fracture. Hell, the aftermath foundation what was like seven people, and it eventually fractured. The beauty of it is this movement works, whether it’s fractured or not. And as far as the protesters, no one gives a good gosh darn diggity Damn. If protesters don’t like each other, or are throwing shade at each other or are shooting across you know, taking shots across each other’s bow gives a shit. This is a fluid movement.

There is no hierarchy. Nobody cares who gets along with each other. We can all walk and chew gum at the same time.

Okay. Let’s see here.

In Aaron’s latest effort to undermine the ex Scientology whistleblowers Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.

It’s only reportedly Lee remedies lawsuit that’s in trouble.

The other lawsuits brought by the Jane Doe that Leah Remini is about to throw major shade at are the ones actually having a lot of success in their lawsuit. Just keep that in mind. Okay.

In Aaron’s latest effort to undermine the ex Scientology whistleblowers a day ago, it was actually two days ago, Erin posted Lee remedies attorneys drop her as a client where Aaron gleefully ranted about how Leah and Jane Doe one have lost their representation. To be clear, it is only Leah who’s lost her representation. Jane Doe one has representation. Okay. What Aaron did not admit to is that Aaron Jane Doe one and Chrissy Bixler are the cause of this. Now, here’s where we’re getting into very dangerous territory.

This person cannot claim to know this type of confidential and privileged information at least they are claiming it is confidential and privilege. It would have to be confidential and privileged, meaning it would have to be true in order to be confidential and privileged. Here’s their claiming it’s true. But if it were true, the information could only come from the revenue. That’s my nobody that Lea remedy would be able to represent the truth of what this person is claiming is the truth, which is why I really don’t even know what the point is of having these anonymous mouthpieces published this material. Everyone can see Lea that you follow and support this person online. And they’re publishing information that can only come from you so who are you really kidding I mean, why don’t you just put it out yourself?

Aaron Jane Doe one and Chrissy Bixler are the cause of Leah and Jane Doe one losing their representation. Lee his lawsuit is not just some minor civil lawsuit. This is the only legal case ever brought against Scientology by a celebrity former member and a revered advocate for Scientology victims.

This lawsuit could potentially end fair gaming as a practice which would open the door to a flood of new lawsuits and actions against Scientology since the church could no longer retaliate or bully its critics and ex members. All of that has been threatened by the self serving actions of Aaron and the Jane DOE’s guys, we got to have a little bit of commentary on this.

There is no civil lawsuit that can prevent Scientology from fair gaming, people who have nothing to do with the lawsuit forgiving people in the future who have nothing to do with a lawsuit. LEA is basically suing over tortious interference. She’s suing over con you know, contractual disputes. She’s suing over Scientology preventing her from being able to easily make a living.

Now, interesting now, in order for this case, to result in anything, it will require that Leah not settle. And you know, whereas I’m a pretty big cheerleader and hype man for my friends. I know I said that I truly believe that Leah would never settle for any amount of money and this lawsuit wasn’t about the money and she was in it, to see it to the end and make some real change. But the truth is, I distinctly remember something else that was said, which is that for $50 million. Leah doesn’t know any of us and would never talk to us again.

So that’s what I remember.

Okay, let’s go on to the next part.

Aaron, does what he does for profit, and revenge. The other SP TV creators are only now starting to realize that Aaron’s claims of easy money and subscribers was not true. And they’re starting to abandon ship some quietly some very loudly. The infighting is the stuff of daily content on social media. And it’s mainly what SBTV is hyper focused on, Aaron’s flailing about now desperately stealing any content he can, and inciting hate when there is nothing else to talk about. He’s so desperate for content and to position himself as some hero that today he posted a text message from someone who clearly doesn’t like him. It’s kind of a look at me. Ha ha I’m so great because people insult me. It didn’t occur to me to take this opportunity to show you what I posted that this person is referring to. But now, I genuinely want to say that I’m going to do so let me get my screen share. Here’s what I posted today. I don’t know why. You guys. Okay, I said, former Scientologists and sex predators Sani Pereira occasionally texts me out of the blue like she did this morning. I haven’t communicated or responded to Sonny in about six years, but she still texts me anyway to let me know what’s on her mind. The former coal world is while you guys, okay, so what did Sonny text me that she just decided I really needed to hear from her. She said low life piece of shit lying piece of shit who doesn’t give two shits about taking down Scientology selfish fuck grifter using Jenna you don’t even like her.

Thank you for letting me know it was on your mind. Sonny. I know we haven’t spoken for six or seven years but it’s it’s good to hear from you.

Okay, I’m being criticized for publishing Sadie Pereira is hate text messages.

Okay, this goes all the way back to the first Danny Masterson trial when the Jane DOE’s saw that Aaron would happily act as their mouthpiece. He was the only one willing to leak any unvetted information they wanted. Share. Now see, this is amazing. This is amazing guys. How could this anonymous person claim to have any inside knowledge about me, Leah and the Jane DOE’s it’s just not possible without the information coming from layup Okay.

The first two claims Oh, the first few claims that I you know, published unvetted information involved the first Danny Masterson trial jury foreman covering up his son’s criminal background. And the other was a direct accusation that the jury foreman was an OSA agent. Oh my god.

No one has ever accused the jury foreman of the first Danny Masterson jury of being an OSA agent. What he was demonstrably and provably after the fact of doing was actually working with Danny Masterson, his defense team to prevent a second trial from even occurring. The jury foreman filled out an affidavit or declaration for Danny Masterson, his team, saying that the Jane DOE’s were so unbelievable that no reasonable jury in their right minds could ever unanimously convict Danny Masterson. By the way, people wonder when did I start throwing shade at Chris Shelton and Tony Ortega publicly. It was when Chris Shelton and Tony Ortega had an interview that they were going to do with this jury foreman.

And the jury foreman was basically in a saying that the Jane DOE’s were just not believable. When the Jane DOE’s a Tony Ortega told the Jane DOE’s that this was going to happen in the Jane DOE’s said, hey, the prosecutor hasn’t even announced yet. Officially whether he’s going to retry Danny Masterson. We’re not saying don’t do the interview.

We’re saying can you please not publish the interview with the guy who’s gonna call us all liars and unbelievable. Can you not publish that interview until after the district attorney’s office has officially announced whether they’re going to retry Danny Masterson, and Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton told the Jane DOE’s to go fuck themselves. Chris Shelton blocked all of them on social media said don’t ever contact me again. They published the interview and then said that the Jane DOE’s and the end the prosecutors should thank them for revealing the weaknesses in the case, so that they could use that information in the second case.

Yeah, you’re your fucking heroes, you guys your absolute heroes for disregarding the Jane DOE’s and doing what was in your own self interest.

At least I will err on the other side. Because we owe them a lot. We owe you guys nothing.


Neither of these accusations were true and Aaron did not even have a shred of evidence to back up any of his accusations. But in the emotional backlash of the first two trials verdict, it was so easy to bend the audience toward hate that even Aaron could accomplish it. This arrangement was mutually beneficial for Aaron and the Jane Doe. Okay.

For 10 years, the Jane DOE’s had been supported behind the scenes by Leah Remini. Mike render, and Mark and Claire Headley. Claire Headley even testified as an expert witness in the second Masterson trial, helping the Jane DOE’s secure a guilty verdict. But for whatever reasons, Jane Doe one and Jane Doe three Jane Doe threes person criminal baseline have an insatiable need to get out vindictive and unvetted stories about the many they feel have harmed them. This anonymous person writing this blog post does not know Jane Doe one does not know Chrissy Cornell Pixlr has absolutely no way of knowing anything that Jane Doe one or Chrissy would ever be involved in behind the scenes to sit make such horrible statements about Jane Doe one and Jane Doe three this is coming directly from Leah Remini. I know there are some I think it’s coming from Mike Rinder. It’s not coming from Mike Rinder. It is coming directly from Leah Remini.

I’m going to zoom in a little bit more on this this is something that credible personalities advocates and journalists won’t do. And is the reason that Jane DOE’s turned on Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton, first and overweight and is the reason that Jane Doe has turned on Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton first and over the last year have been pushing Aaron to attack Leah Remini and others because I thought I was the one responsible for everyone else behaving horribly. Now. It’s the Jane DOE’s, who are responsible for me, attacking Leah Remini Wow. That’s amazing. I didn’t know

Erin’s revenge tour was the perfect excuse to go after all of them. Aaron talked about how he had been in a toxic relationship with the aftermath foundation board members. At the same time, Chrissy Bixler and Aaron claimed the aftermath foundation board members were stalking and attacking Chrissy Bixler and her family hmm nobody ever said anything like that.

The aftermath foundation board members, stalking and attacking Bixler and her family guys. No such thing has I’ve I’ve never said or implied any such thing I’ve never even seen or heard anything like that said or implied. By the way Lea remedy. If everything I’m saying that this is happening to you is untrue. Or if you actually disagree with this blog post, maybe jump on your little Twitter account. Okay, maybe retweet your friends. Tweet your little buddy that wrote this article. They tweeted about it. Why don’t you just jump on there and retweet the tweet? And say, I disavow the you know, hateful rhetoric about the Jane DOE’s and this contains some inaccuracies, but you won’t do it because we all know this is from you.

Okay, Chrissy Bixler then denied knowing Aaron.

Okay, someone was smoking a little bit of crack when they were writing this. at Christie’s behavior came out of nowhere and was exactly the same attack campaign that Aaron Smith Levin had attempted to push. And then Chrissy Bixler deleted her tweets.

This behavior of switching from support to attacks is a pattern on some psychology victims. They need an enemy to fight. This has been the real central theme of SP TV. From the beginning.

Yeah, it’s almost like the entire purpose of all activism of exposing Scientology is to if you want to use the word fight, I don’t really like the word fight because I don’t feel like that, that I don’t feel like fight.

It doesn’t feel like that’s what I do to Scientology. I troll them. I expose them. And I talk the truth about I speak the truth about it doesn’t feel like a fight. Because honestly, when I criticize Scientology, I feel like I’m kind of punching down. I have like, eight times more subscribers than there are Scientologists in the world. You know, David Miscavige lives kind of a pathetic life of a tiny little cult leader who, you know, hates everyone and can’t trust anyone. You know, I consider him a much more successful and happier person than David Miscavige is so I don’t really feel like I’m fighting them. I kind of feel like I’m toying with them. Like, you know, a cat plays with a little, a little ball or something. But but you know, but but I don’t know. Would it be so terrible if former Scientologists did feel that it was a fight? I mean, I certainly feel like Leah Remini uses the language that it’s a fight. It’s interesting that you would kind of speak condescendingly at the idea that, that the entire thrust or purpose of SBTV is to fight against something which is Scientology fraud and abuse and misinformation, you know, the destruction of families and, and things like that.

Okay, let’s see.

When it comes to the utility remedies lawsuit, the truth is, Leah remedy could not align herself with any law firm that condoned Danny Masterson is victims reprehensible behavior. Well, there it is, you guys. This person is speaking directly for the remedy. That is how we know this information is coming from Leah remedy. This is a person who’s being cheerleading and supported and encouraged by Leah. This person would not be allowed to write anything. Representing to be speaking for Leah without Leah being okay with it. That’s I mean that’s it. It’s black and white. I mean, it’s crystal clear. Okay.

I will say it again. The truth is that Leah Remini could not align herself with any law firm that condone Danny Masterson is victims reprehensible behavior. Mike Rinder is undergoing a second round of aggressive chemotherapy. Leah Remini is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology balancing her career and her family. I thought the whole point of her lawsuit is she can’t have a career because of Scientology. And she has her own lawsuit against Scientology. Claire Headley is balancing going back and forth. Going back to school herself on top of a full time job with a foot is Claire Headley have to do about anything. Have you heard me or anyone else do any videos about Claire Headley?

It’s almost like maybe you’re making a little bit of mistake by inserting Claire Headley into a conversation where she doesn’t belong.

I don’t know.

It is absurd to think that any of them are somehow also orchestrating OSA like operations against Aaron or any of the Jane DOE’s SBTV is the last thing on their minds. I’ve got news for you. Leah Remini doesn’t have a job.

She’s gotten tons of time to sit around talking to people and you act like Leah Remini and Claire Hadley are the only ones who have families and obligations and everything like I’m not I’m not I’m not getting the art.

Okay, let’s look at the next page.

According Oh, this is I mean, this is just so bad, you guys. Oh no.

According to my inside sources, Leah Remini raised the issue with her lawyers, and wanted no connection to any law firm that condoned Danny masters since victims behavior. Leah Remini didn’t just utter a few statements of support for the Jane DOE’s She dedicated many hours of her personal life to them.

Guys, how stupid can this person and honestly Leah Remini be I mean, Leah to allow this person to publish this on her behalf. Your inside source could only be Leah Remini because the only people who would know this is Leah Remini. And her attorneys.

What are you doing?

Leah Remini dedicated many hours of her personal life to the Jane DOE’s guys. I’ve dedicated many hours of my life just to taking a dump. I mean today I’m exaggerating but that was fine.


Leah Remini pressure District Attorney Jackie lacy to open a criminal investigation.

Leigha remedy might have tried to apply some pressure to what by sending some angry tweets about why the DA hadn’t brought a case. Oh wait, does it actually give her credit? Credit? No. Okay doesn’t actually give her credit.

Let’s not pretend like the district attorney prosecuted Danny Masterson because Leah Remini made her do so I mean look on any other given day and in any other circumstance, I would give the remedy lemon remedy credit for even lifting a finger to apply any pressure at all to the DEA to prosecute Danny, but don’t mention it in the framework where somehow she’s supposed to be thanked for the fact that Danny Masterson got prosecuted because the only people who deserve those things are the Jane dos and the prosecutors.

We remedy featured the victims on her series. Oh, Danny Masterson. His victims should be thanking Leah Remini for letting them be on her show.

How in the hell do Danny masters sins victims benefit by going by having gone on Leah remedies show Christie Cornell Bixler got nothing from being on. Leah Remini show do you know what Leah Remini got for the episode that featured Chrissy Cornell Bixler.

According to Tony Ortega. Leah Remini got $1 million for the episode that featured Christie Cornell Pixlr she also got an Emmy Award.

Leah RAM reminisce should be kissing Chrissy Cornell big slurs ass.

Chrissy does not only remedy anything, bringing her on her show. No one who appeared on the remedies show got anything but hate websites dedicated to destroying them. I was happy to appear on Leah Remini show because I’m happy to expose Scientology. I got nothing from it. I didn’t get YouTube subscribers. I didn’t get money. I got nothing and neither did anyone else who participated it is Leah who should be thanking us for having given her content for her show. Not us thanking Leah for letting us do it. Look, I’m not I’m not everyone was happy to be on the show.

But it’s not. Thank you so much. Leah. Thank you so much. Unbelievable.

By the way, when I say $1 million, I don’t mean for the entire three seasons of the show. I mean for the one final episode, you guys, I don’t begrudge anyone for making all the money. They can make doing anything they can to expose Scientology, but stop acting like you’re on this fucking virtuous, altruistic high horse where you’re only motivated by an effort to help you even said in an interview on primetime TV that you don’t work for free and that includes when it comes to Scientology. That’s why you don’t just get on YouTube and do your own podcast, your podcast company fired you or cut the contract, and then you sued over it instead of just going on YouTube and making a ton of money like you could just do it by yourself, but you don’t work for free. You know what a lot of us on YouTube do work for free. I don’t anymore because my channel is very successful, but for about six or seven years. I did. So when you’ve got all the millions of dollars and the Emmy Awards don’t act like we’re supposed to thank you, especially Chrissy carnal Bixler for the love of God.

Leah Remini also financed a film crew to document the Jane DOE’s participation in a denim day event in case the Jane DOE’s needed evidence of Scientology interference. The film crew was not for the aftermath foundation show and was not for profit. You may recall this event when Mike renders daughter Derek Taran torque, Taryn Teutsch. And Mike renders ex wife Kathy Bernardini showed up to try and smear Mike Rinder and sabotage the event. That film was given to Tony Ortega at the victim’s request. You can read about that here. Oh, it almost sounds like Tony Ortega should be the one thanking Leah Remini for financing that film crew because it did not benefit the Jane DOE’s in any way shape or form it it seems like it gave Tony Ortega content. So why the fuck should the Jane DOE’s thankfully a remedy for that doesn’t even make sense.

Remember also that Leah remedy publicly supported the victims through to trial, attending both and ensuring they had safe passage to and from the court without harassment from Scientology agents. The remedy was present almost every day of the second trial at the request of the Jane DOE’s. It is true that Leah was helpful. Here’s what’s not true I mean, and this is where you go kind of you can’t even get the most basic easily verifiable information correct.

The The trial lasted for about a month, Leah was there for about four or five days.

That’s not even an insult. It’s great that she showed up at all. And the Jane DOE’s wanted her there. One might wonder what happened since then.

Why isn’t that the Jane DOE’s why is it the Jane DOE’s they’re all they’re the bad guys. Look, there’s always I mean, like in any situation, no one party is ever wholly at fault. But it’s like the whole blog post and Leah it’s disgusting that you’re okay with this blog post. And honestly, the fact that some people think the reason Leah doesn’t publicly comment about all this is because she’s in a lawsuit that’s totally fucking horseshit. This loss Leah and Mike we’re still doing podcast together talking about all of this Scientology shit. They were even talking about her lawsuit on the podcast. The only reason they don’t do a podcast anymore is because Leah wasn’t happy with the sloppy production quality and she doesn’t want to do it herself. She wants her production company to do it. And Leah could talk about any and all of this if she wanted to. She’s She’s not even the one hiding behind a lawsuit. There’s uninformed people who keep making justifications really and that the reason she can’t say anything at all is because she’s in a lawsuit. Pure horseshit.

In other words, if Leah wanted to come out and distance herself from the false statements about the Jane DOE’s in this or even even if Leah says they’re true, but I don’t support this type of information being put out there, Leah could distance herself from it. The fact that she’s in a lawsuit has nothing to do with it.

It is also my understanding, oh, this is disgusting.

It is also my understanding that Danny Masterson is victims have attempted to blackmail Leah remedy over the years and abused Leah Remini behind the scenes while the remedy stood by them. This behavior also extended to their former the Jane DOE’s former friends who had championed them, journalists who tried to help them and even their own lawyers. The narrative is always the same. They have been abused. They have been used and they have been attacked.

The law firms did not drop the remedy. Rather, she distanced herself from the victims. Who attacked their own allies.

That’s a problem right there. And in my opinion, the reason that is a problem is because this is a representative representation of a statement of fact.

And that representation that version that representation of facts could only come from the remedy. So if if this blog post is is true, if we remedy is going to claim that this is true, and the law firm, didn’t by the way, nobody dropped anybody. They had a conflict, they could no longer ethically continue to represent both parties. When Leah remedy was threatening to sue Chrissie, Carnell Bixler.

Even though crazy Carnell Bixler wasn’t even represented by the same attorneys as Leah Remini.

But Chrissy Carnell Bixler is in one lawsuit with Jane Doe one as a co plaintiff. And then Jane Doe one is in a separate lawsuit that has the same attorneys as Leah Remini. And you have Leah Remini, Chrissy kono Bixler and Jane Doe one in sort of a, an Oreo situation. And when Leah Remini threatens to sue Chrissy Cornell Bixler for things Christie saying on Instagram, it creates a conflict, and lawyers can no longer represent any of the parties.

So but if Lea wants everyone to believe that no no the law firm can drop her. She’s the one who said I won’t continue to work with any law firms, who will continue to support the Jane DOE’s well, then I guess Leah Remini is responsible, like if Leah Remini ends up with no legal representation, and she has to drop her lawsuit and asked to get thrown out because no attorney no firm in their right mind would swoop in and pick this one up. Then I guess it’s Leah remedies fault, right? Because she could have just kept the lawyers what so So Leah Remini dropped her legal team, out of principle. That’s what we are to believe.

She was By standing on principle then why is she blaming then why does the beginning of the blog posts say that me and the Jane DOE’s are responsible for LEA losing her legal team? If it was actually Leah’s choice? Oh, sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it?

Oh, wow, here we go. I forgotten there’s actually even more pages here. Okay. It says for example, Chrissie Cornell Bixler tweeted that Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega. Were going to be exposed for some alleged criminal activity using the song psycho killer as a reference. This narrative has been pushed by Aaron Smith Levin, Serge Del Mar and Mike Brown for some time now, this is not a coincidence. Well, it’s not a coincidence because it’s not true.

I asked Chris econo Bixler as I was preparing for this video if she had ever said anything like that. And she said no.

I can tell you I have never said that. Tony, I’m not aware of any criminal activity Tony Ortega has ever been involved in. And I’m not aware of any criminal activity. Mike Rinder has ever been involved in and I would never say otherwise. It’s just so stupid.

Now, there are people and Serge Omar is is is someone who in his videos says Mike Rinder contributed to covering up child sex abuse okay. The authority is clear, even if that were true, the authorities clearly don’t give us yet. Mike render denies it. Search Damar believes it’s true. Miriam Francis has very publicly said that she believes it’s true. Mike winters documents about James barber tend to indicate that it could be true Mike says not my documents, not my documents.

By the way, like you’re saying they’re not your document. That means you’re refusing to verify the authenticity of the documents. Because you can only legally verify the authenticity of the documents. If you are part of the it written by you received by you copy to your like not mine. Those eyes those are someone else’s eyes, and they ended up on my thumb drive.

Alright, I’ve got some notes here, but I’m gonna finish finish the blog post before we get to the notes had the Jane DOE’s and Aaron not colluded and use YouTube as an attack platform to take out their suppose at enemies. There would have been no conflict of interest. And these legal suits would be moving forward without a hitch.


okay, but I thought the remedy is the one who decided to drop the law firm.

How can both of these things be true at the same time?

She said Leah remedy was one who decided she’d want to keep working with a law firm. But it says had the Jane DOE’s and Aaron not colluded and YouTube as an attack platform. There would not have been a conflict of interest.

Seems like both of those things can’t be true. What do I know guys? I grew up in a cult.

How can a legal case move forward credibly when one of the parties in the suit is publicly and privately trashing the other Scientology lawyers would destroy their entire case with ease in such a situation? I certainly believe that would be true. You would think that one client threatening to sue another one of the clients who is also suing Scientology would exacerbate the situation. So there might be some intelligent debate to be had over you know at what point in at what point in the timeline here did an honest to god conflict that could not be waived or overcome occur? We certainly know that part of the conflict is relating to the fact that when the Jane DOE’s found out about Brian Ken’s board member of child USA, about his how he had sabotaged and torpedo two years of litigation and then when they found out that Leah Remini had known about what Brian Kent had done, they were furious. And we know that because Chrissy Bixler said some stuff about that on Instagram, okay, now, I haven’t heard anyone say not even this this not even here, that that’s where the unresolvable conflict occurred.

The unresolvable conflict occurred when Leah Remini threatened to her attorneys to sue Christy Carnifex.

Leah Remini is the reason she lost her legal team but I don’t know.

Come to your own conclusions I guess.

Okay, speaking of legal cases, oh my god, I forgot that she brought up Miriam princesses name and all this cheeses. You’re so stupid.

Speaking of legal cases, Miriam Francis has criminal case against her father is dead in the water. And Aaron is basically the one to blame.

Before I read this blog post preparing for this video, I had never heard anyone even imply such a thing.

Especially not married and Francis.

So I sent this to Miriam Francis. And I asked her what she thought about it.

And then I asked for permission to read sections of her thoughts. I’m not going to read it verbatim because it wasn’t intended to be meant for public for publication, but I’m going to read parts of it.

Miriam says the only reason my LAPD criminal case against my father was declined was due to statute of limitations. Mike Rinder wrote in an email to Maryland Hoenig that because I was not being nice enough to Mike render that I lost his support in my case. But Mike render has nothing to do with supporting my case. I had recorded evidence of everything Mike Rinder had nothing to do with it. Mike Rinder statement to the LAPD about my case was just about the beliefs of Scientology. I have recorded police evidence about the perpetrator Mike Rinder can go eat his own asshole.

I wasn’t gonna read that part but I chose to

the only people to blame for the declination of my LAPD case, our Father Time, the LAPD and whoever put these ridiculous statute of limitation laws in the first place to protect predators.

What kind of psychopath do you have to be to say, I am the reason the case against Marian Francis’s father isn’t moving forward. I guess in order for that to be true, it would have to be I radicalized Miriam against Mike Rinder. She went on the attack against Mike Rinder and Mike Rinder. chose not to support Miriam. And because the prosecutor is working on bike wintersport they chose not to bring the case I don’t even think that’s what it says in this blog post. Is it maybe it isn’t I just blocked it out. Let’s see if that’s what they say. By the way, on Miriam’s own channel, I’m sure she will have a lot of thoughts to share with the world and with Mike Rinder when he’s done eating his own asshole about whether I have anything to do with Miriam’s criticism of Mike Rinder it’s it’s the craziest thing.

Okay, instead of taking any responsibility for his role in undermining Miriam Francis’s character, which led to the investigation being dropped, oh, I guess they’re saying I instigated Mariam to launch attacks against Mike that brought questions about Miriam’s character and then they dropped her case. That’s what that’s what these people are representing here. Aaron instead convinced Miriam Francis that Mike Rinder Leah Remini and ADA II were to blame. Hmm. Aaron claimed that Mike Leah and a&e had a document that would lead into an investigation into her father’s abuse. This was a complete lie but was the basis of nonstop SP TV content for a few months. How convenient for Aaron.

Hmm what I have never, ever done a video or even had a conversation about Mike Rinder Leah Remini and a&e having a document for Miriam Francis.

It is the A and E is Leah remedies television show itself the episode that Miriam Francis was in that says on screen that Miriam’s mother sent in an affidavit to the producers of the show, making certain claims and representations acknowledging the abuse that Miriam suffered and making all sorts of claims about who knew and who didn’t know and when they knew and when they didn’t know. That has nothing to do with me. Then when Miriam demanded a copy of this document, Mike Rinder explained that they never actually received or saw the document that Scientology claimed there was such a document and that perhaps it was going to be sent, but no document was ever received.

I actually believe Mike Rinder when he says that, and I’ve never once said or implied otherwise. Never

Anybody can scour every video I’ve done in the last year, and you won’t find a single mention of it. Not one. This is pure fiction.

Okay, then Aaron recruited Mike Brown to attack the very same aftermath foundation that had saved Mike Brown’s own mother. Oh, now you’ve gone done fucked up.

Now you’re gone done fucked up.

Let me tell you something. Do you know who’s running the aftermath foundation when we approved the money necessary to help Mike Brown’s mother, first of all, it was me. That’s just to set the record straight. Second of all, it doesn’t fucking matter who was running the aftermath Foundation, because no one on the aftermath foundation board gets to take credit for helping or saving Mike Brown’s mom

because you know did that Mike fucking Brown.

Okay, the money we approved for his mom’s long term medical care.

That’s what we’re supposed to do with the money. donors give the foundation for that purpose. Mike Rinder doesn’t get any fucking credit for saving Rosemary chick walk, and neither do I.

It wasn’t even our money we were approving. It was donor money. It’s what it’s there for.

This is so fucking disgusting. And yet this is this is this is another way we know this is coming from Leah Remini Mike Brown has said on his channel. He got a call from the remedy out of the blue some months back five six months back when Mike after the after after me in the aftermath foundation parted ways back in November. There were some things Mike Graham wasn’t happy about. And and he started publicly doing some videos very politely saying some things about Mike Rinder. Leah Remini called Mike Mike Brown on the phone screaming at him, telling him how ungrateful he was after everything Mike Rinder had done for his mother. fucking disgusting.

I asked Mike Brown what he thought about these statements and I’m going to share with you some of that as well.

Before I read Mike’s thing, let me see if there’s anything else that they have to say about him.

No, that was all they said about my Mike says my one true crime is that I refuse to stand by while Miriam Francis was being fucked with by Mike Rinder. I advocated for Miriam trying to use my relationship with Claire Headley to fix what I viewed as serious threats from Mike Rinder to marry him bordering on extortion and threats. I was also unwilling to have Mike Rinder and Leah remedy profit off of my mother’s story when they had almost nothing to do with helping her. The legal success that we had was in spite of Mike Rinder the legal successes, they managed to get a lot of money back from Scientology to realize that Rosemary had been coerced into giving them Mike says I have many receipts on this matter. The bottom line is I will not stand by while a friend is abused. The aftermath stopped being what it was. When the shit hit in November.

I do not feel that I’m beholden to anyone. And if I owe my thanks to anyone for the help for RoseMarie, it is the people who gave the donations.

I will never claim that anyone owes me anything for doing charity work for the new foundation. Mike Brown is one of the board members of the SP TV Foundation.

Mike Rinder originally told us not to use attorney Granberry even though the two attorneys that Mike Rinder had put us in touch with we’re not doing anything because those attorneys were scared of running into Scientology arbitration. And those attorneys weren’t even talking to us. They just kept talking to Mike Rinder.

And then my mom demanded that the lawyers stop speaking with Mike Rinder. Then on Aaron’s recommendation, we demanded that the attorneys bring on Graham Barry Graham Barry and I Mike Brown, did the entire demand letter that was sent to Scientology and got Rosemary her money back.

The two other attorneys completely stepped back.

Those are Mike Brown’s comments.

Okay, the last part of this blog post is here.

Aaron will make up any fact or story to get revenge for receiving the consequences of his own bad behavior, even if he has to destroy the entire ex Scientology movement to get there. It is actually that specific sentence that to me screams the ex Scientology movement is Leah Remini and His Holiness Michael J render. Guys, let me tell you something. One of the reasons Leah thinks that Mike Rinder is so valuable is that she thinks it’s not possible litigate against Scientology without Mike renders knowledge and expertise. Guys, here’s a little quiz for you. Has there ever has there ever been a lawsuit in the history of Scientology? Has there ever been a lawsuit against Scientology that was ever won with Mike Minters participation?

No. Did you guys know that? There’s never been a single lawsuit that was won with microlenders participation. If you could call Laura diqmond settlement. A victory? Well, Laura Dieker sends Crescenzo settlement. But it’s not lordy. Cosenza was always going to win.

If she got into court if she got in front of a jury, and once they actually you know, the day before they were scheduled to go to court and get in front of a jury Scientology wrote her a giant check to go away.

That’s no no. No expertise needed from Mike Rinder. In fact, it gets a little worse guest Jane Doe one is involved in two lawsuits. One of those lawsuits is a child sex lawsuit. It turns out that there’s a star witness in that lawsuit that Mike Rinder has known that Mike Rinder has known about Mike Rinder has known this guy. He knows he exists. He’s knows he’s been out of the cure. He knows he’s out of Scientology. This guy’s been out of Scientology for at least 10 years. He’s a star fucking witness in this child sex lawsuit and and Mike Rinder knew he existed and never told Jane Doe one’s legal team about the existence of this guy.

Jane Doe one accidentally found out that this guy was out of Scientology she didn’t even know he was out of the car.

She accidentally found out that he was in Scientology and said that’s pretty much the only person on the face of this earth who could corroborate everything in my lawsuit. I didn’t even know he was out of Scientology.

Mike Rinder has known that this guy’s out of Scientology this whole time. Now you might go Oh, come on, Mike’s not responsible for this. Do you want to know my why Mike Rinder didn’t want this guy involved in any litigation or want this guy to come resurface in the Scientology community former Scientology community in any way? Because when this guy first came out of Scientology, the first thing he said to everyone was Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are not telling you everything they know. Mike Rinder has been gate keeping the lawsuits and the witnesses the entire time. No law firm will take on a case of a former Scientologists without checking with Mike Rinder. First, no law firm will bring on a witness or an expert witness without checking with Mike Rinder first Mike Rinder ice this guy out of the community years ago, and even when a lawsuit came up that this guy would be able to corroborate everything. Mike Rinder didn’t even give the legal team the guy’s name.

Don’t tell me anything about Scientology litigation, has no hope and no chance without His Holiness. Michael Rinder bullshit total bullshit

Okay, that’s that’s all the blog posts. Oh, wait, wait, wait, no, sorry. I guess I didn’t finish all that. Sorry.

Oh, oh yeah. Oh yeah that Mike and Leah are the ex Scientology movement. Aaron will make up any fact or story to get revenge for receiving the consequences of his own bad behavior, even if he has to destroy the entire ex Scientology movement to get there. He has an obsessed narcissist on a path of vengeance. It’s that simple. He throws out unfounded accusations as red meat for his followers, as he is aided by people like oh no, Nora, Aaron’s accusations of Leah Remini using paid agents, Chris Shelton and Alexandre Barnes Ross to attack him are not true, but are also confessions, will say this is interesting because I’ve never said that Chris Shelton and Alexandra Barnes Ross are paid agents of the remedy. I’ve said they’re paid agents of the aftermath Foundation, Alexandra Barnes Ross is paid by the aftermath foundation. Kate Olsen is paid by the aftermath foundation. Chris Shelton is paid by the aftermath foundation to do work for the aftermath foundation, but you see, you can’t even get those facts straight. Okay.

Ask Nora how much money she has received from the SBTV foundation and watch her frail about like she always does when confronted with any hard truths about herself.

You don’t have to ask Nora. You can ask me the president of the SBTV Foundation. And I will tell you that Nora has in her entire lifetime received $0 from the SP TV Foundation.

Not a single board member or volunteer for the SP TV Foundation has ever been paid a single cent and Nora is our volunteer coordinator.

But like

whereas alternatively, Alexander Barnes Ross and Catherine Olson and Chris Shelton are literally paid by the aftermath foundation, I would know

Okay, Aaron is the one with paid agents. I wish I did a paid agent so maybe we’ll get through my emails each day. So he deflects any attention from himself by accusing others of what he is doing just like L Ron Hubbard did. Alright, seems like a stretch but what do I know? I don’t think I need to make a point any harder. Aaron is a destructive force and an enemy of the ex Scientology movement.

Isn’t that amazing? We can be the enemy of the very movement that we are spearheading is that incredible. You can be the enemy of your own movement. I mean, I guess it’s not impossible. I mean, what was there a time of like the head of the CIA counterintelligence department was like literally a Russian spy, I guess, I guess you know, theoretically as possible.

Key corrupts everything he touches, and every one he comes into contact with his personal life is a complete disaster. His, his channel is now flatlining, and he’s running out of people to attack. But this goes way beyond just him and his obnoxious ego. His behavior is dangerous because it weakens. The collective effort to expose Scientology abuses. His actions divide allies, exploit victims undermine credibility and provide Scientology with tools to defend itself to effectively expose and combat Scientology’s harmful practices, Unity credible evidence and a focused approach are essential. These are elements that Aaron’s bad behavior severely compromises, it’s time for him to get out of this space entirely. And for all of us to get back to work, fighting the Church of Scientology, that should have always been the one and only target this entire time.

Well, there you go, guys. I mean, everyone else is responsible for everything. Well, actually, I guess I’m responsible for everything. STS is responsible for everything. Everyone is just my flying monkeys. It’s amazing, right? It is amazing. That I wonder I wonder if if Mike and Leah were to sit down and try to explain how a lowly nobody like me that they claimed was never anybody important and I’m just jealous of everyone who worked with L Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige or got to meet Tom Cruise or got to work at Golden Era productions or got to go to the International Management base, that I’m just I’m just jealous of everyone and I was really a nobody and I really had, you know, no actual expertise or unique, you know, experiences or, or skills to offer to this movement, then.

Then how is it that you assign me so much power?

I mean, especially over like, Do you know how insulting I mean, I think it’s obvious to anyone watching how insulting it is to imply Well, I guess they sort of go back and forth between saying, Am I the one who radicalized the Jane DOE’s and use them as a tool, or did they radicalize me and use me as a tool? I actually can’t keep it straight. I forget which one they said. But then I radicalized Mike Brown, but we know that Mike Brown has an active duty military helicopter, Chinook helicopter pilot, but yeah, but he’s so weak of mind and will and character that I radicalized Mike Brown into attacking Mike Rinder. Do you know how silly and stupid it sounds to assign me responsibility for whipping everyone up into a frenzy against Mike Rinder including Nora Ames and Serge Del Mar like it’s It’s wild.

That’s what they would have you believe.

The real source of just two specific big big conflicts are Miriam Francis has reason to believe that Mike Rinder knows more than what he has admitted to regarding what he knew and when he knew it about her child sexual abuse. I don’t know whether Miriam is right or not, but I know that she has beliefs and she has reason to believe that Mike Rinder could easily resolve that with Miriam Francis if he wanted to. He chooses not to. Serge Del Mar has similar concerns. Many other people may have similar concerns, but Miriam and Serge tend to be the most vocal about them. That just comes with the territory of having been the guy who ran Scientology’s Office of Special affairs for 20 or 30 or 40 years or whatever it was. I’m sorry, you sound ridiculous when you ran the entire office of special affairs at all echelons for that long and you claim to have zero knowledge of any child sex abuse. ever being cut up, covered up. It just sounds ridiculous. It’s not literally impossible. But it sounds ridiculous. And I think it’s fair. If you’re Mike to expect people to think that that sounds ridiculous, and to expect that you might have to get up in front of in front of the in front of the crowd. And and take some of the arrows with what’s wrong with that.

Okay, now, there has been some and then there was the child USA stuff. The child USA scandal is a legitimate scandal. Leah Remini is 100% Lying if and when she says she didn’t have prior knowledge of Brian Ken’s behavior.

I cannot prove to you that Mike Rinder is lying when he says he didn’t have prior knowledge. But in order for Mike to be telling the truth, we would have to believe that Leah Remini never told Mike which I don’t believe we would also have to believe that the victim never told Mike, which I also don’t believe, but I can’t prove it. But I’m saying there’s legitimate criticism of Mike Rinder and Leah remedies beef is that she will tolerate anyone criticizing Mike Rinder. So what happened is Leah Remini drew a line in the sand and she said if you have a problem with Mike, you have a problem with me.

That created a problem because guess what? The Jane DOE’s did have a problem with Mike. So Leah said then you have a problem with me. That wasn’t very smart. That was actually really, really stupid. Leah Remini has basically set herself up as the human shield for Mike Rinder. And it has it looks like possibly destroyed her lawsuit. But instead of taking responsibility for what she did, she wants to blame everybody else as well.

There you go, guys, Leah Remini attacks. Danny masters sends victims courtesy of Stephanie Hutchinson and her anonymous counterpart who I don’t know I almost think is also Stephanie Hutchinson, but I can’t prove that so I will say that.

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