Karen De La Carriere’s Op On Scn Critic Cathy Schenkelberg

‎Corey Andrews‎ first posted this discussion to his Facebook group called Scientology Exposé. He has since taken down this group in response to Karen de la Carriere’s and Jeffrey Augustine’s Fair Game operations to shudder him into silence.

I’m posting this here to show everyone the reality of what it’s like to work with Jeffrey and Karen.

August 3rd of 2019, Legendary Scientology critic Cathy Schenkelberg posted in the Canada Against Scientology (CAS) Facebook group about Karen de la Carriere.

Karen de la Carriere, in response to Cathy’s post below, messaged Corey to handle Karen Pressley and have her ‘confront’ Cathy Schenkleberg.

cathy schenkelberg

The following is a back-channel communication between Karen DLC and Corey Andrews, when he regarded her as his ‘teacher and friend’:


Corey Andrews 6:11 PM: Karen are you available for me to update you on some things?

Karen DLC 6:11 PM: sure thing,m call me

Corey Andrews 6:35 PM: this is what I wrote to her. I thought you’d like to see

Corey Andrews 6:35 PM: “I had some last split-second thoughts, completely disregard that last message.”

Corey Andrews 6:35 PM: “Imagine how it would feel if we allowed Alanzo into the Outer Banks. You’re essentially doing the same exact thing by saying you’re going to keep Cathy in your group. I’ve seen some of the things Cathy has been writing about Mike Rinder, and if you were a true supporter of Mike like you say you are, you wouldn’t be allowing this small minority of haters in your groups. Cathy has blocked and banned me from CAS along with other critics she has blocked as well. She’s a snake, and you can’t expect anything to change with her this far into the game. She has made her decisions, and she is on the wrong side of things.”

Karen DLC 6:36 PM: 👍

Karen DLC 6:36 PM: 👍

Karen DLC 6:36 PM: 👍

Karen DLC 6:36 PM: 👍

Corey Andrews 6:38 PM: Remember Karen, I may be my own man as you said, but I choose to be on YOUR side as an ally and friend. You’ve helped me improve in my activism ever since we started chatting, and I appreciate all of the vital advice.

Corey Andrews 6:39 PM: she’s typing a response

Karen DLC 6:43 PM: Whoever Cathy was THEN, is not the bed partner of John Mcghee who has compromised and influenced her

Karen DLC 6:45 PM: Don’t get into a back and forth with her

Corey Andrews 6:45 PM: John Mcghee clearly holds a great deal of influence over her. You know, I’m starting to think that I may have gotten booted from CAS around the time when I chose to defend Aaron & Mike and everyone else over that lying woman that claims she was raped by DM.

Karen DLC 6:45 PM: If you have made your decision, there is no sense in elongated arguements

Corey Andrews 6:46 PM: no worries, I said what I had to say

Corey Andrews 6:46 PM: i’lll show u her reply once she finishes it

Karen DLC 6:47 PM: You have asked me for a while now about Canada and why that group vanished on you.

Karen DLC 6:47 PM: I did not respond in a hurry

Karen DLC 6:47 PM: You had to ask several times

Karen DLC 6:49 PM: I was reluctant to get into it

Karen DLC 6:49 PM: and fully make you aware of what Cathy had done

Karen DLC 6:49 PM: I held my tongue

Karen DLC 6:49 PM: so as not to be a knee jerk retaliator

Karen DLC 6:51 PM: Watching how Karen P at all costs wanted Cathy S in her group no matter how Cathy S shit and peed and carried on.

Karen DLC 6:52 PM: Finally I took the plunge and briefed you. It was not an was not an easy decision

Karen DLC 6:52 PM: because I don’t want to get into back channelintrigues and almost never do

Karen DLC 6:59 PM: Corey ?

Karen DLC 6:59 PM: Corey ? you there ?

Corey Andrews [From Karen Pressley to Corey] 7:00 PM: Corey, I certainly respect your views. The truth is, many of the people in several FB groups have hidden intents, and if we were to try to filter them all out, it would be like the McCarthy era of accusing them of thinking things that they don’t necessarily act on. For example, Some groups including OB (Outer Banks) and supporters (where I am a mod) have blocked people while accusing them of being OSA when they were not. My admin is one of those people! It was just recently (after two years) he worked things out and an admin apologized to him. For somebody like Cathy Schenkleberg who waffles because she is on the fence, I still think there’s a chance to help get her out of the Scientology Deprogramming (Facebook group) mindset. I hate to give up on people. But I will say I’ve thought several times of blocking her but haven’t only because I’m still trying and don’t want to give up on her. I’d much rather have members be a positive influence and supportive of the efforts to expose the cult. Please keep in mind that every person who has left is in some stage of recovery and still susceptible to influence. When you block somebody like Cathy S and a few others like her, you cut the chance of bringing them over to your side and just push them further away. If you’d like to learn an interesting lesson, compare the member list of SD with OB and you’ll see many who are members of both. Should all those people be blocked or mistrusted? No, of course not, until they violate group rules in the group site. Thank you for considering my ideas here.

Corey Andrews 7:00 PM: sorry about that, I had to walk away for a minute

Corey Andrews 7:00 PM: that is Pressley’s last message

Karen DLC 7:02 PM: what utter rubbish

*Karen uploads a pic of Cathy posting about her in CAS*

Corey Andrews 7:03 PM: wow

Karen DLC 7:03 PM: Ask KarenP how many posts like the one above fo you need to send her ?

Karen DLC 7:03 PM: Tell her she is not confronting Cathy S

Corey Andrews 7:03 PM: ok 1 moment

Corey Andrews 7:05 PM: I sent her that text and said “How many posts like this one do you need to see in order to confront?”

Corey Andrews 7:05 PM: i’ll brb in a few minutes

Karen DLC 7:13 PM: Off to bed, will have my cell with me

Corey Andrews 7:24 PM: can I show you Pressley’s latest message?

Karen DLC 7:25 PM: yes please

Corey Andrews 7:25 PM: I don’t visit CAS and didn’t see this. And I don’t patrol all groups other than my own to find out what ugly things people are saying about each other. She didn’t post that in SWOT. So at this point, you’re offending me by suggesting that my confront is questionable. You also offended me in your earlier message saying “if you really support Mike Rinder…” Because you are questioning my intentions. I don’t have to defend myself to you. My own writings and actions show exactly where I stand. I’m sorry if you do not see my reasoning, and I have taken time to explain my thoughts and intentions, which you acknowledged earlier, but now you are insulting me. I get the feeling that someone is talking in your ear about me and that’s why you are addressing me with such disrespect.

Corey Andrews 7:26 PM: lol she thinks im being the disrespectful one.

Corey Andrews 7:27 PM: I will leave it alone if you want.

Corey Andrews 7:27 PM: or I can reply.

Karen DLC 7:27 PM: Corey, end off, say you are done and moving on. end it.

Corey Andrews 7:27 PM: sounds good.

Karen DLC 7:28 PM: Corey ? I have a new job for you…do you have a few minutes ?

Corey Andrews 7:29 PM: Yes

Karen DLC 7:30 PM: Are you familiar with Serge del Mar’s story ?

Corey Andrews 7:30 PM: Yes I am, for the most part.

Karen DLC 7:31 PM: Well this was Rathbun’s counter punch

Karen DLC 7:33 PM: https://markrathbun.blog/2019/08/22/rinder-remini-redux/

Karen DLC 7:33 PM: So Aaron Smith Levin has done what he does best

Karen DLC 7:34 PM: He called Marty on the carpet proving him to be liar

Karen DLC 7:34 PM: The video will be released in the next few mins

Karen DLC 7:35 PM: Immediately pin in to top on Outer Banks

Karen DLC 7:35 PM: Immediately share to groups

Karen DLC 7:36 PM: Dynamite video 👍

Karen DLC 7:36 PM: That’s what I asked if you could do today

Corey Andrews 7:37 PM: 👍

Karen DLC 7:37 PM: Oh wait a minute, Aaron will likely laready post it to a few groups, so don’t double post

Corey Andrews 7:37 PM: I will tweet it out at some point

Karen DLC 7:37 PM: Are you a member of Supporters of Leah Remini and the Aftermath ?

Corey Andrews 7:38 PM: no

Karen DLC 7:38 PM: ever been ?

Corey Andrews 7:38 PM: no never

Karen DLC 7:39 PM: I’m a MOD there, its AAron’s group and I am inviting you

Corey Andrews 7:39 PM: what should I do there? should I post Rinder’s articles to that group as well?

Karen DLC 7:41 PM: Sometimes Rinder’s is there, sometimes not, certainly it would help if you could post my videos as the come out. For example a new video was posted to my YouTube channel yesterday which needs to be posted to sall group and tweeted etc,

Karen DLC 7:41 PM: BUT we need to hold on that as AAron’s video is about to hit.

Corey Andrews 7:49 PM: Karen

Karen DLC 7:49 PM: Yes?

Corey Andrews 7:49 PM: Pressley didn’t drop it yet

Corey Andrews 7:50 PM: Have you also reached out to Mark Plummer, admin of SWOT, who makes decisions with me about all members? Are you addressing him the same way as you have me? I ask because it looks like you are picking on me specifically, which makes me think someone is influencing you against me personally. That is sad. BTW, Mark was the one who was blocked by KDLC and accused of being OSA, but a few years later she apologized for that and he went back into the group. It is very hurtful to be so judgmental of me Corey. This does not build good relations. Moving on.

Corey Andrews 7:50 PM: well, I ended up writing a few things in response..

Corey Andrews 7:50 PM: “My problem is with Cathy Schenkleberger. My problem is with a woman that posts hate in other groups, and is given leeway in your group simply because she hasn’t posted anything hateful YET… My loyalties are STRONG, and will not be MISPLACED in people that are straying off course.”

Corey Andrews 7:51 PM: “I used an example earlier. Alanzo wouldn’t be invited to the Outer Banks. Alanzo, even if he BEHAVED in the OB, would not be invited NOR allowed to stay. We all know who he is and what he says and does.”

Corey Andrews 7:51 PM: “Why would those same reasons not apply to other HATEFUL individuals?”

Corey Andrews 7:51 PM: “I’m sorry that you feel you can change this woman. You’re deluding yourself if you think that you can change a snake. If speaking truthfully about my thoughts and feelings is considered disrespectful by you, again, I apologize that you’re taking it in that manner, but our respect for eachother isn’t the issue here. The issue is Cathy walking all over critics that I consider to be my friends.”

Corey Andrews 7:51 PM: “And then I guess your issue would be that you think you can have a positive impact on Cathy.”

Corey Andrews 7:52 PM: Yes I know you told me not to keep engaging, but I felt all of that needed to be said.

Karen DLC 7:54 PM: Corey, first of all say how you, unlike CathyS are very much your own man, making your own decisions not subject to influence after sex

Karen DLC 7:55 PM: then say let’s end this now

Corey Andrews 7:56 PM: “Unlike Cathy Schenkleberger, I’m my own man, Karen. I make my own decisions and have my own thoughts and feelings that aren’t subject to influence after sex. Cathy became a different person after her encounter with John Mcghee.”

Corey Andrews 7:56 PM: “Now please, let’s end this.”

Corey Andrews 7:56 PM: good?

Karen DLC 7:57 PM: yes

Corey Andrews 8:00 PM: I’m glad. Hopefully this will make Karen Pressley realize a thing or two about loyalty.

Corey Andrews 8:00 PM: and if not, oh well.

Corey Andrews 8:01 PM: What she is doing is on par with if we invited Alan into the OB. It really is the perfect example.

Karen DLC 8:02 PM: And finally you could add that you have not asked her to do a damned thing about Cathy. Its her group, she can do as pleases.. It is your right to not participate and contribute to any group you choose not to support. Simple as that, and then say “this closes the conversation”

Corey Andrews 8:07 PM: “I’d like to add that I haven’t asked you to do a damned thing about Cathy, for the record. Its your group and you can do whatever you please, but it is also my right to not participate and contribute to a group I don’t support, for the reasons I listed.”

Karen DLC 8:07 PM: 👍

Corey Andrews 8:07 PM: 👍

Corey Andrews 8:10 PM: You know, I will provide another example. What she is doing is on par with if I were to make my own anti-scientology group, and then invite a bunch of people that I know to be against people that I consider to be friends.

Karen DLC 8:10 PM: No no no no

Karen DLC 8:10 PM: please end it

Corey Andrews 8:10 PM: I did end it. you misinterpreted the text…

Corey Andrews 8:10 PM: I was sending that to you.

Karen DLC 8:11 PM: taking a full afternoon just to disciss exiting a group is RIDICULOUS time consumption

Karen DLC 8:11 PM: okie

Corey Andrews 8:11 PM: lol

Corey Andrews 8:11 PM: i’ll ttyl

8/25/2019 – The next day…

Corey Andrews 6:08 PM: Quick update: I was asked to be a Moderator in SWOT. I’ve decided to continue doing the rounds and posting Mike Rinder’s articles there. Nobody else is going to do it as efficiently as me, and I want his articles seen, that’s what’s important.

Karen DLC 6:09 PM: So you are now a Moderator in SWOT ?

Corey Andrews 6:09 PM: Indeed

Corey Andrews 6:12 PM: Today, Mark Plumber and Karen Pressley are going to tackle the Cathy Schenkleberger issue.

Corey Andrews 6:13 PM: I’m a progressive person, I don’t like to move backwards, only forward in a way that feels right.

Karen DLC 6:14 PM: So Karen P removed me as an Admin and made you a MOD ..how strange does that make me feel ?

Corey Andrews 6:15 PM: That is news to me.

Karen DLC 6:15 PM: I will leave it to your imagination

Corey Andrews 6:16 PM: If you’d like, you can see our conversation. Because I don’t like the way you’re sounding. I have said it before, and I will say it again, and hopefully it will sink in. I’ve always kept our interactions 100% confidential. Always have, always will.

Karen DLC 6:16 PM: I appreciate that

Corey Andrews 6:17 PM: Would you like to see it?

Karen DLC 6:17 PM: go ahead

Corey Andrews 6:17 PM: Shall I screenshot it so you don’t think I’m the kind of person that would leave anything out?

Karen DLC 6:18 PM: whatevers easiest

Corey Andrews 6:27 PM: Ready?

Corey Andrews 6:32 PM: In the future, I’d like to be given the benefit over the doubt. My actions and words prove that my intent is good. Those two things will never falter.

Corey Andrews 6:32 PM: Let me know when u are ready for the enormous chatlog.

Corey Andrews 6:35 PM: I’d also like to point out something. Tony Ortega is a mod in the Canada against scientology group, alongside Cathy.

Corey Andrews 6:35 PM: That doesn’t mean he’s up to no good.

Corey Andrews 6:36 PM: It means that he sees the bigger picture like I do. That posting articles and information is what’s important. Not letting bullies back us down and out of groups so that the information doesn’t circulate anymore.

Corey Andrews 6:38 PM: Tony Ortega gave me some special advice, which I do mean to apply. “Just ignore it. I do.” in regards to who doesn’t like who and etc. It’s not helping get information circulated.

Karen DLC 7:54 PM: It is possible that I was not clear enough in what I was saying about Cathy and SWOT. I only wanted a temporary withdrawal nothing set in steel, certainly not a disconnection

Corey Andrews 7:58 PM: I’d be pleased to forget about this whole ordeal and continue reporting on the cult. Resuming the good work. This whole thing has left me in low spirits to be honest.

Karen DLC 8:08 PM: Well you got a promotion out of this to a new Mod post

Karen DLC 8:09 PM: and I put you on the first MOD post opening up this whole identity so I can’ see it such an “ordeal”

Corey Andrews 8:10 PM: What good is a promotion to a Mod post if all it gets me is everyone pissed off?

Karen DLC 8:16 PM: who is everyone ?

Corey Andrews 8:16 PM: I’m generalizing.

Karen DLC 8:17 PM: Good for you on Mod. My only shock was that I was removed to be replaced by you

Karen DLC 8:17 PM: that’s just my paradigm

Corey Andrews 8:19 PM: Can you answer me this? Why do I feel as if you’re making me feel that I did something wrong by accepting the Mod role? I honestly thought you’d be happy that I’ve decided to keep an eye on things in there. I am your friend after all.

Karen DLC 8:20 PM: Corey, I cannot account for how you are feeling

Karen DLC 8:20 PM: Your feelings are created by you and YOU alone.

Karen DLC 8:20 PM: I have already said this 2x and will say it a 3rd time

Corey Andrews 8:21 PM: “So Karen P removed me as an Admin and made you a MOD ..how strange does that make me feel ?”

Corey Andrews 8:21 PM: you’re right

Karen DLC 8:21 PM: I was in shock at the way the sequence went

Karen DLC 8:21 PM: should I be rejoicing ? Do I not have a normal human reaction ?

Corey Andrews 8:21 PM: well, you left your feelings up to my interpretation when you asked me “how strange does that make me feel?” …

Corey Andrews 8:22 PM: all im trying to do is make sense of everything, Karen.

Karen DLC 8:22 PM: Corey, if I can’t talk to you without this kind of reaction, then it not safe for me to share with you

Corey Andrews 8:24 PM: That’s a shame that you cannot garner my reaction properly. There seems to be a major misinterpretation issue on your end whenever we are text-chatting. But whenever we talk on the phone, you seem more willing to listen to where I’m coming from, and we have had some meaningful and productive conversations. So I think it’s rather a shame that you’d assume it’s not “safe” to share with me. Those kinds of assumptions are counter-productive for the meaningful relationship I’m trying to develop with you, AND other critics.

Corey Andrews 8:27 PM: I’d hope you reconsider that last statement, and I’ll talk to you later if you’d like to pick this conversation back up

Corey Andrews 8:27 PM: Best wishes.