Masterson Sentenced to 30yrs to Life – Will He Flip on Marty, Mike & Dave?

Now that Judge Olmedo has sentenced Danny Masterson to the maximum sentence of 30 years to life, Masterson has every incentive to try to reduce his sentence by giving evidence of the Church of Scientology’s campaign to intimidate his victims into silence.

The victims allege Scientologists have been stalking and harassing them for reporting Masterson to police. Judge Olmedo allowed them to testify to that in trial but cautioned each jury that the testimony was to be considered not for the truth of the matter but to establish state of mind.

Could this lead to the officers of the Church of Scientology, whose job it was to handle “flaps & blows“, finally seeing justice?

Let’s hope so.

Best article on this development by Meghann Cuniff – a total upgrade from Tony Ortega.

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