Anthony RR Mills Gives Alanzo Short Shrift Over Mike Rinder

I love the Anthony RR Mills Show.

He’s a Never In who, under the ethos of being a “voice of reason” in this Ex-Scientology community, also delivers highly opinionated barbs in support of his views, sprinkled with rhetorical tactics designed to spike your blood pressure.

What I like about him is that he can tolerate views he disagrees with, at least long enough to air them on his channel – so he can blast them to smithereens.

In other words, he’s a shit disturber – a man after my own heart.

We need more provocative commenters like Anthony RR Mills in this space.


What’s gotten my old man’s blood pressure cuff stretching its Velcro today?

It’s an online poll Anthony conducted which I voted and commented on:

anthony rr mills online poll

And here’s my FULL comment:

comment on mike rinder to anthony rr mills

And here’s Anthony’s “oh so reasonable” comment in response.

Here Alanzo was discussing Mike Rinder.

A lot of people use the same phrasing that Mike knows where all the bodies are buried. If one has actually watched Mike speak much he has spoken many, many times. Perhaps even on Aaron’s channel about his work with law enforcement and the FBI filling them in on everything he knows about Scientology.

And his work with Leah, which continues to this day on his YouTube channel where she’s with him – it seems like once a week – has brought more attention to the problems to the Church of Scientology, perhaps than any other two people out there.

And for all those people who love Aaron and Leah, and hate Mike Rinder, why is it that Leah is always on Mike’s channel and she’s not doing a lot of shows with Aaron is she? I know that Aaron likes to bring her name up and insinuate that she is supportive of him in this recent fiasco. But where are her videos supporting Aaron’s point of view and on his channel?

And here’s my Anthony RR Mills-style video in response to his video:


Hello and welcome to Alanzo’s first video – response video – to Anthony RR Mills and the short shrift that he gave me on a comment I made on this blog regarding Mike Mike Rinder.

I am Alanzo from AlanzosBlog. I was in Scientology for 16 years, in anti Scientology for 15 years, and I’ve been 8 years out of both – writing about each. And so it is interesting to see a guy like Anthony RR Mills with a YouTube show, where he says he has a background where he studied political science in college. So I kinda understand where he’s coming from, and he’s a shit disturber just like me, and that term ‘shit disturber’ is not meant as an insult. It’s meant as a compliment. Because provocative commenters make people think. And this is what we need more than anything in this community.

And so, I’m going to be talking about Anthony RR Mills’ response to me in a comment that I made to an online poll he gave.

So here we go.

Anthony Mills: “Here Alanzo is discussing Mike Rinder. A lot of people use the same phrase that Mike knows where all the bodies are buried. If one is actually watched Mike speak much he has spoken many, many times, perhaps even on Aaron’s channel, about his work with law enforcement and the FBI filling them in on everything he knows about Scientology.”

Okay, gonna stop right there.

So, first of all, Mike Rinder ran the Office of Special Affairs when I left Scientology in 1999 and 2000. Mike Rinder, and his juniors, hired private investigators to follow me, he got me fired from my job, he called my 83 year old father and told them I was a ‘criminal on the run from the law’. And my dad was not in a good state of mind at the end of his life, his wife of 40 years had died of Alzheimer’s and he’d spent the previous 10 years taking care of her at home.

And so Scientology knew, and Mike Rinder knew, that the main reason I got involved in Scientology in the 1980s was to fix my relationship with my dad. So they knew that I valued my relationship with my father.

And here’s the thing: Scientology absolutely helped me to fix my relationship with my father, and to turn my whole family from a dysfunctional family – where we spent all of our time undermining each other – to a much more functional family, where we spent a lot of our time supporting each other.

So again, Scientology and Mike Rinder had gone through all of my auditing folders. They knew everything that I had ever talked about in Scientology, and I had probably 40 PC folders, preclear folders, so lots and lots of hours of auditing. And Mike Rinder used that to destroy me – try to destroy me. He tried to destroy our family, and it didn’t work.

But I have been watching Mike Rinder since before I left Scientology – he was a speaker and I wrote about an OSA project I did against CAN in Chicago. Mike Rinder ran all of that. So I’ve been watching Mike Rinder since before I left for more than 25 years ago.

One of the most important things that I was looking for was once Mike Rinder appeared on the internet, claiming that he had left Scientology and started speaking out against David Miscavige. I’ve watched him very, very closely to see what kinds of things he said and what kinds of things he did not say.

And so the whole of my comment is actually about what Mike Rinder does not talk about.

As far as the FBI goes, Mike Rinder has changed his story over the years.

Again, I’ve been watching very closely.

Mike Rinder has stated that he went to the FBI and told them everything when he first got out. Since he made he made those initial statements, that everybody just swallowed and believed, he has since made other statements regarding this. One of them was that he went to the FBI in Los Angeles with Marty Rathbun to talk to them. Marty Rathbun has since said that the stories that they told the FBI were all featured on the Aftermath in the first season. And that Leah had asked Marty Rathbun to be her Mike Rinder, and Marty Rathbun had turned her down.

Now, my point in – this is to Anthony – my point on your channel was to show that Mike Rinder has said a lot of stuff, but he’s never talked about any criminal activity. And I’ve written extensively about that, why that might be. There are many different possible explanations for why that might be – each having a likelihood greater than zero.

So Mike Rinder does talk a lot. And Leah Remini has exposed the abuses of Scientology to a wider number of people than have ever been exposed before. And that’s all good.

But one thing is they dutifully ignore are criminal acts that would bring criminal indictments. And so my comment was on that, and you ignored that and kind of gave a duped response in defense of Mike Rinder about how much great work he’s done.

By the way, regarding the story of going to the FBI? I had a very good friend who had very, very good reasons to contact the FBI about Scientology, and she called Mike Rinder and asked him who he’d spoken to at the FBI. Because she needed to speak to them and she needed to find some agents who were genned-in – they understood the deal with Scientology. Mike answered this person and said, “I can’t remember.”

And then she said, “Oh, okay, well, how about what city? In what city did you meet with the FBI?

And he told her, “I can’t remember”.

So you have to understand – it appears that Mike Rinder has done all of this exposure of Scientology. But what Mike Rinder has actually done is what’s called in the public relations world, and actually in the intelligence world, as a “limited hangout” And you can look that up it’s a very, very useful concept to be able to see what Mike Rinder is doing.

And he is studiously avoiding anything that would bring a criminal indictment and mostly talking about things that others have already exposed.

Now, many of the stories in the first season of Scientology and the Aftermath were original. They were people that I had never heard of. By the time they started their first season, I had not heard of Aaron Smith-Levin and I had not heard of almost all of the people who are on Scientology and the Aftermath in the first season. And I was ecstatic about this. This was the greatest thing ever.

But what I wanted to see was actual exposure of criminal acts. Such as the Scientology murders made to look like suicides of Kyle Brennan, of Shelly Miscavige’s mother Flo Barnett, and of the ‘squirrel’, the Scientology squirrel, who called himself The Pilot. His real name was Ken Ogger. These are three deaths that when you look up the evidence that was gathered at the death scene, you see that they were not suicides at all. They were murders. The evidence actually shows that they were murders.

So one of my biggest things about Mike Rinder and Leah Remini is that they never talked about any of these in three seasons of their show. In fact, they were going to talk about Danny Masterson in their first season, and they had interviewed Jane Doe #3, and they kept putting off airing that interview. There’s a bunch of details that came out later, after Tony Ortega lied about why they pulled those episodes. Basically they were being threatened by Danny Masterson’s Lawyer. The thing is that in real journalism, people talk about suspected crimes all the time. They don’t, they don’t have to shy away in order to try to not be sued.

Then, of course, they had their own podcast where they supposedly said “the cuffs were off”, and they would be able to talk about things that the ‘restraints of TV’ wouldn’t allow them to do. And that’s a direct quote from Mike Rinder in promoting the podcast. And yet, even on the podcast, they don’t talk about Kyle Brennan, and Flo Barnett or Ken Ogger, or any of the other murders, Scientology murders made to look like suicides.

And of course, Mike Rinder has had a blog since I think around 2011 or so, where he’s posted every day, and he’s never talked about these things, either.

So the point I was actually making in that my comment was an important point, which you failed to address because, I don’t know… Like there is…there is such a thing as a Dupe of Mike Rinder, and I believe that Leah Remini is a dupe of Mike Rinder.

I believe there are many people who are dupes of Mike Rinder.

And I’m hoping that Anthony RR Mills is not a dupe of Mike Rinder.

Over and out

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