Do Tony Ortega & Chris Shelton Take Money from Karen De La Carriere?

On September 13, 2016 Marty Rathbun published a post where he wrote:

“Here’s where the hypocrisy enters. A few years ago Karen offered me thousands of dollars to indict and convict Ron Miscavige of that very rape charge on my blog. She said that Ron had confessed the crime to her in Clearwater Florida in the eighties and she wanted to publish it. She said it was fair game for publication because even though Karen was a Scientology counsellor at the Clearwater facility at the time of the confession, Ron had admitted the crime outside the four walls of a counselling session. She said that Ron told her, “Karen, I don’t know what got into me. I lost my mind. I got rough with that girl. I raped her”, referring to the woman outside Philadelphia who had so accused him. She referred to Ron Miscavige as a predator who needed to be put away for the protection of society.’

“I told Karen that rape is a serious charge for a he-said/she-said accusation and I would not be taking the subject up. Karen pressed me with a plea that it would do all manner of harm to David Miscavige and Scientology. I informed Karen as I had on numerous occasions that that was not my purpose nor the purpose of my forum and that until she and others evolved from such hateful motivations they would continue to live the miserable existences they did. I also reiterated what I told her several times: that I never allowed editorial influence no matter how generous one was with donations to the blog.’

“Fast forward five years. Augustine on behalf of De La Carriere is using her forum to attack me for pointing out the hypocrisy of Ron Miscavige’s book. Kept-man second-class Tony Ortega does accept money for publishing salacious content. That is how he makes his living. Only now Karen doesn’t want to protect the public from a rapist, she wants the guy pointing out the rapist’s hypocrisy to be discredited. As per usual, on-demand Tony dutifully complies”.

On September 19, 2016, Marty Rathbun wrote a post in which he said:

Looking further into Shelton’s gig I learned something remarkable. He has posted dozens of videos pontificating about the damaged minds of Scientologists (current and former). They are delivered with the self-sure authority of an Ivy League shrink. Paradoxically, Shelton’s principle support for putting out his mass psychiatric diagnoses comes from someone who purports to deliver Scientology services at the highest level of proficiency. Shelton’s benefactor also pays Tony Ortega to, among other things, regularly post Shelton’s ramblings at The Underground Bunker.

Then yesterday, Chris Shelton said this in Tony Ortega’s commenting section:


And today, someone directed me to a comment on Chris Shelton’s youtube channel where he was asked directly about whether he took money from Karen, and he said this:

chris-specifically-denies-that-he-and-tony-take-money-from-karen de la carriere

So far, the only evidence for the claim that Karen pays Tony and Chris Shelton to post things is that, some years ago, Karen asked Marty to post something about Ron Miscavige Sr in exchange for money she would pay to Marty if he posted it. Marty refused her.

Is there any more evidence that Chris Shelton and Tony Ortega receive money from Karen De La Carriere?

I have also heard the rumor that Karen paid for Tony’s book tour.

Does anyone have any evidence that Karen paid for Tony’s book tour, or that she pays for Chris Shelton’s videos to be posted, or if she pays any other critic of Scientology to post things that she wants posted?

Let’s settle this. The reason this is important is that journalists such as Tony Ortega are supposed to label all paid content, and paid by whom, if they publish “news”. This allows you, as the reader, to know whether you are reading news or reading commercials.

Also, if Karen De La Carriere has a stable of people out there running her “Indy OSA” agenda, we should know about it.

So post your experiences with Karen regarding these things, or any relevant evidence that you have below.

I will post your comment only if you want me to.

Otherwise, I can keep it un-posted, and confidential.

14 thoughts on “Do Tony Ortega & Chris Shelton Take Money from Karen De La Carriere?”

  1. This is our first Curated Comment from MissTia – someone who has personal experience working with Tony Ortega.

    I can only speak about my experience regarding Tony’s book tour stop in Parma. He asked me to try to find someone’s place to stay at, to save money. When that didn’t pan out, he found a hotel at a decent rate. So if someone was funding his book tour, they weren’t automatically covering hotel rooms. Someone paid for our group dinner at the event though. The check wasn’t being brought to the table and I left with Tony to get him to the library. The others were there waiting for the check to pay for everything. Eventually someone went up to the desk to ask for the checks as they had to be somewhere and were told it had been paid for. Whom that was, I have no idea, nor did anyone else. It was generous of whomever, even if it was Karen. Thank you to whoever paid for everyone’s dinner!!

    The CFI covered the library room rental and the purchase of books for Tony to sign after the event. I have no idea, nor do I think it’s any of my business, who paid for his flights. IF someone covered his tour costs, or at least some of the expenses, in my opinion, I don’t think that would require that he publicly reveal that. That’s different than if someone paid for certain things to be posted on his blog. I do recall his post about how Scott handled all donations, etc so that HE didn’t know who donated what. If that system is what happens in actuality, that is actually a good system to have. Now, even IF that system is in play, is there anything going on behind the scenes? IE: Could you write about/post about _______? I’m the main contributor to you. We have no way of knowing. We do know that Karen’s videos and Jeff Augustine, with all his alias’, are given prime blog real estate. Is it because of donations? Is it because of what they have to say? A combo of both? I don’t believe we’ll ever know.

    To know what really goes on, we’d need a full disclosure. Methinks Tony isn’t the type to do that, as he doesn’t like to be questioned, criticized, or have any doubts cast upon his ‘journalistic integrity’.

    Regarding Chris Shelton, he claims Karen isn’t a patreon donor or youtube donor. That could be true. Could Jeff Augustine be donating though? But, I do have to say, IF either Karen or Jeff is donating to Chris, does that matter in this instance? Chris isn’t stating he’s a journalist, that I’m aware of.

  2. We, as in the Royal We, have been contacted via email by Tony Ortega.

    Not knowing anything about journalism ourselves, we decided to emulate the Great Man and utilize some of the journalistic techniques we’ve seen him employ over the years.

    So we contacted a licensed psychiatrist to evaluate the statements Tony made in his email to us.

    Dr. Lyndsay Kreitzman is a world renowned psychiatrist from The Baker Act Institute, carrying degrees in all kinds of things we don’t understand. After reviewing the email, Dr. Kreitzman sent us his diagnosis of Tony Ortega’s mental and emotional state:

    He seems kinda pissed. And pretty arrogant. Like he believes no one should ever question him or what he writes. This happens frequently with journalists in their 50’s who drink a lot, and who are sick of the world and everyone in it. From the things he said to you in his email, I would say that Tony Ortega suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome.

    Thank you, Doctor.

    Next, because we don’t know anything about journalism, we contacted an expert in journalism who is highly qualified and knows everything about the subject. But because he fears that his career would be ruined if anyone found out he was doing this, we’re just giving him an anonymous screen name. Trust us: This guy knows what he’s talking about.

    So TexasJournalist, what do you think about Tony’s bizarre email to us?

    It was bizarre. I mean totally bizarre. He was winning, totally winning at being the Number 1 expert on Scientology, and the number 1 journalist who was crippling them. Part of that winning streak had to include banning people like you and completely ignoring them (between denigrating comments in his commenting torture chamber). But then he pulls this. The only journalists who do things like this are usually crazy. Or they have Peter Pan Syndrome.

    Thank you, TexasJournalist.

    And now, for what Tony Ortega actually said in his email.

    He said that if you go to:

    You’ll see the procedure that he and his attorney, Sancho Panza, follow to handle the funds that are donated to their cause. We presume that these would include the funds that he used to fly around the world promoting his book.

    So, if Tony Ortega followed that procedure, it would not matter if Karen De La Carriere sent him any money or not. Tony would not know who donated money to him, so they would have almost no chance of influencing what he reported.

    Seems legit.

    I think this matter is settled.

    Or is it? We’ll be watching Marty Rathbun’s Blog to see what he has to say.


  3. you posted,

    “Let’s settle this. The reason this is important is that journalists such as Tony Ortega are supposed to label all paid content, and paid by whom, if they publish “news”. This allows you, as the reader, to know whether you are reading news or reading commercials.”

    Does it really matter? I mean you know there are no clears & OT’s. It was a hellvahoax presented as the greatest thing on earth although the leader hisself still believed at this death, and his words to Sarge that he failed. Thus it is a hellvahoax.

    • I fully get what you are saying, SADA.

      But don’t you think that both Scientologists AND anti-Scientologists deserve the information they need to make informed decisions – no matter the objective proof (or lack of) for Hubbard’s claims for “Clear” and “OT”?

      I do.

      Therefore, just as much scrutiny should be applied to anti-Scientologist’s claims as are applied to Scientologist’s claims.


  4. So far, the only person who appears to have acknowledged receiving $$$ from KDLC is Rathbun. He told her that $$$ does not buy editorial control of his content. Good for him.
    Shelton has not received $$$ from KDLC.
    This leaves Ortega. He may have received $$$ from KDLC, but was that to buy specific listings? I don’t know, but I doubt it.
    Alanzo, Hope you can put this to rest soon.

    • Shelton says that he has not received money from KDLC.

      And even if he did, it doesn’t really matter – he’s not pretending to be a journalist. Tony Ortega is.

      Lots of good information is still coming in. We’ll see how it shakes out.


  5. Hello everyone! Ethics Officer Alanzo is convening a Committee of Evidence on KDLC, Tony Ortega and Chris Shelton. Send him your Knowledge Reports about all the out-ethics, financial irregularities, crimes and high crimes they have committed.

    • Yes indeed, Pluvo!

      I’m a GAT trained Ethics Specialist and a Data Series Evaluator.

      I’m administering an Ethics Interrogatory on this situation in order to find out how the “News You Can Use” from Tony Ortega here on the Post Scientology Internet is funded, and steered.

      It’s all part of critical thinking, and delivering to both Scientologists and Anti-Scientologists the information necessary to make informed decisions on Scientology and Anti-Scientology.

      Yes, Pluvo – not just Scientologists, but even Anti-Scientologists have the right to make informed decisions.


      • “I’m a GAT trained Ethics Specialist and a Data Series Evaluator.”

        Yeeees…. and? Should I feel some kind of awe? Looks like you are proud of it. So you are still wearing the Scio Ethics Officer hat out here in the ‘wog’ world? I think you know what I think of the fascistic structured Scn ‘ethics’ and ‘justice’. Come on, I can vaguely remember how you took Hubbard’s ‘ethics’ policies apart. I don’t buy that it’s only your “it’s all part of critical thinking” and your info comes over rather patronizing.

        • No feelings of awe necessary.

          Scn ethics and justice is highly fascist – totally agreed.

          But anti-Scientologists can be just as fascist, and “tribal”, and just as blind to “outpoints”, and manipulated, as Scientologists can be.

          So everything, and everyone, is open to question – right?

          Not just Scientologists, but Anti-Scientologists, too.


          • “Not just Scientologists, but Anti-Scientologists, too.”

            Everything is open to question; of course. And everything can – and is also to a certain degree – manipulated or opinionated. Scientology, anti Scientology and … also anti-anti Scientology. Jeeze, soon we have anti-anti-anti … :).
            Also questioning pushed into certain direction can itself be used as manipulation, not only be used as fact finding. Right? It can be used to push an agenda. It is used in politics, in the media, in arguments, in relationships, etc. .

            • You totally get what’s happening here, Pluvo.

              Thank you.

              Scientology and Anti-Scientology are equally open to scrutiny.

              Let the truth win out.


              • “Scientology and Anti-Scientology are equally open to scrutiny.”

                You forgot anti-anti Scio (it’s not the same as Scio, it’s a new branch). The labeling is on steroids – in all ‘camps’. The acronyms are hilarious. One could also simplify it and say different people have different opinions and view points.

                I think you don’t get me. I think that you also are pushing questions in certain directions for your agenda (also being the anti-‘tribal’), I included you; you are not above it. Neither am I.

                • You are right: I’m not above it.

                  I do my best though, and I always have.

                  Did you know that as the staunch Scientologist Executive Director of the Peoria Mission in 1988, I wrote High Crime Reports on David Miscavige and each member of the Exec Strata – and FEDEXED a copy of each report to each Int Exec personally?

                  It’s true.

                  As human beings, we’re all tribal. But we can rise above our tribal nature as best as we can and discern the truth as both the good and the bad.

                  I think that’s the best that we can ask of ourselves.


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