Mike Rinder Hides His History of Scientology Fair Game

Was Poor Mike Rinder just a victim of Fair Game?

Mike Rinder tweeted a recent promotional video for Leah Remini & Mike Rinder’s Scientology Fair Game Podcast which goes through the history of Scientology fair game operations, from the 1950’s thru to the present day. All in 5 minutes.

rinder tweets scientology fair game
It’s actually a great overview – except for one thing: Mike Rinder is not in it.

He’s in it only as a victim of fair game, but they revised & erased the blazing history of Mike Rinder running all fair game and black operations against critics and squirrels as the head of the Office of Special Affairs for 22 years.

Tony Ortega, Jeffrey Augustine, Karen de la Carriere and many of Rinder’s supporters are also trying desperately to revise Mike Rinder’s history as the most vicious henchman of Scientology Fair Game in its history.

What are they hiding for him?

Why is Mike Rinder white-washing his own history?

Why are so many of these “top Scientology critics” helping him ensure that victims of Scientology never see justice?

Has Mike Rinder Really ‘Repented”?

Has Mike Rinder really ‘repented’ and made up for the thousands of families he’s destroyed, the individual lives he’s ruined, and all the Scientology criminal activity he continues to cover up to this day?

Just because he’s on a TV Show with Leah Remini?

Ask yourself this: What is Mike Rinder still hiding?

He’s had access to a blog every day since 2013, he’s had 3 seasons of a TV Show, why has Mike Rinder never revealed a crime by David Miscavige or any officer of the Church of Scientology despite running it’s most criminally insane division for 22 years?

If you think that my asking these questions about Mike Rinder is some kind of OSA Program of David Miscavige’s – think again.

Marty, Mike and Dave’s PR Strategy to Stay Out of Jail

Mike Rinder has talked about many things that are morally outrageous but entirely legal that Scientology has done. Law enforcement can do nothing about these incidents – because they are legal. But Rinder has never revealed a crime.

He has never mentioned Kyle Brennan, Flo Barnett or Ken Ogger. He has never discussed the illegal things he did to Gerry Armstrong. He pretends to be exposing things that will never make a change to Scientology, its leadership, or David Miscavige’s control of Scientology’s billions.

He is protecting himself and Scientology by never revealing anything that would produce a penetrative criminal indictment – something they can not buy off.

Do you see it now?

Is My Criticism of Mike Rinder an OSA Program?

Why would David Miscavige have someone like me criticize Mike Rinder for not exposing enough of Marty, Mike and Dave’s criminal activity? Why would Dave pay me to constantly expose their criminally indictable acts so they can be prosecuted for them?

If you thought I was working for OSA because of my criticism of Mike Rinder – you have been manipulated.

Probably by OSA.

Ironic, isn’t it?

If you care about the victims of Scientology, don’t let these people manipulate you. Do your own research and think for yourself.

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