Chris Malin Exposes Criminally Indictable Activity in Scientology

Doug Kramer of the Dazed But Not Confuzed Youtube channel has done some important work in exposing the most important aspects of Scientology – actual criminal activity that can bring justice to Scientology’s victims.

I believe one of his most important interviews was with musician, and one of the UK’s former top Scientology auditors, Chris Malin.

This interview is unlike the typical content we’ve seen in the last ten years in ‘Anti-Scientology’ – at least since Mike Rinder and his dupe Leah Remini, and their shill Aaron Smith Levin have been dominating the scene. Interviews like Chris Malin’s usually get quashed and sidelined by Scientology’s Controlled Opposition.

But not this time.

Both Chris Malin and Doug Kramer deserve support for their courage in taking the risk of telling the stories about Scientology that can actually bring change.

Here’s the interview:

You really need to listen to the whole thing, but the most important criminal acts are at:

1:04:40 –


2:02 –

1 thought on “Chris Malin Exposes Criminally Indictable Activity in Scientology”

  1. You should focus into help this guy as soon and as much as possible.

    Sad to see too many ex-sco focused into small —or huge— misdeeds of other exes. Or how they don’t properly express past regrets, or missteps, or else.

    ps: as you know possibly better than most, after a brainwashing sustained for years, there are lots of step backs, ie:
    * The lady escaping hidden in a car trunk, went back, so had to escape for a second time.
    * This lady forming an independent alike of their brainwashing, until after some time, going fully out.


    Better should focus into help this guy as soon and as much as possible.



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