Back in the day, way before what we see today, the head of OSA, Mike Rinder, and the head of the RTC, Marty Rathbun, used to do things to people that were way worse than just persuading their family members to disconnect from each other.

Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun took a lot of actions which, to this day, they have never really talked about. And no journalists, or book publishers, or documentarians who have wanted Mike and Marty for their own business ventures have ever really pressed them to give details.

But back in 2010, on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, this was what those who had been harmed, and who knew others who had been harmed, were talking about.

In fact, it was all the rage all over the Post-Scientology Internet before things went global and “settled down” to where they are today – a kind of a milquetoast medium of “gosh those Scientologists are mean to all those families they tear apart through disconnection!”

And, “Why hasn’t Tom Cruise seen Suri in so long??”

To get a glimpse of what the debate was about when Mike and Marty first came out and started revising history and promoting L Ron Hubbard to people outside the Church, take a look at just one Opening Post which was written on ESMB at that time:

TITLE:People Who Left Scientology Before Marty Rathbun Did

Those were the days.

Raids by federal marshals into your home, and hauling away your computers.

Marijuana planted on your porch so the cops would find it right before you testified as an expert witness in the Lisa McPherson Trial.

Being run off the road and attempted to be murdered.

Having written “Tom Cruise Missiles” as a joke on the Internet and having it turned into a violent threat that “interferes with a religion”, sending you to jail.

Having PIs going through your trash, breaking in to your apartment, intimidating your employer, and getting you fired from your job.

Having your family destroyed through disconnection.

All coordinated and CSWed by Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

For doing exactly the same thing that Marty and Mike are doing now – writing stuff on the Internet.

Those were the days, weren’t they?

To see the whole thread go to:

Poke around reading the threads in that 2009-2011 frame on ESMB. There were a lot of very important things being discussed at that time.

But even then I didn’t mention Joel Sappel’s Dog, or Tony Ortega’s cat, or Victoria Britton’s son, or any other criminal action probably taken by the Church of Scientology against their critics and potential whistleblowers.

It all seems so tame now.

Doesn’t it?

The reason I am writing about this now is because all the award-winning books have been written, and all the Emmy-winning documentaries have been made, but none of these crimes have been answered for.

I, personally, have nothing to gain or lose by Marty and Mike stepping up and answering for what has been done to people as part of their fair game activities against them while they were in the Church. Or by helping others to find the answers that they need.

But the Church of Scientology’s victims still are waiting.

All those awards, all those book sales, all those hero-worshipping praises by journalists and documentarians, and all those people who give them their awards:

And still, no justice for the victims of Scientology.


I keep writing about it.

And asking them.

Unlike anyone else such as the journalists and their book publishers and the documentarians who all have something to gain by keeping Mike and Marty as their reliable “sources”, and so keeping it all quiet.

No matter how many books have been written, and movies have been made:


Those who have been harmed by Scientology deserve justice