Those Who Have Been Harmed By Scientology Deserve Justice

Don’t those who have been harmed deserve justice for Scientology criminal activity?

Back in the day, way before what we see today, the head of OSA, Mike Rinder, and the head of the RTC, Marty Rathbun, used to do things to people that were way worse than what we see Mike Rinder & Leah Remini complaining about today.

Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun took a lot of actions which, to this day, they’ve never talked about. No journalist, or book publisher, or documentarian who’s wanted Mike or Marty for their own journalistic business ventures have ever really pressed these two to give details.

But back in 2010, on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, this was what those who had been harmed, and those who knew others in Scientology who had been harmed, were talking about.

In fact, discussion of Scientology’s criminal activity was all over the Internet before the discussion of Scientology and Indie Scientology was taken over by the “Int Base Escapees” and has managed to be “settled down” to where it is today – a kind of a milquetoast medium of “gosh those Scientologists are mean to all those families they tear apart through disconnection!”

And, “Why hasn’t Tom Cruise seen Suri in so long??”

To get a glimpse of what the Scientology reality was about when Mike and Marty first came out and started revising history and promoting L Ron Hubbard to people outside the Church, take a look at just one Opening Post which was written on ESMB at that time:

TITLE: People Who Left Scientology Before Marty Rathbun Did

Those were the days:

Having PIs going through your trash, breaking in to your apartment, intimidating your employer, and getting you fired from your job.

Being run off the road and attempted to be murdered for revealing L Ron Hubbard’s true biography.

Having written “Tom Cruise Missiles” as a joke on the Internet and having it turned into a violent threat that “interferes with a religion”, sending you to jail.

Raids by federal marshals into your home, hauling away your computers. People whose hands and feet were wired to cinder blocks, and found in the bottom of their mother’s backyard pool, ruled as a “suicide” by the LAPD.

A woman shot 3 times in the chest, and once in the face by a rifle, ruled a ‘suicide’ by the local sheriff. And who was that woman? David Miscavige’s mother-in-law – Flo Barnett

Were they all coordinated and CSWed by Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder for David Miscavige’s approval? Or just some of them? Why have Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun never told us what happened? Why have they continually distracted us away from these crimes?

Did these things happen to people for doing exactly the same thing that Marty and Mike are doing now – writing stuff on the Internet about Scientology?

Those were the days, weren’t they?

To see the whole thread go to: People Who Left Scientology Before Marty Rathbun Did

Poke around reading the threads in that 2009-2011 frame on ESMB. There were a lot of very important things being discussed at that time.

But even then I didn’t mention Joel Sappel’s Dog, or Tony Ortega’s cat, or Victoria Britton’s son, or any other criminal action probably taken by the Church of Scientology against their critics and potential whistleblowers.

Pretending to go through Mike Rinder’s Garbage, Calling Leah Remini “fat”. It’s all so tame now.

Isn’t it?

The reason I am writing about this is because all the award-winning books have been written, and all the Emmy-winning documentaries have been made, but none of these crimes have been answered for.

I, personally, have nothing to gain or lose by Marty and Mike stepping up and answering for what has been done to people as part of criminal fair game activities against critics while they were running fair game in the Church.

After all this TALKING: the Church of Scientology’s victims are still waiting for justice.

Look at all those awards, all those book sales, all those hero-worshipping praises by journalists and documentarians, and all those people who give the awards….

And yet still: No justice for the victims of Scientology.


Keep asking them.

Because no matter how many books have been written, and movies and podcasts and TV series have been made, and awards have been given:


Those who have been harmed by Scientology deserve justice



7 thoughts on “Those Who Have Been Harmed By Scientology Deserve Justice”

  1. As a former victim of horrendous physical, psychological abuse from multiple family members, justice is just a word. Learning to process the trauma (therapy or on your own) is the only peace I have ever found. Moving past trauma is not going to happen from X person being persecuted/brought to justice, it comes from within and self-love.

    It’s taken years of work, but it IS possible.

    • You sound like someone who’s been there.

      I just really don’t like the idea of people getting away with murder.

      But what you say here reminds of this advice in this great book by Samantha Geimer called “The Girl”

      Here’s one of the best parts:

      “…”If you are a victim who comes forward and resolution through the court provides a conviction, it will not undo what happened to you. You will still have to heal. If you come forward and there is insufficient evidence for a conviction, that is a reality you will have to face, and you can find a way to begin recovering in spite of that. If you are given the choice to not prosecute and spare yourself the trauma of a trial, highly publicized or not, you can make your choice, go forward with your life, and begin to heal. If you never come forward to the authorities, tell no one or only someone close to you, you can begin to recover and overcome what has happened to you. Under any of these circumstances, there will always be those who doubt you and nothing will erase what has happened to you. That does not have to stop you from healing.’

      “The most important thing is to try to begin recovering from within. I don’t think you can heal from outside events happening. Waiting for the actions of others— be it the courts, your family, the opinions of those you care about, or the words of strangers—places you in a situation that you cannot control. And despite what was done to you, you do still have control.”

      Thanks for posting.


  2. Totally agree, Alanzo – Rinder left years ago and has spent hundreds of hours on podcasts and interviews detailing a lot of gruesome things at least. Not a full tell-all document, it’s true, but we also have hundreds of hours of seeing Rinder at work during his years in, too. It’s not a huge secret, he’s never denied it and has gone into some detail in podcasts/etc.

    Now, look at Angie Blankenship – she *absolutely* needs to answer for all of the first-hand stuff she played a part in. Where is the justice for her victims? She hasn’t admitted anything. We will be putting the pressure on her, who is morally responsible to the countless victims she’s ruined. She played a part in horrible actions and perhaps she can cut a deal with police? Unsure but Very good post and thank you for the kick in the butt to start pressuring her! What about the other major players who left and haven’t said *anything*? Those are the most morally reprehensible people. Thanks again for this post!

    • Rinder has never revealed anything new, only things that were already public information, and/or what other critics before him have already made public.

      Further, although he ran the Office of Special Affairs for David Miscavige for 22 years – the most criminal arm of Scientology – he has never revealed a crime.

      It’d be great if Angie revealed something that would bring a criminal indictment to Scientology, and thus penetrate deeply enough to create real change that couldn’t just be bought off like civil suits can.

      You really shouldn’t take Mike Rinder’s orders, or do special projects for him. You don’t really know who he’s actually working for.

      Remember one of Rinder’s earlier projects – the takeover of the Cult Awareness Network?

  3. So you’re king for a day, and they must spill all their secrets to you. What constitutes justice? Jail, civil judgments, public disgrace?

    I imagine any crimes they may have committed or were a party to are beyond any statutes of limitation. They’d be nuts to expose themselves to civil lawsuits through any confessions. Not saying it’s right, just that it is what it is.

    • “I imagine any crimes they may have committed or were a party to are beyond any statutes of limitation.”

      Why on Earth would you imagine that?

      There is no statute of limitations on murder, nor on underage rape and other sex crimes in California, as Danny Masterson is finding out.


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