Corey Andrews: Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection

We’ve written about Chris Shelton before, the guy who masqueraded as holding a “Masters Degree in Psychology” and describes himself as a “Critical Thinker at Large”.

Here, Corey Andrews writes about his experience dealing with Chris as one of Karen de la Carriere’s “admins”, working together with Chris and other members inside her paid network of Scientology “critics”.

Here’s Corey’s first hand experience:


Over the course of my time working with Karen De La Carriere, I developed a relationship with Chris Shelton, the self proclaimed “Critical Thinker At Large“.

I was being coached by Karen to have an unconditional solidarity with my “Outer Banks Tribe“, and she explained to me on numerous occasions to stick to my tribe when I have an issue or concern.

So over the course of many conversations with Chris, I came to see him as a friend. I asked him for his advice in activism matters, and on a few occasions we talked about more than that.

One such occasion, I was explaining to Chris that my brother and I had gotten into an argument.

The argument was about Scientology and “The Outer Banks” Facebook group, and Karen De La Carriere.

Accused Of Being In An Anti-Scientology Cult By My Brother

Often I would discuss with my brother the matters that were going on in my Scientology activism efforts when working with Karen De La Carriere.

Drawing his own conclusions about the work I was doing for Karen, my brother got upset with me and said that I’m in an anti-Scientology cult.

Of course I didn’t take him seriously at the time.

How could I?

I thought I was on the right side of things, helping the critics doing the most damage to Scientology.

Turns out I wasn’t doing much of anything, but I digress.

Chris Shelton Tells Me To Cease All Contact And Communication With My Brother

When I told Chris about what my brother had said, he immediately expressed disgust, suggesting that the best course of action would be to remove him from my life.

Simply, cease to communicate and avoid at all costs, he suggested.

In response to his suggestions, I told Chris that I don’t think it’s right to avoid my brother, as I see him quite often and he is family no matter what disagreement we may have.

Still, Chris persisted in his original idea, saying how it’s likely I will never get anywhere with him and that more unpleasant interactions are bound to happen if I continue to engage or interact with him on any capacity.

Advice That You Would Expect From Someone Still In Scientology

chris shelton thumbs up scientology
Corey Andrews: Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection 3

When two people have an argument or a disagreement, why does Chris Shelton see disconnection as a way of moving forward?

How is Chris Shelton exemplifying critical thinking when he sees disconnection as a viable means of “moving forward”, if you can even call it that, on any particular issue?

What does the “Critical Thinker At Large” title really even mean? Is that accurate?

My Brother Ended Up Being Right About The Anti-Scientology Cult

Under Karen De La Carriere, anti-Scientology “criticism” is a circus act, with Chris Shelton doing everything he can to clean up after her, brushing anything negative about Karen under the rug as if it’s not as serious as it really is.

Much like a Sea Org away from home, Karen De La Carriere has created the kind of environment needed in order to trigger each other back into their old cultic mentality of disconnection and gaslighting of anyone that speaks up and tells the truth about their underhanded dealings.

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