Zero Dark Tony’s Embolism

The vituperative stooge – Zero Dark Tony – has told us repeatedly on his show that he has a brain embolism.

He’s literally brain damaged.

It makes him fly into rages with tourette’s-like profanity and spergy outbursts: His brain is short-circuiting.

I called him a couple of months ago and told him, man to man, to stop beating up on women, especially young women who are trying to get along in life after Scientology. “You are punching women in the face. Not only that, but you are punching DOWN”. I told him.

This kind of slowed his Tourette’s use of the C-word for a while. But, because of his brain injury, not for long.

Zero Dark Tony, in his present brain-damaged state, doesn’t take advice like this very well.

Put a “1” in the Chat in Support of Zero Dark Tony!

So a few days later when he was running his “Put a 1 in the chat if you saw how I exposed the doxxing of a child!” I didn’t put a 1 in the chat.

He was watching. He didn’t see me put a 1 in the chat. So he repeated it again.

I wrote “I’m not going to put a 1 in the chat if I didn’t see it.”

He immediately shut down his broadcast and called me in a rage for defying him. I said, “Hey man. I already learned my lessons in getting out of a cult. I don’t pretend I saw something when I didn’t – just to follow the orders of a dipshit.”

This made him even angrier. The embolism in his brain was short-circuiting. He was blind with rage.

Finally, he said something useful. He screamed at me to go to a particular video and watch it. ‘You can see they doxxed a child there’, he claimed.

So I did. And sure enough, it appeared to me – with the information he had given me – that the location of where a young child lived was being publicly exposed on Youtube. I called him back and said I watched it, and sure enough, it appeared they had doxxed a child. I offered to make a transcript of it and put it on my blog to support him in his effort to battle this doxxing incident. He seemed to calm down. The blood pressure in his bleeding brain resided.

After transcribing the video, I began working on it to blank out the doxxing parts so I didn’t end up doxxing the kid again. I wanted to make sure what I transcribed didn’t compound the problem. So I called Tony and asked him to check it first before I published it.

Tony’s embolism answered.

It began screaming immediately with no hope of getting through. This made it the forth time in one day Tony’s embolism was screaming at me.

So I told Tony’s Embolism to fuck off.

He answered back that he was adding me to the police report he had filed on the “doxxer” of the child.

I was later told that the “doxxer” had gotten the information from public statements made by Tony himself.

Tony’s Embolism then made a video about me, angrily lying his ass off – saying I’d asked for “quid pro quo” before assisting him with my blog. With more blind rage, he accused me of giving out his mol’s phone number when I never even had her phone number. Then his mol gave Tony’s Embolism a private DM where I praised her for the work she was doing on Jolly West and Margaret Singer. In coordination with the creator, I asked her if she’d like to come on another youtube show to talk about this work of hers.

She gave Tony my DM to her and Tony published it.

There is an interesting dynamic here. Tony’s mol is supposedly a trained nurse. She would know that brain injuries take months, even years, to heal. And while a person is healing from a brain injury, you can count on the brain-damaged person to fly into rages and to be incredibly erratic and out of control. I’ve now seen his mol egg on Tony’s Embolism almost a dozen times.

Do we have a Dracula’s Igor sitch happening here?

I’m wondering.

In conclusion, I’d like to speak directly to Tony’s Embolism:

You’re not capable of controlling me. You are a brain-damaged gumba in way over your head.

But, unlike the propeller-headed control freak Karen Derriere who also tries to control everything and everyone around her, your propeller is damaged.

Glue a new one onto your Doo-rag for the next show.

It still won’t help, but it’ll be funny.

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  1. Yet you were happy to sing his praises and jump on the bandwagon like a good sycophant when he was posting vile content about those you dislike. You reap what you sow, Alan.


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