Nora B Ames Presents Her Theory on How Zero Dark Tony Could be Working for OSA

Nora Ames from her Oh No Nora Youtube Channel details her views on Zero Dark Tony, who has – no doubt – been completely sadistic and cruel to her, and to Vanessa La Rose.

His kind of cruelty is just beyond comprehension to me. I’ve spoken to Tony on the phone and personally slammed him for his cruelty. He backed off for a little while, but he just can’t seem to control himself.

And in this follow up video, one of Nora’s parking lot confessions, she doubles down and names Marlan Willardson PR as the entity that is paying Zero Dark Tony to cruelly attack Ex-Scientologists on the Internet.

And if she is wrong, she challenges her childhood friend, Marlan Willardson, to hire a lawyer and send her a cease and desist order.



Hey, guys, it’s a quick parking lot confessional here totally impromptu because I’m on break.

Enjoying some Starbuck-ees – totally not sponsored.

Oh my goodness, my goodness, my goodness who knew so much drama was going to occur from simply pointing out some factualizations? Let’s just say this about that really quickly.


Number one I’m gonna restate some things that I said last night really quickly because, you know, unlike other people I do work

Hey Catherine.

So last night, I laid down the gauntlet here, and my mom was my theory and I’m gonna lay it out again here since Zero Dark, darky dark, like say that he’s not Osa and he’s not working for the church. Let’s assume that what he’s saying is facts. Maybe he believes that. But I do believe he’s getting paid to do these things to make these terrible videos to scream threats on the internet.

Okay, and I think that he’s being paid via another Scientology company. That company that I’m laying down. The accusation to is Marlin Willardson PR. She is a second gen Scientologists – like me – a little guardians office baby. Her dad break Greg Willadrson was in the Guardians office with my mom. Like me, she was brought in as a infant to the Guardians office in you know, her little playpen just like I was on a daily basis. So what better OSA front than a PR firm guys in Los Angeles?

I laid this down and I said my challenge to Tony was if he is in fact not making these videos, because he’s getting paid by said third party, then move on to something else. Move on. Move on to the Jeffrey Epsteins of the world move on to you know, the important things which are granted, far, far, far, far more important than I will ever be okay. Ever.

Instead, he has tripled down on, you know, this attack on Vanessa and now on me. So here’s what I have to say about that.

Do it.

Do it you don’t have a lawyer. You don’t have any of these things. This is total nonsense. I’m not scared. You’re not in my head. And yeah, you want to take this as advertising. I don’t really care. Take it for whatever you want.

But you are proving yourself to be a paid agent of the church and doing nothing but their bidding and acting completely as they want you to. So good job. Good job. You’d probably get a Christmas bonus! You know what I’m living my life. I’m not worried about you.

You know, and here’s one thing I do know if I’m wrong about Marlan Willardson PR. They do have one thing you don’t have Tony, they have lawyers, and if I am completely wrong, they will tell me to stop and they’ll send me a cease and desist order. But I have a sneaking suspicion they’re not going to because they’re paying you. So Scientology and Marlin – if you’re watching this, wow, I’m really kind of sad.

Remember when you threw me that 21st birthday party in the courseroom along with all the other students? I thought we were actually friends. That just it cuts a little deep that’s a little deep, Marlan. I want you to go look at the videos that your client is making, and has made about me – somebody who actually knew in real life. And I want you to think about that a little bit about the content that you’re paying for to be on the internet and think about the church that’s paying you to put that out there.

You’re a mom, I’m a mom. I want you to think about that. And think about how you feel about that.

Yeah. So you know, Tony, you could – no one’s threatening your family. No one’s threatened your family. You go back and look at everybody’s videos. You’re just making things up. Nobody’s threatening you.

A legal thing to do when someone’s harassing you is to get a restraining order on them. And if somebody did file that against you, after hundreds of videos and disturbing images, that’s the legal thing to do in America. People would be well within their rights. Um, so yeah, that’s just normal when someone is a creeper and that’s doing that stuff.


You want to call it legal department of where I work? Good luck. What are you going to tell them? I’m on a break having coffee exercising my first amendment right? All right. Good luck with that report. Here I am in a parking lot. Come find me Tony.

Anyway, you’re not going to do anything except for fly around on your little you know, scooter that you probably bought with that 10 grand you stole from Dana. Fun. Maybe you should just work on paying her back and being a good person.

All right?

Anyway, guys, I love you. I gotta get back to work. It’s been five minutes and got my coffee. So I’m getting back to work. I hope today’s a great day because it’s almost Christmas break and my kids are excited.

Alright, I love you guys. I will talk to you later. All right. Bye.

4 thoughts on “Nora B Ames Presents Her Theory on How Zero Dark Tony Could be Working for OSA”

  1. He needs a 5150 dished out his way. He is NOT okay. I wonder of the mother of his child sees this behavior because if I were her, there’s NO way a man displaying these actions would be anywhere near my child.

    • They all have screws loose to some degree or another…and need serious therapy…sadly many don’t believe in it…the mind control goes deep

  2. They all have screws loose to some degree or another…and need serious therapy…sadly many don’t believe in it…the mind control goes deep


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