Is Chris Shelton Waking Up From His Anti-Scientology Fever Dream?

chris shelton waking upIt happens to all of us.

There is a point where you wake up from the hysteria of being an anti-Scientologist and say to yourself Hey Wait a Minute!”

The conspiracy theories of Scientology’s political tentacles that can “torpedo” FBI investigations, the superstitious belief in the POWER of the MIND CONTROL, the super-dooper RELEVANCE of decades-old, yet continually repeated atrocity stories like Lisa McPherson – all begin to collapse on you, just like your beliefs in engrams, alien civilizations, and cleared planets collapsed on you when you started waking up from Scientology.

And just like when you got out of Scientology, you don’t quite know where your feet are at.

That’s where Chris Shelton appears to be headed as he realizes that Tony Ortega has been sitting on the story that the RPF was disbanded 4 or 5 years ago. What is clear that he hasn’t realized yet is the degree to which evidence like this exposes Tony Ortega’s trolling and manipulation of him and other Ex-Scientologists.

That’s coming soon, as more and more Ex-Scientologists begin to realize the bankruptcy of the ideas of the Anti-cult movement in trying to explain to you your own personal experiences in Scientology.

It’s kind of painful to watch, but it’s instructive nonetheless. Exes need to see the process of other Exes waking up and realizing that Anti-Scientology contains many incredibly damaging thoughts, emotions and behaviors to their own self-interests.

In this video, Chris Shelton’s message devolves into rambling blather as he realizes his anti-Scientology Crusade is based on hysterical cognitive distortions, ignorance of how the real world works & manipulative trolling by other vengeful anti-Scientologists.

At the end, he pulls out of his spiraling nosedive with a plea for kindness and getting involved in social betterment causes.

Probably a good career move.

Sorry for my unsympathetic tone here. I’ll probably come out of this slight schadenfreude after more water has rolled under the bridge. But right now, especially in the case of Chris Shelton, it’s so satisfying for me to see this evolution.

Who would have thought that after 2 Seasons of Scientology and the Aftermath, Anti-Scientology is falling apart?

Once Anti-Scientology is out there, really out there for all the world to see, it is clearer than ever that there is no there there.

I’m glad to see that Chris, and hopefully many other Exes, are on their ways to accomplishing a less hysterical view of Scientology and of their own past selves as Scientologists.


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Hmm. I’m not sure what I think about this one Alanzo.