Andy Nolch, an Independent Scientologist from Australia made a video making fun of Chris Shelton. In it, he said that Chris was “in the valence of a woman” and he acted in parody of Chris making one of his videos.

Marauding Anti-Scientologists shouted HOMOPHOBIA! From Youtube to the Underground Bunker to ESMB, they called it “fair game” against Chris Shelton. They decried it up and down. And they saw no humor in any of it.

It took me less than three minutes on Youtube to search on “David Miscavige and Tom Cruise are gay” to come up with these two videos. In 2 more minutes I could have found 5 more – but just didn’t want to waste the time.

Any picture that Tony Ortega posts of David Miscavige or Tom Cruise routinely gets WAY more mean than anything Andy Nolch said about Chris Shelton in his one video.

My question to anti-Scientologists: How can you stand to be this hypocritical?

How do you sleep at night?

I’ll tell you how – you reduce the cognitive dissonance of your own hypocrisy by blinding yourselves to your own thoughts and emotions and behavior – just like a Scientologist does to reduce theirs. You look away from what you do to “the enemy” of your tribe and focus on only what they do to you.

This disappoints me because when I left Scientology, I thought I was becoming part of a group of people who were less robotic and less unthinking than Scientologists. I thought I’d found a group of people who understood what cognitive dissonance was and who did not allow it to keep themselves tunnel-visioned like Scientologists do.

Blind tribal thinking is the same whether you are a Scientologist or an Anti-Scientologist. And the lock-step, uniform Anti-Scientologist offended reaction to Andy Nolch’s video poking fun at Chris Shelton proves it.

Anti-Scientologists have no standing to criticize Scientologists for their robotic group-think, their hypocrisy, their conditioned responses, or for their unthinking cruelty.

This behavior is hilarious to me.