Nora Ames Blasts Chris Shelton in Historic Rant

Somehow, Nora got a hold of a sample of one of Chris Shelton’s recent Whinings.

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chris 2

Here’s her response:

How many nicknames can I get in one week???

Now I, along with many esteemed others, have been dubbed “flying monkeys “ by the “academic” (I put that in GIGANTIC air quotes) @ChrisSheltonMsc From the posts you can see below. Chris once again is crying the usual dog whistle, gaslighting cry of OSA OSA OSA! whenever anyone decides to shine a necessary, CRITICAL, spotlight on crimes committed by anyone who ALSO happens to be in the exScientology community. Ironic coming from the man who calls himself a “critical thinker at large”.

Like his Brady Bunch counterpoint, Jan, who used to always cry “Marsha Marsha MARSHA” about EVERYTHING , OSA isn’t the boogeyman coming to get Mike Rinder, we the “flying monkeys“ aren’t getting compensation from OSA for airing this truth.

QUESTION if we are the flying Monkeys does that make Mike the Wicked witch of the West? And then aren’t we just pouring the water on him, aka the TRUTH thus defeating him and OSA AT THE SAME TIME since he was the head of that organization and ran these dirty ops on Scientologists and critics for decades and is now pretending he was somehow not a part of it at all?

Maybe you’re on to something here Chris. But as far as OSA goes this is a MAJOR L for them. Because we are SPILLING ALL that Tea ☕️ that you loathe oh so much Chris. Because, you may think that it’s “trauma drama”, nice words coming from a so called degreed psychologist who pretends that degree counts for anything, just proving what I’ve said repeatedly,that you know nothing in that field and don’t actually HELP anyone but yourself with that fake unearned degree. A real psychologist would NEVER use those words to describe SURVIVORS of a cult speaking out and fighting back against the organization that held them captive, stole their childhood, gave them physical and mental scars.


Sure, have your many endless hours of droning touched a few people who have personally reached out to you to let you know you have helped them. I will not debate whether or not that occurred.

But right now, in this moment YOU are the divisive one. YOU are NOT on the side of justice. You are choosing to shield one of the main perpetrators of these crimes simply because he’s done good things after? HOW VERY SCIENTOLOGY OF YOU.

Truth is simple. It just is. It doesn’t care what you did since it happened or what you will do. It just exists. In the instance of getting the broad public to know about the raw, brutal, gut wrenching truth about Scientology, the cherry picking, academia is OVER.

It’s the ERA OF ACCOUNTABILITY and so if you were in the room where it happened then SAY SO. SAY I DID THIS, SAY WE when talking about the organization you were a part of and headed for decades. Things are actually happening right now because of people who are taking ACTIONS that you REFUSE to participate in because you don’t believe it’s the correct way to go about it and have accused the protesters,who have single handedly shut down the #1 recruit site in the world, of being money motivated clout goblins and you don’t see the effectiveness of it.

Also Chris, if you don’t like “drama” stop with the gaslighting, victimhood, shitstirring, bullshit. Your jealousy is OBVIOUS and sad. You could have been a part of this charge. You could have been out there with a bullhorn taking down these churches with all your knowledge, instead you sit inside your nerd gilded echo chamber patting yourself on the back about how oh so smart you are and repeating that over and over as fact. The repetition doesn’t make that true. It’s not a patter drill.

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  1. Maybe Nora will have a rant on you too Alanzo…was in ZDT chat today…Nora in there too…so asked Nora…how bout you do a 3 person chat with Alanzo, zdt and you??? well response from zdt and Nora??? um dont think so…ya and maybe Chris Shelton too??? so i figure Nora still has a hate on for you…first respectable zdt chat ever…except for when liz gale entered…ZDT went on a expletive rant…seriously they are all messed up…any thoughts???


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