Chris Shelton Dishes to Reddit on Why Aaron Smith Levin Is No Longer VP Aftermath Foundation!

And he’s a little teasing coquette!

Chris dishes to this Reddit thread:

Aaron Smith-Levin removed from the Aftermath Foundation. What happened?

Here’s his first tease to the plebes as an Aftermath Insider.

chris shelton dishes on aaron smith levin

“I hope at some point the full story does come out. It’s quite sordid, which is why I’m sure the AF isn’t keen to release a statement with any details of why ASL was removed. It’s not a thing going on “at the moment.” It’s been going on for a very long time. We’ll see what happens but I’m not holding my breath that there is going to be any transparency. There hasn’t been up to now.”

TheRealChrisShelton (click on that link and peek at Chris’ posting history!)

Then a surly little Reddit upstart has the nerve to question Chris Shelton’s integrity!

By using that word ‘sordid’ you’re making me want to speculate now… if it turns out that he’s ex-scientology’s answer to Lloyd Evans I’m going to, to use a Britishism, do my nut… more than Lloyd did his nut every few months (but not “regularly”) with a prostitute

I’m curious now but don’t want to disrespect your privacy if you know what I mean.

I refuse to be the source of information on this story. There are other people whose responsibility it is. I hope they live up to that responsibility.

You’re doing the right thing by not dishing about it, Chris. It’s highly sensitive

Thank you. It is.

I refuse to be the source of information, however I will drop the word ‘sordid’ and just leave everyone wondering.


And he wonders why people don’t want to see his podcast.

If those people never speak up, will you then speak up? Or does “not my responsibility” still cover it? I’m not trying to goad you-I am just trying to judge how your comment fits into what I’ve been picking up on myself. I’m hoping it’s just burnout, or personality clash, but the word you chose goes beyond that.

You are assuming he was “removed” for some reason in particular? Perhaps he’s so busy he felt he couldn’t give it the time he needed and stepped down. Unless you are eluding to having some insider information, which it seems to be the case given you know the details are “sordid.”

I am not assuming anything, LOL. I’m just commenting here on this because frankly it’s a little cathartic. I don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to answers about all of this. There are people who are closer and more directly responsible for what has been going on who can speak to all of this. No one wanted to believe me when I raised concerns about ASL a long time ago and I don’t see that’s changed now.

Well you certainly are dancing around the topic as if you have insider information you are just dying to dish on but instead are just dropping innuendos.

Now who’s making assumptions, LOL? I’ve said what I have to say about this so the rest of this is just going to be back-and-forth on whether I’m a good person or not for not dishing on other people’s BS. I want them to do dish on it themselves. It’s not my place from the sideline to do that anymore than I would want someone to do that to me. And you can now be just be patient as I have been for quite some time to see if that will ever happen.

——- ——- ——-

See what Sea Org Sociopaths these guys are? If information exists that people need to know to make more informed decisions, or to protect themselves, then it needs to come out.

Just say it, Chris!

Chris here is like a prissy, dishy toad with a mouth full of flies.

And by the way – the fact that Chris Shelton is BACK ON REDDIT after his history on Reddit, is absolutely hilarious. I recommend you read this full thread, and also read Chris’ new posting history since being back on. It’s exactly like his old posting history!

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