Marty Rathbun’s Back and – This Time – He’s Pissed!

所 有 的 戰 爭 都 是 欺 騙

“All war is deception.”

– Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

If there is one thing about Scientology that the public should know – it’s that they’re always putting on a show.

Whether it’s a show to attract attention on to what they want people to think, or distracting people away from what they don’t want them to think – they’re always putting on a show to manipulate you.

Volunteer Minister programs are designed to make the public think that Scientology is a charitable organization that helps out at disaster sites. They don’t.

They’re “opening up new Ideal Organizations all over the planet” – designed to make you think they are the fastest growing religion in the world. They aren’t.

They bankrupted, and then took over the Cult Awareness Network, and started answering the phone calls from frantic family members, posing as anticult experts. Scientologists posing as antiCult experts.

They’re not.

How outrageous can you get, right?

Turns out – way more.

In 2008 and 2009, after the monthly global protests of Anonymous outside most major Church of Scientology orgs, and after Australian Senator Nick Xenophon called Scientology a criminal organization, around a dozen or so top Sea Org Executives “escaped” from the International Base, all publishing books at the same time, and setting up a press and black PR agency outside the Church detailing all the “abuse” they suffered at the hands of “former” cult leader David Miscavige.

They claimed they wanted a “federal investigation” and a “review of Scientology’s tax exempt status“.

But none of the information they “exposed” would bring about either of those things. None of what they exposed about Scientology was prosecutable, or criminal, in any way. In fact, David Miscavige and their 3 billion dollar real estate “empire” is more secure today than ever.

In addition to this part of the show, they began discrediting long time critics of Scientology as “working for OSA”, and using the resultant chaos they created to take over various message boards and internet properties to control what was being exposed by the real critics of Scientology – the ones who had brought on Anonymous and the Australian Senate inquiries.

Then Marty Rathbun, Dave’s Number 2, got a small town goober to represent his wife in “suing” Scientology, another big act of the show. When that act had run its course, they dumped the goober without paying him, and Marty became the new Immanuel Goldstein “Turncoat Spy”, collecting his retirement pension from Dave.

Now Marty’s back for more wind-up “why-I-outta!” fisticuffs, this time for Mike Rinder.

What will this new act of the show contain? Will Marty actually reveal any of the criminal acts that he knows were committed against Scientology’s victims, such as Kyle Brennan, Ken Ogger or Flo Barnett, leading to them finally getting justice?

No way.

That would threaten Marty’s retirement.

Here’s what Marty wrote about Mike Rinder in 2011, when they ran the “Marty and Mike Fishin’ Show” over on Marty’s Blog:

Mike Rinder: The Antithesis of David Miscavige
Posted on September 14, 2011 by Mark C. Rathbun

Mike Rinder was written up today by editor in chief at the Village Voice Tony Ortega:

Tony focuses largely on the critics of Mike.

Now, the rest of the story.

I’ve alluded it to it before. But, now I’ll make it crystal clear. Mike Rinder was beat on the order of fifty times by David Miscavige. The reason is simple. Mike Rinder was the shock absorber between David Miscavige’s psychotic intentions and the public at large. Pure and simple.

I witnessed many of the beatings. This is typically how they would play out.

Miscavige: Rinder, those protest signs are aimed at one person and one person alone, me! What the f*** is OSA doing about it?

Rinder: (calmly, cooly) Sir, we are re-routing the staff and public so that no one sees them. We are investigating the instigator to determine if some vested interest is behind this…

Miscavige: (turns to Marty) Did you hear that SP?! He couldn’t care less. Totally nonchalant. He is perfectly fine with ME getting smeared! (turns to Rinder) You f****** SP! I don’t want the sons of bitches “investigated”, I want them destroyed! Squashed like F****** cockroaches. Get that fat Nazi bitch Kurt Weiland up here Shelly. Get f****** OSA to make up signs now about the pig who started this – and get some real public who love me – unlike this SP Rinder – go picket his f****** house. (turns to me, points at Rinder) Look at him, he’s just sitting there…I have to handle everything, even my own defense…f****** pie face. (Miscavige cups his hand and whacks Rinder full force on the ear, storms out of room cursing up a storm).

(Rinder is his inimitable, diplomatic style quietly interjects himself back into the cycle, editing OSA’s signs so that they are not so blatantly unlawfully threatening. He also sustains another beating or two for reporting directly to Miscavige that the public in front of such-and-sos home are creating a terrible PR situation. Ultimately, after three vicious beatings Mike survives when a PR flap of magnitude intercedes and Mike has got to clean up, dress up and appear on national TV as the public face of Scientology. Mike somehow regains his equilibrium and comes across as the calm, rational guy he is. Only then does Miscavige stop obsessing on the protesters and Wieland wisely and quietly follows Mike’s advice and calls off the dogs)

No exaggeration. I’ll give examples in my book – but this is a distillation of a day in the life of Mike Rinder at the International Headquarters of Radical Corporate Scientology.

Yeah, I got choked up in Germany. And I’m choking up now because fact of the matter is every time (and they were multiple per week) that I served as a sounding board for Miscavige in this wise, I not only perpetuated the destruction of Scientology, I allowed a great man and a good friend to be tortured and denigrated.

But, Mike is the living proof of one truth Nietzsche offered:

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Mike Rinder is perhaps the strongest man I know.

Mike Rinder was and is a better man than I.

If you are confused and don’t know what or who to believe – you’re supposed to be.

These are dedicated Sea Org members from Int Base, who studied and drilled the works of L Ron Hubbard and Sun Tzu to within an inch of their lives.

If you first assume that they are lying, and this is all a big elaborate costume drama to retain their billion dollar real estate scam, you will be a lot less confused.

And for the first time, after a decade of the disinformation operation these guys have been running, you will be headed in the right direction in learning the truth about Scientology.

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