Did Karen de la Carriere Try to Buy a Critic’s Website in ’07 – 3yrs Before She Supposedly “Left” Scn?

This is a post by “Lagniappe” a Scientology critic from the 1990’s (you know, the real kind) on Alt.Religion.Scientology discussing Karen de la Carriere’s attempts to purchase a Scientology critic’s website in 2007 – before she supposedly “left” the Church of Scientology.

Very odd.

Aug 26, 2007, 2:56:12 PM
to Alt.Religion.Scientology

I see Heber’s ex-wife, Karen de la Carriere was one of the bidders on Ebay for the Fred Durks critic sites.

She may be doing this as an “effective blow to the enemy” amends project. AFAIK she has not been on course or auditing for a very long time.

Heber and Karen were married a very long time ago, I think she was his third or 4th wife, I lost count.

She used to be in Sea Org Class XII and would travel all over the world promoting and selling the “L”s , making lots $$ for Miscavige.

I am not sure what ever happened, but suddenly one day, she’s not Karen Jenztchs but she’s Karen de la Carriere, artist living in a posh neighborhood called Los Feliz in Los Angeles.

I always thought she was a bit crazy, sort of type III, but then again a lot of “L”s cases were a bit off.

As today, she wears a lot of lipstick , heavy make-up, bleached dyed hair and looks like cross between Tammy Faye and “Baby Jane” Betty Davis. A class XII LOL!

Something was not normal about her then and now I see it confirmed by those awful “glamour shot” photos on her disjointed website, especially the gallery shots, ugh! :


She lives in a very large expensive 5 bedroom? mansion and she rents out the of the rooms to scientologists who come to LA for auditing or business.

An eyewitness says the house was very creepy and eerie, almost like if it was haunted, they felt very creeped-out and did not want to stay for long. They said she had a lot of dogs living in the house and you can imagine how that was.

Rick Pendery, Director of Second Chance, was one of those who used to rent a room for her, they seemed to get along fine. Guess dog stench and eerie spaces didn’t bother him.

She is now selling expensive paintings on Ebay and buying ‘intellectual properties’ for the Cof$ on ebay.



Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine have, apparently, bought up, or attempted to buy up, a number of Scientology critic websites over the years, including the Operation Clambake Message Board (OCMB).

As you can see, ocmb.xenu.net redirects to an empty directory – effectively shutting it down. This was another incredibly important web property in the history of Scientology criticism that was likely purchased by Karen de la Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine, which is now gone from the Internet.

They also tried to buy up the original ESMB (forum.exscn.net) but their attempts were blocked in the summer of 2019.

This will be the first in a series of posts regarding Karen & Jeffrey’s seeming attempts to erase the history of Scientology criticism for present day researchers.

For all Scientology researchers – you can learn a lot by going to google groups and searching for keywords through the groups Alt.Scientology.Religion and alt.clearing.scientology.

One needs to know the history of events and people to understand the context of what we are seeing today.

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  1. Friendly reminder that Jeffrey Augustine was NEVER a scientologist. The only religious group he’s been a part of is the pentecostal church he grew up in. He dabbled in some kooky pseudo-rosicrucian sects as an adult, but these are completely unofficial, just schizos larping as wizards.


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