UPDATED ONLINE POLL: Has Mike Rinder Redeemed Himself From His History With OSA?

YouTube Channel “The Anthony RR Mills Show” conducted an online poll 2 days ago asking his audience:

Sympathy for the devil: Has Mike Rinder redeemed himself from his history with OSA?

After 2 days with 132 people participating, here are the results:

online poll has mike rinder redeemed himself from his days in osa?

As a former victim of Mike Rinder who got me fired from my job, followed me with private investigators, called my 83 year old father repeatedly to tell him I was a “criminal on the run from the law”, used data from my pc folders, tried to destroy my family and probably (I can’t prove it) sued a client of mine, my answer is no.

But there are other critics of Scientology, such as Gerry Armstrong, who have endured much more from Mike Rinder who also say absolutely not.

Gerry Armstrong has an outstanding legal issue that Mike Rinder can easily resolve – because Mike Rinder helped cause it. Rinder knows all the behind the scenes machinations to put Gerry Armstrong into this legal bind, and Rinder has done nothing to resolve this legal issue for Gerry. He and Rinder’s longtime conspirator friend Rick Moxon still hound Gerry to this day.

There are many other critics who have refused to be bought off with fame on a TV show, or money for videos they never released, and seats on city councils, who also say No, Mike Rinder has not redeemed himself – not even close.

None of us want APOLOGIES from Mike Rinder.

We want the information we need to resolve the damage that was done to us. Mike Rinder could provide all that, but refuses to.

Mike Rinder still has almost all the same enemies outside of Scientology as he had inside Scientology, despite all the fake PR he has generated to make people think otherwise.

UPDATE: After 5 days and 50 more votes, it’s only gotten worse for Mike Rinder, and better for everyone else on the Anthony RR Mills Show on YouTube.

At 182 votes, It’s 77% NO and 23% YES.

77% no 23% yes on mike rinder poll anthony rr mills show
There are some great comments there. Go to Anthony RR Mills’ Youtube community page and read them.

Here’s the link:

I’ve been watching Mike Rinder for almost 40 years, as a Scientologist, and then later since leaving Scientology. I have especially been watching him since he “left” the church from Int Base, with all the other Inter Base Escapees in 2007, and then later when he popped up on the Internet on Marty Rathbun’s blog in 2009.

I’ve been writing about him this whole time.

For a while there, when everyone was swallowing whatever Mike Rinder said because he was such a heroic “redemption story”, I had a hard time keeping my brain from stroking out. Tony Ortega, and Rinder’s whole crew of flying monkeys, were constantly referring to him as just a “former spokesman” and not the chief enforcer of Fair Game for the Church of Scientology.

I’m so glad to see people beginning to question him now.

Maybe he’ll finally reveal a crime he has first hand knowledge of.


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