Mike Rinder & Leah Remini’s Self-Serving Revisionist History of Scientology Fair Game

In L Ron Hubbard’s version of logic, called the Data Series, we were taught to find what is logical by finding what is illogical. A scientologist is taught to search through some body of data to find where the data gets the time wrong, where the data alters importance by making mountains out of molehills, etc. These illogical bits were called “outpoints”.

But there is a type of outpoint that Mike Rinder and Leah Remini, as the Poster Children for Celebrity AntiScientology, thrive on. It’s the outpoint called “Omitted Data” – where their data omits vital information that provides the proper context for what they are claiming.

Celebrity Anti-Scientologists Mike Rinder and Leah Remini are the royalty of OMITTED DATA.

Kendrick “Rick” Moxon Was Mike Rinder’s JUNIOR in Scientology

In this video, Mike Rinder presents Kendrick “Rick” Moxon’s history of fairgame on behalf of the Church of Scientology. Mike Rinder omits that Kendrick “Rick” Moxon was Mike Rinder’s junior. Rinder fails to tell us that he ordered and managed Kendrick Moxon to take all the steps he took to obliterate Scientology’s critics in court.

Knowing that one datum, watching Rinder and Remini’s self-serving history of Scientology Fair Game will help you put their video below into its proper context.

Even the title of their video changes once you know the information Mike Rinder is hiding from you. Knowing the above, should the title of this video really be “Rick Moxon: Scientology’s Fair Game Poster Child“?

Can you see the game that they are playing on you now?

Watch this Celebrity Anti-Scientology video with that in mind.

I have written about Scientology’s operation to take over their Number 1 enemy, the Cult Awareness Network, from my viewpoint as a participant in it.

In the 1980’s, I was the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology Mission of Peoria, IL, which was in the cornfields 2 hours south of Chicago. I met Jason Scott at Carol Brooks’ home, who was another of Mike Rinder’s juniors as the Director of Special Affairs in Chicago.

I know first hand the history that Mike Rinder is revising here, in the most disgusting and self-serving ways, that preserves his own Public Relations image. I believe that Leah Remini goes along with this charade for two reasons:

  1. She depends on Mike Rinder to tell her the history of Scientology Fair Game because the history he tells her serves her own interests.
  2. She is afraid to branch out on her own and do her own research, and tell us all the history Mike Rinder is deleting.

These two factors show another chink in the lioness Leah’s carefully crafted PR image:

She’s actually a coward who hides behind Mike Rinder, terrified to step out from under him and tell us the truth.

Mike Rinder and Kendrick Moxon’s Number 1 Victim: Gerry Armstrong

My blog is not big enough to contain all the history of fair game that Mike Rinder is omitting in this history of he and his junior’s criminal activity against Scientology’s critics.

But the most important one must be told: The history of Mike Rinder and Kendrick Moxon’s fair game against one of the most important whistleblower in Scientology’s history, Gerry Armstrong.

Here is all Mike Rinder has ever said about Gerry Armstrong since Rinder “left” Scientology as the head of the Office of Special Affairs in May of 2007. Get the smug, sneering arrogance here.

This is Mike Rinder:


Do you think they [OSA] will go after you the same length or the same duration that they did with Gerry Armstrong?

Mike Rinder (Repeating):

…. the same length, for the same duration…

Yeah because he has been followed for, you know, 20 or 30 years already…

Mike Rinder:
No he hasn’t. Gerry Armstrong’s… Gerry Armstrong is seeing things at this point. Gerry Armstrong was was involved in, you know, a long battle with the church, but Gerry Armstrong’s also kind of kind of… kind of a…. a bit of a fruitcake, frankly.

And Mike Rinder is a liar:

Kendrick Moxon issued an arrest warrant for Gerry Armstrong in 2019. It was based on a false rumor that Gerry might be entering the United States from Canada. This arrest warrant is part of a long, possibly illegal, scheme that Mike Rinder and his junior Rick Moxon created for Gerry Armstrong, which Mike Rinder – if he really is who he says he is – could unbind for Gerry.

But Mike Rinder is NOT who he says he is.

And as long as Leah Remini puts up with this hoax on the public for her own selfish reasons – neither is Leah Remini.

We would not know L. Ron Hubbard’s true biography if it weren’t for Gerry Armstrong. And, as Scientology’s most important, and most fairgamed whistleblowers, Gerry is still paying the price for it to this day.

For more on Gerry Armstrong here on AlanzosBlog read my articles.

For more on Gerry Armstrong’s stories from Gerry himself, read his blog, watch his youtube channel and follow his links to educate yourself on Scientology’s real history of fair game.

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