What Happened to Bill Franks?

Bill Franks was the Executive Director International of the Church of Scientology. In this interview, he details a murder of a member of British parliament.

Yet in this comment a few years later, he says he’d like to clarify a few things, and then, well you can see for yourself.

What happened to him?

Bill Franks
June 10, 2012

Dear readers,
i really have no dog in this fight. Though I am not yet retired, I am pretty far away from the scn-exscn scene. i would like to clarify a few things.

It is the the radio interviewer who perhaps made the emphasis on the murder. Does anyone really doubt that this kind of thing went on. This was the atmosphere within the close circles of scn when hubbard was alive. If you think murder was not on Hubbard’s mind then you just are not familiar with the “ends justify the means’ frame of mind” that existed. My guess is that it might still but I don’t know. I do however know that this existed back in the day. Think Mein Kamp which was published in 1923 but foretold just what Adolph had in mind and it puts perspective on what happened in Germany 1933-1945.

Then one certainly remembers Hubbards old quip at a sci fi convention in the early 50’s which was, if “anyone really would like to make a lot of money what one has to do is start a religion”. We all know what came after that.

I am not comparing hitler with lrh but in my mind in 80-81 what i saw first hand was getting close to becoming that.

Murder is not the story that I wished to convey as that is the sensational thing that Tom beiing the media guy would of course pick up on. Instead, what I feel is the real story, is this whole overt withold technique hubbard developed It is why most of us got in and stayed in for as long as we did. It is why some people, intelligent people, are still in even though their lfe is hell. Heber jentcsh is one of them that i know of.

I knew this guy when he was still a young and energetic guy, in fact I lived in the same house (Silver lake) he did back when we were still full of piss and vinegar. Why do you think Heber allows himself to be treated the way he is. Margaret Singer tells us why. And that is the news.

Back to the murder thing, I just offhandedly mentioned the guy from England but my intent is to talk about the climate Hubbard created. it was really a criminal environment and frankly, I am surprised that anyone would doubt that that kind of stuff went on.

Mayo, who I have the greatest of respect for, told me in ’84 that Hubbard himself told him in 83 that if he left he would be tracked down and shot. It had gotten to that point. And for any ex messengers out there, they could tell you how sancrosanct an ” LRH order” is. So, I wonder to this day about Dave’s safety though it has been many years since I have spoken to him.Hubbard did use professional hitmen and I am surprised that anyone would even doubt this went on. My point is the villain is Hubbard not miscavage. lrh needed a willing thug and the dwrf fit the bill, but the crime was and remains hubbard’s machinations.

Once again, I have no dog in this fight except a desire to set the record straight. Because we were all to varying degrees vctims of this tech I think it is at least incumbent on me, as having been privy to this info, to let it be known. I also suggest that one might go back and reread what Mayo had to say before they put this legal muzzle on him. Perhaps then the independents who profess to want to salvage the tech, should republish what Mayo had to say. Though it is a pity that they have muzzled him, it certainly says a lot that the thugs spent so much time and money to do it. Mayo must have really hit a nerve. I think he might be considered to be the real hero here. That brainwashing to various degrees hit all of us who went through it all and caused us to do things we might still be ashamed of, obligates us all to do what we can to shake are selves free of this Total Bullshit.

hubbard was not a nice guy and the dwarf merely carries on the tradition. If you think about it, it is hilarously sad that this subject purported to be the way to “total freedom”. It is not so important to believe what i say, but it is important to take care of yourself and those you love if they were affected by this “brainwashing” which is about as real as the wall one might run into.

So, murder is pretty commonplace in a criminal environment, but the real story is that this technology that most of us held up as something holy is what got us and the dwarf and the super duper power building where it is. I doubt there is anything to salvage but if some want t try let them find out.

Please note that the facts that I have tagged have all been long ago reported to the authorities and one wonders why nothing is done. Perhaps the answer begins with eveyone gettin him or herself free from the “tech”.

Best, Bill Franks

See how he validates there was a murder, but he says he didn’t want to emphasize it?

He seems to be saying both things, and blaming his interviewer for the emphasis on the murder “being the media guy” (he wasn’t, he was an Ex-Scientologist critic who worked in the gem industry).

A few years later, Bill Franks contacted me via email, asking me to build a website for him:

bill franks email to alanzo re building him a website
I enthusiastically accept. This was important and I was going to do it for free.

alanzo accepts

Then nothing.

Then I remembered seeing these pictures on Facebook.

bill franks karen de la carriere jeffrey augustine
bill franks karen jeffrey and jefferson hawkins
bill karen jeffrey
I saw an interview that Jeffrey Augustine did with Bill Franks. No mention of murders.

I thought, well, surely Jeffrey Augustine will build him a website.

Then Bill Franks died.

And no website was built for him.

Was Bill Franks under some kind of pressure toward the end of his life that made him have to “walk back” his claims – without ever really walking them back?

I guess, like a lot of things and people that are swooped up by Karen and Jeffrey – we’ll never know.

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