What Will Happen to Xenu.net & Operation Clambake MB Now That Andreas Has Passed?

A very important critic in the history of Scientology criticism has passed – Andreas Heldal-Lund.

Such is the state of Scientology criticism today that so few critics even know who he was any more.

It seems the “Int Base Escapees”, and especially Mike Rinder who spent a decade wearing his hat as CO OSA trying to destroy him, couldn’t work a deal to buy off Andreas, so they distracted everyone off of him and his historic and groundbreaking website XENU.net, and his message board Operation Clambake Message Board (OCMB).

Many old guard critics, such as myself, have been asking What Happened to OCMB?” And as you can see, that important part of Scientology history – OCMB – is down.

Many sources over the years have reported that Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere became admins of OCMB around 4 or 5 years ago.

Now it’s gone.

And it has been gone since Michelle Ryan was in the middle of reporting on Jeffrey Augustine’s murky beginnings as a Scientology “critic” in the early 2000s.


So did Jeffrey and Karen take over XENU.net, too?

Will they be taking that down as well, fulfilling David Miscavige’s wishes of erasing the history of Scientology criticism on the Internet in exchange for buying all those Thomas Kinkade paintings?

Of course, I joke.

Because I have no direct evidence that Miscavige has been laundering money to control the discussion of Scientology on the internet through Jeffrey and Karen’s “art business”.

All I have is what happens once Jeffrey and Karen, and their network of paid “critics”, take over an internet property.

It either becomes a tightly controlled, Sea Org CMO environment, or – as with OCMB – it disappears.

Will today’s critics let XENU.net be erased from history like OCMB has been?

Or will they find out who took over XENU.net and make sure it is preserved for future generations of people to be inoculated against Scientology?

2 thoughts on “What Will Happen to Xenu.net & Operation Clambake MB Now That Andreas Has Passed?”

  1. Well, I said long ago Dianetics and Scientology was all about rhetoric to persuade one to join dianetics and scientology, it’s the same in political parties of democrates or republicians. They kicked me out of ESMB redux. I think it was Karen who controls the website, also fueled by HH. Whatever.


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