HelluvaHoax! the Number 1 Asshole on ESMB Caught Lying Again

This is a great example of how the anti-Scientologists on the Snow Suzy Properties operate.

This letter was written to their most senior executive in charge of income for the Church of Scientology in my last months as a Scientologist. It was recently cut in half and misrepresented by HelluvaHoax!, the Number 1 Asshole on ESMB. I’ll print the letter in full and then print what HelluvaHoax! published on ESMB, and how he characterized it.

After seeing this, I think you, too, would vote for him as the Number 1 Asshole among so many on ESMB. It’s a pity that ESMB, as a Snow Suzy Property, has been turned from a place where Exes could congregate and freely discuss their experiences in Scientology into a Stalinesque/Hubbardesque political platform for the assassination of characters.

You can skip to the end of it to see the trouble that HelluvaHoax! went to deceive people about what I write.

Here’s my 1999 letter, written in my last desperate months as a Scientologist, in full:

“26 December 1999

Greg Hughes
Gross Income Exec Int
Int Exec Strata
6331 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Dear Greg –

I met you when I first moved to LA in the early 90’s from Peoria, IL, where I was the Exec Dir at the mission there. I had just started working with Helmut Flasch. There was a WISE convention of Scientology consultants you had called at the Hollywood Guaranty building. You and I talked about Wally Gillin, with whom I know you went to college, and who you got to walk in the door of our mission for some “green on white”.

I remember our conversation very well. You said, “Wally’s kind of a dangerous guy.” I blew down on that one!

I wanted to write you a letter. Some things have been happening around me out here in the field in LA that I think I should tell you about. I’d like you to know that these are solely my opinions and my observations and that I certainly could be wrong about these, but I still feel that I should communicate them to you. I will explain my personal situation.

I’ve never made more progress on the Bridge than in the last 4 years. In that amount of time, I have completed Levels D through G on the SHSBC, Study Certainty, my Pro TRs course, PTS/SP, the Pro Upper Indoc Course, the Ethics Specialist Course, and the Data Series Eval Course. On the processing side, I’ve completed my OT Preps. I am currently on my Solo Certainty Course at AOLA.

And now I’m bogged.

I’m bogged because I mishandled my finances in getting these services done. I paid for them all on credit cards. Being now $40,000 in debt, I can’t see where the money will come from for my next service, OT Eligibility. All of my discretionary income is now going to pay the minimum payments on these credit card debts. And the way credit cards are rigged, this is a situation that is going to last for a very long time if I don’t do something effective about it right now.

So I’ve been studying LRH Finance policies. I have applied these policies in many ways. I have good credit, but I have found that there are consumer credit counseling services who work with credit card companies to reduce the interest rates which lets you pay these off sooner. I have started a rigorous FP Number 1 plan which includes budgeting for Scientology services, control of my spending, and other measures.

After studying LRH finance policy in this area, I can’t really see why credit card companies are any kind of a way out, ever again, for me. How they ever became a way to buy Scientology services baffles me. It is crystal clear that the only way out for me is to get LRH Finance policy in on my life and to flow money the way he says to flow it.

When he says in 9 Mar 72RA, Finance Series 11 Income Flows and Pools, Principles of Money Management (MS2:349) that you shouldn’t “commit expense beyond future ability to pay”, and “don’t ever borrow”, I think that he meant for Scientologists in the field to apply this, too – even to their own personal finances. I think this because he says it in 18 August 1971 On-Policy (OEC Vol 7: page 806) and elsewhere, including Keeping Admin Working.

So great. This is what I’m doing to handle my situation. Now. Why would I write you?

Before I answer that, let me tell you a story to illustrate a point I’ve recently cogged on from studying these policies. I’ve been studying the life of Thomas Jefferson. I don’t know if you are interested in him or not, but he is a fascinating character. He was one of the most effective advocates of freedom in history, and probably did more than anyone to advance the cause of freedom on Earth before LRH came along. It is my opinion that we are based in the US today because of what Thomas Jefferson did.

Did you know that, when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, he believed that we should abolish slavery as part of the new republic? He held that slavery was an “abomination to mankind”. That the British had promoted slavery in America was written into his first draft as one of the reasons to revolt against them. This was too “politically incorrect” for the colonists of his time, though. They had to strike that clause from the Declaration in order to get all the delegates to sign it in 1776.

Yet, at the time Jefferson wrote this, he owned 125 slaves. On the day he died, on July 4th, 1826 (50 years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence) he owned 250 slaves. It was a fairly common practice in the colonies and in the new republic for people to free their slaves if they didn’t like having them. Yet Jefferson was never able to do this, even though he hated owning slaves and felt it extremely degrading.

Do you know why he was never able to free his slaves? His creditors would never allow him to free them. Jefferson was in debt all his life. The slaves he held increased the value of his property, on which his creditors had liens. Jefferson handled his personal finances so poorly that he was never personally free enough to enact his own ideals in his own life.

How many Scientologists do you think would rather be on staff, or in the Sea Org, clearing the planet, than in working at their jobs moving MEST day in and day out? How many do you think would rather take off to Flag, or AO to do their services and get up the Bridge full time, rather than doing it piece-meal, here and there. Ask any staff member who does call-in – they act as if there is a ball and chain tied to their ankles. There is a datum going around that they are just PTS to the middle class. That may be true in some cases, but I think the majority can’t live their ideal lives because they don’t apply LRH finance policy to their personal finances.

This is what I see that should be the ideal scene in the Scientology field: Each Scientologist applying LRH finance policy to their personal lives so that they are personally prosperous, resulting in a free and prosperous Scientology field that supports and flows tons of time and money into orgs, making them, in turn, rich, free, and prosperous with staff and treasure.

This is something that, in the present culture, has great resistance to it. Credit card companies are so deep into so many American’s finances that we are creating a whole generation of slaves. To reach this ideal scene, the resistance to it has to be overcome and much work must go into creating this each day. I am personally creating this scene for myself, over hell and high water.

Unfortunately, the greatest resistance I am facing to creating this is from the org registrars who I am working with to continue my progress up the Bridge. It isn’t that they are against LRH finance policy. They’re not. It’s that, I think, the only way they see to get their product of “the prospect pays in full at the time of service” is to – in my case – suggest more ways of my going further into debt, and then to insist on it.

When I tell them that the way I’ve been paying for my services is no longer sustainable, and is actually now being destructive to any further progress, it doesn’t seem to fit into any frame of reference for them. They brush it aside as just more case and talk to me about another credit card I can get. Credit cards seem to be a very firm stable datum in Scientology at this time.

In order to find the LRH on this – because it exists nowhere in the whole Finance series and in OEC Volume 3 – and is continually preached against by LRH in those policies on finance – I have asked a registrar to give me the LRH reference for going into debt to pay for my services. A couple of months ago, I was given two:

One reference was two paragraphs from PAB 79 THE OPEN CHANNEL, and another was one paragraph from HCOPL 27 April 59 WHY NEW BOOKS ARE FEW. These two had been excerpted and printed on paper, with a border around it, and copied by the registrar, seemingly to use on post and to hand out as a reference on whether it was standard to go into debt to pay for your Scientology services. This was given to me at AO by Tim Edwards. But he is certainly not the only registrar I’ve come across in my 15 years as a Scientologist who have encouraged me to pay for Scientology in this way.

And neither is Tim at all mono-maniacal about these references. However, he also has never listened to my solutions that are more on-policy because, I believe, that it doesn’t allow him to get the product of “the prospect pays in full at time of service.” Tim has continually suggested more ways of my getting into debt to pay for my services. Like I said, it seems to be his stable datum.

Again, this is my situation. I know many Scientologists, though, and my situation exists among the Scientologists I know in far too many cases to say that policy is generally in in this area. I believe that it is a general situation in the field.
I’d like to see registrars be a stable influence for getting in finance policy in the field, and creating that ideal scene by helping Scientologists become prosperous enough and free enough to flow lots of money into the org and to get all the way up the Bridge, without sacrificing our financial futures. This is what I believe LRH wanted for us, as well.

I hope that you find this useful, and that you understand my concern. It isn’t just for me. It’s for all of us.

Thanks for listening.


Here’s what HelluvaHoax! printed and how he characterized the letter to the corrosively tribal anti-Scientology fanatics on ESMB on their latest thread devoted to me there:helluvahoax tries to assinate the character of alanzo

As you can see, he took this letter completely out of context, cut it in half, and characterized it in a way that only Joseph Stalin, L Ron Hubbard, and Snow Suzy herself would be proud.

As I’ve documented many times, telling the truth is simply not the object of the anti-Scientology fanatic on any of the Snow Suzy properties.