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B. Volta

The dictator of the Scientology organization is a psychopath.

Members of Scientology are subject to being checked on a lie detector to see if they’re thinking thoughts critical about this psychopath.

Members are given counseling sessions where they are expected to confide their innermost and private thoughts and experiences with counselors.

Records of these counseling sessions are accessible on demand to the psychopath.

The psychopath has micromanaged the Scientology organization for over thirty years.

He controls and commands numerous high priced lawyers, private investigators, and high pressure sales people. He also has absolute control over any counselor, or any Supervisor of counselors, if he so chooses.

Through a collection of front groups, this psychopath’s organization actively recruits young people.

And Alanzo is upset that this organization is called a cult?


Lone Star

[comment blatantly censored pursuant to the relevant ACOPLs on the subject]


Lone Star – That sounds like internet addiction or Internet Use Disorder as the cyberpsychologists refer to it. I also suffer from it and I’m glad Alanzo is allowing some comments again so I can feed it.


yah, Lone Star, I know it’s boring, no clears or OT’s. But you are not the intended audience, aye.

What if some new curious seeker found scientology or even dianetics? And landed on Alanzo’s blog? That is the intended audience, get it.

Why they will eventually be introduced to going clear, going OT. Any new curious seeker will be exposed to the Grade Chart and the Bridge to Total Freedom.

My two pole thinking is simply no clears or OT’s and I once thought that a clear or OT existed but found out none existed, and yet the COS says there is a clear and/or OT. Well, any new person landing on Alanzo’s blog, let me tell from experience and observation, that there are no clears or OT’s,

So am I right in making this statement Alanzo and Lone Star and anybody else?

Hence from a media POV, the mantra should be the COS does not produce a clear or OT. Two pole thinking, LOL

Hubbard certainly confused people with his gradient level of logic and yet it was not used in scientology, LOL

And Lone Star, I find it boring talking about Marty.

Lone Star

Gib you clearly do not get sarcasm and parody.

But since you are a black and white thinking literal person 24/7, 365 Days a year….

Yes you are so right, there are no true clears or OTs. Never has been. Ever.

Don’t worry Alanzo, my brief foray back into this world is over. Just wanted to have a little clean fun. Ha! What a fool I still tend to be.

Oh, before I go….if there are any still-in Scientologists lurking my advice to you is RUN from all exes’ and critics’ message boards and forums. You will only regress not progress in your healing from the cult. I speak from experience.

Buh bye!


Gib – I’d say Clear is a something rather than a nothing. The simplest explanation is that it’s a subjective reality that nothing in the past need affect me in the present. It’s nothing unique to Scientology, just putting a label on it.


Since you brought up the subject of brainwashing, I would like to ask if you are familiar with Canadian Sociologist Benjamin Zaclocki. He has written some works on the subject which I find to have merit:

Exit Cost Analysis: A New Approach to the Scientific Study of Brainwashing

Exit Cost Analysis

Toward a Demystified and Disinterested Scientific Theory of Brainwashing

Toward a Demystified and Disinterested Scientific Theory of Brainwashing

An interesting aspect of Zablocki is that he both subscribes to the idea that brainwashing is used in cults to some extent* and is likewise a critic of the anti-cult movement. Zablocki actually concurs with some of the criticism leveled by the likes of Barker against the ACM. However, he also argues that the ACM’s concept of brainwashing is a caricature of the original theory that was formulated by Robert Lifton and Edgar Schein (Toward a Demystified, pp. 3-4, 9), thereby refutation of the former does not settle the brainwashing in cults debate. If you’re inclined to discount Zablocki as merely a clone of other ACM members I would caution against it; you may find in his works an interesting third perspective.

His retort to Barker’s argument (which is cited in your video) about the dropout rates in cults consists mainly of two points: 1) Brainwashing is not the means by which members are obtained by the group, but rather the means by which the loyalty of existing members is retained (Toward, p. 21). Those three-days seminars which Barker attended are not the point in which any brainwashing would begin. 2) “[N]othing in the brainwashing model predicts that it will be attempted with all members, let alone successfully attempted.” (Toward, p. 21). A full elaboration of his thoughts regarding the issues of cult rectruitment, cult retention rates and the relevance of said issues to the brainwashing debate can be found on pages 18-22 of Toward a Demystified.

I should note that despite my tentatively positive appraisal of Zablocki I am not yet at the point in which I have firm position on this debate one way or the other. I do believe that I should read more materials on this subject from all sides (both from “cults apologist” scholars and even from the ACM authors Zablocki criticizes) before I’ll reach a more definitve conclusion. I think it would be good for you to do the same and familiarize yourself with Zablocki’s arguments, I’m looking forward to hearing your evaluation of them. Another discussion worth having would be whether or not the description of brainwashing as provided by Zablocki (if it is valid) applies to the experiences of Scientologists, and if so to what extent. I’m not so sure where do I stand on this issue either.

*Though not in all cults and according Zablocki cults that use brainwashing do not always use it on all members.


Beware of sociologists bearing research reports. Sociology research is under severe criticism for its lack of rigor, its use of poorly reasoned assumptions, basically its presentation of reasoned opinion under the guise of research.


Brilliant, Al


Alanzo’s video skills are continually improving. He needs a costume or maybe he can wear one of his Buddha masks in one of his videos. My evening comments are stupid-er than my morning ones so I’ll make an on topic comment tomorrow.


Brainwashing has come into such common use that it’s original sinister connotations have been diluted. Democrats are brainwashed. Republicans are brainwashed. “Your husband/wife has you brainwashed.” etc. Other words or terms might be more applicable.

I was a scn-ist for seven or eight years before I left in 1982. Whenever I interacted with someone it was always in the back of my mind that he or she should become a scn-ist. It wasn’t until I was out for maybe a year that I realized I was just as firm in my thinking as any Jesus freak walking around who wants everyone to be saved. That was a rather humbling revelation but I let it go – It was what it was.

Indoctrination or programming doesn’t seem to fit. Maybe groupthink, positive reenforcement, seeking approval or other things apply. How about hive mind or being assimilated by The Borg or your favorite cult?! The prison of belief is a good general description and the investigation of the how and why of it continues.

Leaving because one is no longer getting benefits is one description. When I left I had no problems with the subject itself. The price increases had resumed which I thought were greedy and unjustified. It was a personal injustice to myself.

John Doe

Some thoughts on brainwashing:

• How come people with dirty minds never seem to get brainwashed?

• Is brainwashing best done in the gentle or normal cycle?

•. If someone tells you, “a penny for your thoughts”, and then brainwashed you, is that also money laundering?

• If beings from the next dimension came to our universe to clean it up, would that be considered brane-washing?

Just sayin…


John Doe – I’ve washed my brain of the nonsensical parts of Scientology and now it smells quite nice, thank you.

Created by Alanzo