Anonymous Rinder Apologist Runs the “Poor Mike Rinder!” Bit

Anonymous commenters continue to stream onto The Frank Report to call me a Scientologist, to distract from the criminal activity of the Church of Scientology, and to try to personalize the points I’m making there to be because I’m jealous, I hold a grudge, I’m insane, a troll, an OSA Agent, etc etc.

Same as it ever was.

Saul Alinsky would be proud of them.

But this time, an Anonymous Rinder Apologist laid out the sappiest bit of treacle I’ve seen in at least a couple of weeks to distract away from justice for Scientology’s victims.

It’s a great example of their “Poor Mike Rinder” hoax so I’ll post it here with my response.

July 1, 2021 at 7:12 am

“There are only three people in the US government who can do anything about the IRS tax exemption. Complain to, and about, them, not about Rinder, who was as fully brainwashed as a person can be, and from childhood no less. He simply carried out Hubbard’s written orders, and Miscavige’s verbal ones, and that made a weak IRS leader give in, when in their arsenal the IRS had the power to bankrupt the church, confiscate property, freeze bank accounts, announce crippling penalties, all backed by years of unpaid taxes, and backed by a US Supreme Court decision that the Scientology courses more resembled fee-for-services than charitable donations to a church.’

“Because Rinder left Scientology, his own mother – who got him into the church slash cult – disconnected from him. He was unable to say his farewells as she lay dying. His daughter and ex-wife and ex-employer constantly tell lies about him, lies that they would have to retract if Mike had the tens of millions to successfully sue some backed by a three billion dollar slush fund.’

“Rather than continue to be critical about people who actively seek ways to expose and eliminate the abuses of the church, what do you, my good Alanzo, think you could do that might actually help turn Scientology away from its abuses?”

My response:

July 2, 2021 at 10:18 am

“Poor Mike Rinder.’

“Mike Rinder was brainwashed into running the Office of Special Affairs for 22 years!’

“Mike Rinder was only following Dave’s orders!’

“Mike Rinder’s parents were Scientologists!’

“1.) There is no such thing as brainwashing. It has been debunked by dozens of scientific studies since the 1940’s. There are no techniques that a cult leader can apply to you to get you to believe something against your will. Not even one of the subjects that Robert J Lifton studied ever became communists, and they were supposedly brainwashed in a North Korean POW Camp.’

“2.) If Mike Rinder was “only following orders” why hasn’t he, in 14 years of being ‘out’ running a blog every day, 3 seasons of a TV show and 2 years worth of a podcast, ever revealed any of Dave’s orders he supposedly followed? Until Mike Rinder coughs up a crime, which he never has, which has kept Miscavige free of criminal jeopardy, why do you believe he is doing good?’

“3.) Second generation Scientologists chose to become Scientologists. To prove this, just look at the incredibly low numbers of children who followed their parents into Scientology vs the huge numbers of those who said “no thanks” and never joined. 2nd gen scientologists very rarely become scientologists themselves. Let alone stay in Scientology into their adulthood, let alone join staff or the Sea Org, let alone work at International Scientology for 30 years, let alone run the most criminal part of Scientology for 22 years for David Miscavige.’

“Poor poor Mike Rinder!’

“What about Kyle Brennan and his mother Victoria Britton? Rinder and Remini interviewed her for their show then SPIKED her interview, after making her sign their NDA.’

“What about Flo Barnett, David Miscavige’s mother in law?’

“What about Scientology critic Shawn Lonsdale or Indie Scientologist Ken Ogger?’

“Has Mike Rinder even mentioned any of these victim’s names?’


“Why do you think that is, Anonymous Rinder Apologist?’

“This ‘poor Mike Rinder’ bit leaves every victim of Scientology without justice.’

“Why would you ever argue it?’


Their next step, which I’ve seen many times, is to call me an uncaring narcissistic sociopath because I show no compassion for Mike Rinder – while we all ignore getting justice for Mike Rinder’s, David Miscavige’s and Scientology’s victims.

I’ve seen this Vaudeville act so many times.

They really need to get some new material.

1 thought on “Anonymous Rinder Apologist Runs the “Poor Mike Rinder!” Bit”

  1. On The Frank Report: Commenter “Fubbard” provides important context for those playing at home:

    July 3, 2021 at 2:47 pm
    Maybe some context will help…

    Mike Rinder was the Commanding Officer of The Office of Special Affairs International (OSA Int) for 22 years. Every Scientology organization in the world has OSA Rep. Any legal issues, investigations, public relations, etc are reported on a weekly basis. All of this information makes it’s way to the top of the pyramid – Mike’s desk. Rinder would have been aware of any potential threat internationally. He would have also signed off on the investigation, Fair Game, and dirty tricks of any church enemy.

    For decades, the anti-scientology critics have accused the church of committing criminal acts. Yet, during all this time, no criminal charges have materialized (the last being the 1977 raid).

    If the church is guilty of criminal acts, Mike Rinder would be an important source of “inside” information, which would be valuable to law enforcement. Yet, this has not occurred.

    Alanzo is simply asking “Why?”

    Why are certain historical events okay to explore, and others not? There have been a number of suspicious deaths in scientology over the years. Why hasn’t the anti-scientology critics demanded a re-examination of the Kyle Brennan death? No, it appears to be off-limits. If you raise the issue, you’re a “troll”.

    In summary, Mike Rinder knows a LOT; he would know details of criminal activity. While he may appear to be a relentless critic “seeking to expose and end the abuse”, most of what he talks about is the immorality of the church – NOT the criminality. Sending people to prison could see an end to scientology’s more destructive practices.

    So, are there crimes? or not?


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