Where’s Matteo Rosetti?

You’ve never heard of Matteo Rosetti because Leah Remini & Mike Rinder never discuss Kyle Brennan’s murder made to look like suicide.

They distract you away from it, and call anyone who does discuss it “OSA”.

Instead, you hear about their “Where’s Shelly?” hoax.

Everyone knows where Shelly is and that she’s never been missing.

But Matteo Rosetti?

He was Kyle’s father’s Flag Ethics Officer who interviewed Tom Brennan and reported to Debbie Cook.

And then disappeared.

Like, really disappeared. Not a hoax disappearance designed to distract you from Scientology’s criminally indictable activities, but really disappeared.

As in, has never been seen or heard from since.

matteo rosetti flag ethics reports
From the declaration of Lance Marcor:

“I know Matteo Rosetti, the Ethics Officer of Thomas Brennan.’…

“3. I have been asked to review the Privilege Log, and the redacted “List of Actions,” the title of the document in the Privilege Log, but actually entitled “SEC CHECK KR HANDLING,” and compare it to my expertise and experience and knowledge of Scientology policies in this area. I do so voluntarily.’

“4. First and foremost, the Ethics Folders are never privileged in Scientology. I understand that this court did not rule on privilege, but had the List of Actions redacted based on relevancy. If true, then much of the ethics folder materials, including the List of Actions, were culled or created just for the court. From what is produced, compared to the Privilege Log and written church policy, it is obvious to me that much is missing that must exist at Flag concerning Kyle Brennan.’

“5. It’s apparent that the communication from OSA, (Office of Special Affairs in charge of legal and avoiding public relation problems, PR Flaps), is missing in reference to Thomas Brennan and his son, Kyle Brennan. The EO (Ethics Officer) sent two communications to OSA and neither are answered by OSA. This does not happen.”



Why is no one asking “Where’s Matteo?”

Victoria Britton’s website has nothing but hard evidence on the death of her son and the cover-up of Kyle’s murder by the Clearwater PD. And yet Mike Rinder and Leah Remini say nothing about it.

When is the impotent & obedient Scientology “critic/creator community” going to start digging where David Miscavige does not want you to dig?

When are you going to stop following orders from the duped and controlled opposition and start asking things that will actually produce a federal investigation and a reversal of Scientology’s tax exemption?

I know it’s scary. I know you risk becoming unpopular with Mike and Leah and Jeff and Karen. But just start on a low gradient.

Start by mouthing these words, quietly, to yourself:

“Where’s Matteo?”

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