Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega, Gazing at a Reflection of Himself

Tony Ortega will buddy up to the worst, most criminal abusers in Scientology history such as Mike Rinder and Mark Rathbun in order to have a steady stream of quotes from “former Scientology officials”, and never press them publicly to tell what they know so that decades of their victims can be healed.

And yet when he gets the chance to attack the powerless Scientologist mother of a suicide victim and subject her to public ridicule, he will dig deep on them and even follow up years later when he finally gets the dirt.

Scientology abuse needs to be exposed, and few have done it more publicly in recent years than Tony Ortega. But targeting victims of Scientology such as Taylor Tweed’s mom and family, while giving the worst abusers in Scientology a pass so he can continue to get quotes from them is, and always will be, just wrong for a journalist to do.

For Journalists: Why Tony Ortega’s Reporting on Scientology is Negatively Biased

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Alanzo’s Top 5 Criticisms of Tony Ortega and His Underground Bunker

  1. Being a “never-in”, Tony Ortega has often displayed a problem in telling the “Vics” from the “Perps” in Scientology. And he continually demonstrates that he does not understand what it was really like to have been a Scientologist. This causes him to dismiss important things and glom on to unimportant things. For instance, he has glommed on to his favorite “Hubbard was a pedophile” quotes which to him, prove that Hubbard “endorsed” pedophilia and taught Scientologist to “condone” it. But because Tony Ortega was never a Scientologist, he does not understand that it was the Office of Special Affairs, as run by Mike Rinder, which covered up many instances of pedophilia and kept the victims from going to the police. What Tony Ortega will never get is that no other Scientologist would ever condone, let alone endorse, pedophilia. Why? Because L Ron Hubbard did not teach any such thing.Tony Ortega’s experience as a never-in may be the cause for this wrongheadedness in his criticism of Scientology, or it may be another of the reasons below. But for all the times Tony Ortega gets things right about Scientology, he too often gets things wrong. And any reader of his should beware of these problems and think critically about what he writes.
  2. Tony Ortega repeatedly whips up intolerance and cruelty in his blog commenting community, and keeps it going for as long as it benefits himself personally – no matter who gets harmed.Tony Ortega is informed, and fueled, by his own ideology which basically sees anyone promoting any kind of religion online as an enemy. The “party bus” atmosphere of his Underground Bunker would be great if it weren’t for its toxic purpose, which is to assume they know the truth and ridicule and tear down anyone else who has a different idea of it.
  3. In addition, Tony Ortega often inserts his own views into his reporting, under his private rationalization that he is being a “reporting columnist” rather than an objective reporter on things in Scientology. He then pretends his opinions and assertions are facts. And where is his evidence so we can see it? That’s confidential.Yet most of his readers believe that Tony Ortega is an unbiased, objective journalist, reporting just the facts about Scientology. If you step back and look at his years of reporting on the subject of Scientology, it is clear that he is anything but objective and unbiased. Any information that ends up benefiting the Church or getting them off the hook, Tony labels as “apologism”. In the end, Tony Ortega does not even see himself as an objective, unbiased reporter on Scientology. He sees himself as a Reporting Columnist:Tony Ortega Reporting Columnist
    My main criticism here is that Tony Ortega does not make this clearly known to his readers, as you would see opinions only on the opinion page of a newspaper. This is very bad journalistic practice.
  4. As an atheist, Tony Ortega has contempt for all religious and spiritual pursuits, and his overriding contempt works its way into the heads of Ex-Scientologists and makes them hate themselves for ever using Scientology on their own much larger spiritual path. For people who have lost their religion and are groping for their own next steps, this is extremely destructive and blatantly beating people when they are at their weakest.
  5. Personally, after reading his blog for almost 7 years now, I think Tony Ortega, with his limited ideological viewpoint on Scientology and religion, has backed himself into a corner and has developed way too many characteristics of a troll than he has as a trusted source of news on the subject of Scientology. He has produced a lot of good factual information on Scientology in the past, but his sneering atheism has caused him to damage the reputations of good people with his trolling and information control. And in recent years, he simply runs his assertions as crusades – dismissing all contrary evidence as “shilling”, or “apologism”, or accusing those who provide the evidence as “OSA Agents”.Tony Ortega has a long history of some of the most cruel hoaxes and trolling I think I have ever seen. In his very own entry on, Tony Ortega is exposed as the real journalist behind a cruel hoax making a joke out of the experiences of 2 teenage kidnapping and rape victims.It’s hard to believe that someone would do this, but Tony Ortega did. Tony Ortega Trolls 2 Teenage victims

These criticisms are provided so that any of his readers will remember to question Tony Ortega and to use critical thinking on his often hysterical assertions about Scientology, and learn not to swallow everything he gives them whole. In the end, I believe that Tony Ortega’s extended crusade against Scientology is one of vengeance, rather than any type of journalistic endeavor reporting a “beat”.

He has admitted that he believes that Scientology poisoned his cat, and this belief has militarized him and, along with many other militant anti-Scientologists, ensured that his present feud with Scientology will go on until the whole of the Earth is scorched.

For Ex-Scientologists, it was a mistake for Scientologists to think uncritically about L Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige. It is just as much of a mistake to do it after Scientology with Tony Ortega.