On Saturday April 8, I was thumbing my way through my Twitter feed, minding my own business, when a fusillade of Twitters blasts from the atheist anti-Scientologist Tony Ortega filled my screen.

Tony Ortega - Only Christians can hold high office in the US

Tony Ortega Attacks The Bible As Justification for Evil

Tony Ortega Calls Christian Man an Idiot on Twitter

Tony Ortega Persecutes Christians on Twitter

Obviously this Christian woman needed a little intimidating on Twitter.

That last Tweet is significant in understanding Tony Ortega. He is on an anti-religious and anti-spiritual crusade against all religions and spiritual pursuits – Scientology is just the low-hanging cult right now.

I’ve reached out to Tony Ortega via email for a comment about what kind of hatred of Christians was going through his mind, or if there was anything they actually did or said in the real world that set him off.

I’ll publish his response here if he gets back to me in time for publication.