Who Was the “Senior Scientology Official” Who Ordered Lisa Marie Presley to Intimidate Jane Doe #1 From Going to the Cops?

Lisa Marie Presley was going to testify in the Danny Masterson Trial about being ordered to go to her friend Jane Doe #1, one of Danny Masterson’s rape victims, and intimidate her into NOT going to the police. Lisa Marie reportedly sought, and received, immunity from the LA County Prosecutor’s Office.

But she died before she could testify.

Aaron Smith Levin has stated on his YouTube channel that a “senior Scientology official” is the one who ordered Lisa Marie Presley to do this.

Mike Rinder, as CO OSA, was the most likely culprit here. But he claims he had never even heard of the Danny Masterson rapes until he started working with Leah Remini on their Scientology and the Aftermath TV show – 15 years later.

Dodge Landesman, an Arizona TV news anchorman, was fired for reporting on this story.

Within days of Lisa Marie’s death, both the fake Karen de La Carriere and the creepy Jeffrey Augustine pretended to be Lisa Marie’s friends and counselors who had the inside scoop on Lisa Marie. Jeffrey Augustine even claimed to be a former Scientologist in one article.

Were they doing David Miscavige’s discrediting/obfuscation dirty work for him?

If Jeffrey Augustine is such an intrepid private dick, why hasn’t he revealed who the Senior Scientology Official was? Why is he running PR Area Press Control for David Miscavige, but not revealing the most important information he should know?

Here’s a lovely picture of Karen and Jeffrey treating Dodge Landesman to a gourmet dinner at Olive Garden.

dodge landesman, karen de la carriere, jeffrey augustine and graham berry

Lots of obfuscation, misdirection, and schlocky schmoozing of reporters here.

But no answer to the question.

So let’s ask the question again:

Who was the Senior Scientology Official who ordered Lisa Marie Presley to “handle” Jane Doe#1?

Witness intimidation, I believe, is a felony.

Lisa Marie is dead, and this vital question remains unanswered.

Please keep asking it.

Never let it die.


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