Mike Rinder – Asshole

Lisa Marie Presley wrote a humane and heartfelt piece about her intimate experience losing her own son to suicide in People Magazine. She wanted to reach out and help other mothers, and family members, who are struggling with this horrendous human experience.

This is how Mike Rinder, the former head of the Office of Special Affairs henchman for David Miscavige, saw this as a Twitter opportunity to sell his upcoming book:

mike rinder asshole

Normal, regular, human people responded:

mike rinder the asshole

mike rinder sells his book

How Scientology can you get?

Here’s Lisa’s article: https://people.com/music/lisa-marie-presley-was-destroyed-by-son-benjamins-death-grief-essay/

Mike Rinder is not who you think he is.

This is a great example to examine.

How could someone who was the head of the Office of Special Affairs who reported on all Fair Game to David Miscavige every day be anything else than an asshole?

Or worse?

Think about it.

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