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Beliefs vs. Facts

There is a whole lot to gain by continually reminding myself of what a fact is, vs what a belief is. Especially with regard to political and religious areas of my life.

The Work Never Stops Here at AlanzosBlog

Presently re-configuring social media strategies, and prepping for new projects coming down the line. Moving into a new much more serious phase of being Alanzo, while critically thinking about cults and anticults. Stay tuned.

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Tribal Ninnies: A Taxonomy

Tribal Ninnies adopt a tribal narrative & let it do all their thinking. AntiCultism is filled with Tribal Ninnies, such as the RinderNinnie & the ReminiNinnie.

Cults of Anti-Cultism by Anton Shupe et al, 1980

This is a paper written in 1980 on the AntiCult Movement, as it existed when the authors estimated when it was 10 years old. Can you see any differences in the AntiCult Movement today? _______________________________________ … Read more