My old friends on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board spend a lot of time carrying water for their Queen Bee – Karen de La Carriere.

Yes. Your own Karen#1 and her husband Jeffrey Augustine, run an auditing practice out of their home in Los Feliz, CA. And have for the last ten years.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch these videos. They are filled with factual information by the long-time Scientology Youtube critic and one of Karen’s former PCs – Steven Mango.

Episode 1 of Steven Mango’s Expose on Karen de La Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine

Episode 2 of Steven Mango’s Expose on Karen de La Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine

Episode 3 of Steven Mango’s Expose on Karen de La Carriere and Jeffrey Augustine

And I hear that there’s an Episode 4 on the way!

Have you been told by Karen or Jeffrey, or one of their lieutenants, not to tell anyone about these videos?

That’s okay – there’s nothing creepy about that for a message board that presents itself as a place for people escaping Scientology. Nothing creepy about that at all!


  1. Anonymous

    She and Jeffrey audit people??

  2. Alanzo

    For money.

    She’s the auditor. He’s the receptionist/pc folder page.

  3. Sygtu

    Do they still audit in 2020? Steven’s claims are years-old.

  4. Alanzo

    I’m gathering all the evidence presented so far for a timeline.

    “Years old” sounds just like Scientology. “Oh that’s years old! We’ve changed. We don’t do that any more!”

    So far, it appears that Karen de la Carriere was still acting as Steven’s auditor, applying Scn debugs and regging him for life repair as late as 2017. That’s when he was clinically depressed and suicidal, and Karen tried to reg him for more auditing, told him NOT to seek real medical help, and said that if he went to a real doctor about his depression it would “undo all her work”.

    And Angry Gay Pope, who has worked with her as his paying client for years, said this about Karen a couple weeks ago:

    “So she can’t practice her religion in her own home?” He is confirming that Karen is still a practicing Scientologist.

    Angry Gay Pope Confirms Karen is still a practicing Scientologist

  5. Sygtu

    It’s really simple for Karen and Jeffrey: they can say, “No, we once audited but no longer do” or “We no longer believe in Scientology,” but they won’t. They refuse to address any of Steven’s claims.

    Folks would be understanding since that’s the path many take.

    Steven’s posts have been really enlightening. I used to have a lot of respect for the two of them. Not so much now. Seems they’re the same kind of con artists they rail against.

  6. Alanzo

    ^^ This is the comment of the year.

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