Anti-Scientology is a Socially Constructed Nightmare

When any Ex-Scientologist uses disciplined and reasoned analysis, he finds that the hysteria being generated by anti-scientology is just that – hysteria.

Leah Remini, and some of the most abusive and fanatical people to ever to be in Scientology, are going through this phase of adjustment. It happens to some people when they experience a catastrophic loss of faith. It’s a kind of nightmare scenario for them.

Sometimes it’s bad. And for those times, the trauma you experienced was real. Rape is rape. Beatings are real. But those are traumas that are not related to minority religious and spiritual pursuits. And this is true no matter how hard the hysterical membership of the anti-cult movement tries to equate them.

If a cult leader beat you, then that is a criminal act – not a religious or spiritual one. At least it isn’t in Scientology, or in any minority religion I know of. This is why getting Mike Rinder to expose the criminal acts he committed with David Miscavige as the head of OSA for 22 years is the most important thing you can do as an anti-Scientologist.

When those who leave minority religions examine their experiences in a calm and reasoned way, they find that very little of any of their trauma was real. It was mostly an over-reaction. This phenomena has been studied by social scientists and hysterical anti-Scientologists really do not like looking at the results of this science.

The Madness of the Anti-Scientology Crowd

Here’s the problem: If you get into a group of people just like you, including those for whom the trauma was real, and if you are not careful, you can all get together and blow shit way up out of proportion and keep it there.

For years.

This is the last thing a person needs who has experienced a catastrophic loss of faith after Scientology.

New generations of people leaving their minority religions will become just as hysterical as Leah Remini and others are now. Fortunately, governments have become aware of this histrionic tendency in anti-cult types, and are presently wary of accepting their more hysterical claims without evidence. That’s an improvement over what happened at Waco.

Most Anti-Scientologists, eventually, will move out of this hysterical phase of what social scientists call apostasy and see that it was mostly just a socially constructed nightmare they created for themselves.

Exes of all minority religions can wake up from that nightmare.

I realize that some of the more blithering anti-cultists will see what I am saying here and claim that I’m just gas-lighting them. I’m denying that there is ANY real abuse in ‘cults’. If that’s you, then you need to re-read what I wrote above, one more time, really doing your best to understand an idea that might be different from your present beliefs. You can try to build tolerance for new ideas that may challenge your existing ones. That skill of learning to tolerate new ideas can wake you up from this particular emotional nightmare you are having, and many more.

I hope you can develop that skill for yourself. Give that last link a try. I was exactly where you are now. And it helped me out of my own anti-cult nightmare of apostasy.

Good morning, Ex.

Smell the coffee.

And relax.


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