Anti-Scientology FairGame: Karen De La Carriere Caught Lying Again

It was revealed that fanatical supporters of Mike Rinder and Leah Remini fair-gamed Monique Rathbun’s new bakery business. Marty Rathbun, myself and others showed how these anti-Scientology fair game activities were planned and carried out in Karen De La Carriere’s secret Facebook group “The Outer Banks”.

Once again, we’ll show you the post taken from Outer Banks where this fair game activity was coordinated and executed. Look closely at who “liked’ the post at the time.

As you can see, Karen knew all about it, and she was even the first to “like” the post in Outer Banks.

Then, incredibly, Karen De La Carriere posted one of her fatuous fatwas on Marty Rathbun to the Ex-Scientologist Message Board, and produced some L Ron Hubbard-sized whoppers in the process:

snow suzy posts about marty google docs

snow suzy posts about marty google docs 1

Get this paragraph of Karen’s fatwah:

I had nothing to do with it, did not even know it happened til Chris Elston posted it on Outer Banks. Chris Elston publicly clarified that not only had I nothing to do with it but did not even know such had occurred.
Elston has since been removed from Outer Banks

“Elston has since been removed from Outer Banks”

Have you ever read anything more L Ron Hubbard-like in your life?

She may not have known about it before it was in Outer Banks – at least I have no evidence for that. But who cares? As soon as it hit her Outer Banks property, she liked it, giving her thumbs up approval of the on-going fair game of Monique Rathbun.

Only when she was caught did she “disavow” the fair game.

So Karen De La Carriere has been caught lying, again.

How long will anyone put up with this?

I know: As long as she keeps writing the checks, right?