If you’ll read the posts below, you’ll see that many leading Ex-Scientologists and critics of the Church of Scientology, myself included, do not approve of fair game in any form.

But for Mike Rinder’s minions, who know that their leader RAN fair game for the Church of Scientology against its critics for 22 years, fair game is obviously not off the table for critics of theirs.

I left anti-Scientology because of the cruelty and persecution I saw there. You see, you do not go through all you have to go through to leave one cruel group (Scientology), just to join another one (anti-Scientology).

Here are Mike Rinder’s minions planning their fair game of Monique Rathbun in their Facebook Group:

New screenshots from the secret Anti-Scientology Facebook Group where the fair game of Monique Rathbun was discussed by fans of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. Karen “Indy OSA” De La Carriere chimes in, too.