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Ethercat Out & Emma Back In at ESMB

I don’t know what kind of palace intrigue occured behind the scenes at ESMB last week, but something sure did. Ethercat resigned her position as Board I/C and Emma took back over the day-to-day, which … Read more

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Can ESMB Live Up To Its Own Rules?

The majority of Ex-Scientologists today avoid posting to ESMB. They had enough mental abuse in the cult and certainly don’t need any more of it as an Ex-Scientologist on ESMB.

Is ESMB Good for Ex-Scientologists?

The Ex Scientologist Message Board used to be a therapeutic place for Exes to talk to others about their time in Scientology. Not any more, it’s made up of paranoid sociopaths whose brains have been rutted by destructive habits. They are actually worse than Scientologists now.