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In keeping with not forgetting the positive and constructive parts of Scientology in order to seek to live with the truth, I found Mimsey Borogrove’s opening post on ESMB to be highly relevant. So I am stealing it and posting it here.

Here’s the original:

A positive viewpoint – what’s it worth?

” I was reflecting on Jon Atack’s articles.

I think they are insightful. However I think he needs to examine a facet of Scientology that I think is often missed in the sea of negativity published on the subject. That is the attitude it engenders in its followers. What I am referring to is the can do meme. The attitude that one can change for the better, that one can improve his life, that one can make a difference.

I was a Scientologist since the late 60’s until I was declared a few years ago – I had worked on staff for a few years, I did the briefing course, and eventually got on to OT7. After I was declared, and still a true believer, I began to go on line and the whole mess began to unwind over the next several years, as I discovered the depth of Hubbard’s betrayal. I was stunned to find out that Narconon was no better than quackery, especially when Hubbard had the assets, the means to fund meaningful research and create a viable, workable drug rehab program. There are other similar examples of his betrayal. I was shocked by the duplicity of the man. On the other hand I was amazed to find the extent of the subject if it was in fact a con. Why would anybody go to such lengths to scam someone for a few dollars? The only reason that makes any sense is that he believed much of it himself.

If there is one positive aspect that he has created in his followers is the belief that one can be better. Let’s put aside that he attributes it to the former glorious states one had in prior lifetimes. In his policies he preaches that one can make it go right, that one is responsible for ones own condition, that the way out is the way through. That if one is failing, one needs to change his operating basis, and become more effective, that one should find out what people want, and deliver it. That through a do it now attitude, that by completing things (cycles of action) one can accomplish much, that one should intend that something be accomplished and then make that happen – to keep an eye on the goal, not the stop. There are many of these that constitute the positive attitude they engender in the person. That you can make a difference. That you should flourish and prosper.

These values I have taken away from Scientology. I paid a hellish price for them, I gave many thousands to Scientology that were misused by a corrupt organization. If Scientology is anything – it is a schizophrenic, dualistic, disingenuous organization – one that creates a positive attitude in it’s adherents so that they will (ultimately) fork over wads of cash in their desire to create a better civilization.

That is the sad part, the betrayal I have had to confront and understand, that I was a mark. That I was puffed up, love bombed, etc. to be shorn like any sheep and cast aside when I became inconvenient to them.

When you consider that many people feel they are cogs in a vast wheel, than they count for nothing, that they feel stupid, or worthless, they can’t make a difference, that their vote only empowers corrupt government officials, that they will lead meaningless lives, an attitude like the one Scientology engenders, is perhaps, the one truly positive benefit the subject has. As an example, I am reading a book on handling ADD by Dr. Amen and the negativity one has within, the negative viewpoint one has of himself is destructive to the person, and a goal to overcome, if one is to rise above the disease. He stresses one can not depend on medication alone to cure it.

So that attitude of self worth is a valuable one. And it is perhaps the one truly positive gain that one can get from Scientology.

Mimsey “

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  1. Mimsey is writing from the Sublime, that Hubbard used, although Mimsey no know it.


    What is the sublime:


    ” Longinus defines the literary sublime as “excellence in language”, the “expression of a great spirit” and the power to provoke “ecstasy” in one’s readers.[1] Longinus holds that the sublime may be found in every work, since the goal of a writer should always be to produce a form of ecstasy.”


    Mimsey is expressing the good he/she got from scientology, that’s the sublime.


    All grade chart actions as explained on the Grade Chart give an EP, a sublime. Clear is a sublime, OT is a sublime.


    If one has not read this, I highly recommend it:



    It’s a great read on language, how it developed, how man developed thru language and the addition of words from Aristotle days of rhetoric.


    All forms of rhetoric are expressed nowadays, just more refined because more words are being developed.

      • Conan –

        Your use of the word “looney” is disrespectful to singanddanceall.

        Can you make your point about a “system 2 failure” more constructively?

        I’m interested in what you have to say about that.


        • Alanzo,

          Yes I can. Sorry but I’m at my wits ends with Scientologists religiosity. Maybe I should do something else because I clearly don’t have the patience.

          Anyway, there is an underthought in Scientology that most Cogs have to be achieved by auditing or auditor training alone. That came from Hubbard obviously to keep his monopoly going.

          Scientologists are allergic to analytical deconstruction of the subject and of allied subjects as well, so they end up acting like religious zealots and then complain when people point out to them that they are acting insane.

          It is harder to engage you analytical mind, as it demands effort and attention from your part, you have to compare data, study, think about the subject, sources, consequences, applicability, etc.,etc.

          But no, the faithful had wins in session and that is ALL that counts, regardless of the fact that Scientology turned out to be a massive implant.


          • Conan,


            you misunderstood me. I was trying to point out the abstract concept known as  Sublime that Hubbard created in our minds. He created the glorious states of homo novus and OT in our minds and got us to run around believing we could or attained these states.


            I tend to deconstruct scientology from the philosophical viewpoint since those are the materials he had to hand and not the new models, that’s all.


            No clears, no OT’s. I liked Mims story.   I am not a scientologist anymore, but I am seeking to know more.

  2. It’s nice that Mimsey got what s/he did out of Scn. I’m sure there are other self help programs aimed at accomplishing goals, but probably few settings that provide quite the boot camp style of learning Scn does.


    That said, I find myself in a different place and do not want to push any more. The world is what it is, and I am losing my illusions that I can control it. Not sure if this is good or bad or something else.

  3. Glad you posted the ESMB link, some of the comments after Mimsey’s post are quite fascinating, I particularly like one from Claire Swazey, but recommend readers of your blog visit the site themselves.

  4. <blockquote> . . . So that attitude of self worth is a valuable one. And it is perhaps the one truly positive gain that one can get from Scientology.</blockquote>

    I disagree. The “attitude of self worth” Scientology engenders is known in wog world by the term “arrogance”. Such is the level of superiority Scientology manufactures in its adherents that many of them spend years and years after leaving learning the hard way that they are not more intelligent, moral, or in any way finer, more worthy human beings than your average common or garden wog. Pumping up someone’s self-worth to such an extent counts more as a detriment than a benefit.



  5. The paragraph where Mimsey writes “If there is one positive aspect . . . .” is important to me. She reminds me of positive attitudes I may and should continue with today.

    Being new in Recovery I find it pleasantly surprising when people like Conan write my biography without ever having known me. Human understanding does exist.

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