Karens Going off the Deep End

This actually happened.

See it for yourself:

Karen #1 of ESMB says that criticism of Tony Ortega is an “OSA Program”

The people who used to run Scientology at the top of the organizational chart have been indoctrinated to suppress criticism. They’ve been trained and thought-reformed to within an inch of their lives to see criticism as an incipient enemy, which, if not stamped out immediately by any means necessary, will destroy everything.

Apparently, Karen has not yet learned that criticism is a good thing, not a bad thing. Criticism is a way to point out when important expectations are not being met, and hopefully, point the way for those expectations to be achieved.

To that end: I have an after-cult pink sheet item for Karen DLC: What is Criticism?

Karen: Please read the above and then do a clay demo on how those same principles can be applied to L Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and even to Tony Ortega and what he writes, as well.