Emma of ESMBI don’t know what kind of palace intrigue occured behind the scenes at ESMB last week, but something sure did. Ethercat resigned her position as Board I/C and Emma took back over the day-to-day, which like a harassed mother with 7 children under the age of 10, she has always complained about having to do and described in terms of drudgery.

Ethercat’s Original Announcement

Ethercat’s Barely Contained Natter – Definitely Not VVGI’s on Exit

And then this – I’m pretty sure ESMB will NOT be able to count this on their Success Stories Stat this week. If I could give my qualifications division opinion, this looks very much like suppressed BIs here to me.


Emma also appears to have been working very hard to update the board software, recreating all the functions of the old board, and upgrading many of its functionalities. Even Veda commented that it has a better search function – something else he has been a grumpy and humorless old man about for years.

I know how much work something like that can be. And I have to say, it’s looking pretty damn good!


AlanzosBlog will be continuing to monitor the situation closely. Ethercat did a great job of keeping ESMB out of the Toity of adhom attacks and character assassinations, and we are definitely going to miss her excellent moderation. Hidden influences and blocked information is never good for Exes after Scientology, so if anyone has any inside skinny on what went down there, be sure to comment here anonymously.

As part of the Anti-Scientology Mafia Network (ASMN) ESMB can be very manipulative and only provide the information the ASMN wants to be provided. It can be used to assasinate the characters of anyone the ASMN wants assassinated, never allowing dissenting viewpoints to appear. I was recently told by one of ESMB’s most rabid fanatics that dissenting opinions cause “confusion”.

Yes, we wouldn’t want anyone to become confused, now would we? (eyeroll emoji)

This type of information control is a long-running problem over there at ESMB, and this latest change is not looking good for Exes getting access to all the information they need to create a happy, stable and productive life, moving on constructively after Scientology.

Our standard of loyalty here is to be loyal to the truth, and not to any person or group. That’s the way to get out of a cult, and to stay out of one.

So let’s watch and see how closely ESMB can live up to that standard now that Emma is back on the Iron Throne.