Aaron Smith-Levin Calls Out Tony Ortega for Trying to Undermine Him


Is Tony Ortega is trying to undermine yet another Ex-Scientologist?

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Ex-Scientologists that Tony Ortega has undermined:

Carmen Llewelyn 
Marty and Monique Rathbun Mike Berman
And now Aaron Smith-Levin

And those are just the ones I’ve written about. (If there are any others, please let me know in the comments section.)

They are all brave and very productive ex-Scientologists, important critics of Scientology, who Tony Ortega has attacked and tried to undermine, discredit, and isolate from their friends and other Exes.

My theory for Tony Ortega’s continued abusive behavior stems from the fact that he is not an Ex. As an atheist never-in who’s spent most of his life in the scrubby weekly newspaper business, he comes to this from a very different perspective than Exes do. This is Tony Ortega’s business. He is competing for eyeballs. Anyone he feels won’t become his lapdog, and who he can not control, is not only out, but he also sees them as a competitive threat and they must be discredited and eliminated from the market he’s trying to sell into.

“Hey It’s not personal, Aaron! It’s just business, buddy!” For Tony Ortega, it could be nothing more than that.

But for exes, after getting kicked out, disconnected from, spit on, fair-gamed, families destroyed, and dead-agented by Scientology – nothing could be more personal.

It has been very clear for a long time – at least to me – from his sneering atheistic arrogance, to his ignorance of the experience of Scientology, to his constant drumbeat of party-line, anti-cult persecution of minority religions, to these kinds of outright attacks on Exes and individual Scientologists who never abused anyone, that almost everything about Tony Ortega is not good for Ex-Scientologists, or anyone else, really.

If there is one person who needs to be called out as a pathological narcissist and a (not so) frightening bully – it is Tony F. Ortega.

To Tony Ortega’s Ex-Scientologist Lapdogs & Assorted Circus Animals

If Ex-Scientologists aren’t going to stand up to this kind of destructive behavior that seems to be right out of the B-1 OSA Network Orders, then who is going to but you? I’m looking at all those Ex-Scientologists who are lapdogs of Tony Ortega, and Underground Bunker Circus Animals, who hide behind him and never call him out for any abuse and trolling of their fellow Exes, and who just swallow whatever he says whole, never even questioning him.

What the hell are you thinking?

Do you still lack that much social courage – even after getting yourself out of Scientology?

Maybe you landed at the Underground Bunker after Scientology and felt like you had a group again, people who were fighting on your side with you. Well, when Tony goes after your fellow Exes like this, then you have to reconsider who or what is “your side”.

Don’t you?

I know that getting out of Scientology was most likely devastating for you, but you can’t get out of Scientology only to get into another group which, too often, acts just as cruelly, as tribally, and as vindictively as Scientology.

I say wake the fuck up and get your balls back.

Tell Tony Ortega you will not engage in undermining other Exes. And if he continues doing this, tell him that he will find himself with many fewer Ex-Scientologist lapdogs and circus animals at his disposal.


I feel better now.


Why do you think that Tony Ortega keeps attacking and trying to undermine ex-Scientologists?

12 thoughts on “Aaron Smith-Levin Calls Out Tony Ortega for Trying to Undermine Him”

  1. This ridiculous level of control he’s exerting is going to come back and bite him in the ass big-time! IMO opinion he’s really starting to develop an unpleasant “only my opinion matters” personae.

  2. Okay, when I first commented this posted hadn’t expanded. So now that’s there’s MOAR, BETTAR! I’ll comment more.

    As from his journalist ‘career’, as I’ve shared with you, he was always, it seemed, trying to get something to go ‘viral’ and then would sneer and hold in contempt those who didn’t find his alleged attempts at what he claimed was “satire” amusing. IE: All those comments about one of his Oman brothers’ fake news (true definition of it!) articles. The fact that that media company just kept sending him elsewhere and even promoted him to an editor says more about them, than him, as he was lucking out.

    He really hit pay dirt when he started to cover Scientology in the Village Voice. He could mention celebrities and get his mug on TV discussing said celebrities, he could proclaim to be an expert on Scientology, he had an unlimited amount of material to work with.

    When it comes to turning on an ex, aside from Tony, we need to take other factors into account. We know from Marty that someone is willing to pay to have certain things published. So if an ex fell afoul of someone who had bunker purse strings would that lead to an opinion piece/comment? Ortega can claim no one influences what he posts, but some people have gotten a lot of real estate post wise.

    I hope it’s okay I link this. This will hopefully fill in some people on some of Ortega’s fake news stories. I stopped my research where he was an editor who approved a story about a billionaire marrying his daughter in Westminster Abbey. Yes, you read that right. He went to the VV shortly after that and kept beating that drum, and I was told he even trotted it out in the past year. But the 3 Oman brother fake stories in the Journalist Integrity section, replete with links, might help some.


    • Yes. It seems my blog post editing process only starts when I hit “Publish”.

      Excellent link. Thanks for your valuable contributions to AlanzosBlog!

      • You’re very welcome! That Survive This fake story still makes me feel sick. If I had known that was him, I would have never entered the bunker. There is no rational explanation for using two teenage girls who publicly spoke of being kidnapped and raped in a sick twisted joke. And yet he presents himself as a feminist.

        • Oh yeah. Tony’s a big feminist protecting females from the big male bullies. This is one of the games he plays – playing Ex against Ex.

          In a recent exchange on the underground bunker with ASL, Tony had deleted a video that Aaron posted making a brief mention of the non-existent “rape culture” within Scientology, and Aaron had wondered if his deleted video was because of “technical difficulties”.

          Tony answered him with this:

          It’s like he’s running a homeless shelter for battered women, and he’s “dealing with” all the bullying. No, he’s playing one Ex against another and it would be hilarious if it was not so disgustingly manipulative and hypocritical.

          What about Tony’s bullying of females such as Carmen Llywelyn and Monique Rathbun, and the two girls who were rape survivors that you mentioned?

          My god. Someone summon my barf bucket for I must puke now!

          • He just flat out lied about Carmen. Had he indeed done an “extensive interview” with her he’d have a day, place, time, etc. Nada. And whereas he championed and encouraged others to cheer Monique on, once that lawsuit was dropped, she was dropped to Marty levels. Remember when someone in the comments mentioned getting a PI to check them out, to see if they had gotten a settlement? That, to me, is hearsay, but I know many people saw it as I heard it from several people. Like, hey, drop her, go ahead and stalk her. Whereas TO didn’t say that, he allowed it in the comments!

            Just as he allowed people to drag Carmen in the comments and I have some screen grabs from that, as it was towards the end of my time there and I wanted a visual reminder of why I needed to never return. I shared them with Carmen. I’ll share them with you too if you’d like. Someone claimed to know her–no name given of course, and they just dx’d her, slammed her, etc. TO allowed it in the comments. Cuz this was after he had declared her unworthy to him!

            And I know you’re familiar with what he did to Cathy Tweed. Invading a private Scientologist mother’s grief, and having a counselor critique on grieving.

            Ugh, I’m feeling nauseous too. But if people read that Survive This and can JUSTIFY IT, then I truly question their base humanity.

            • Yep, a lot of people have good reason to dislike Marty and consider him an asshole, no matter which “side” he may be on. But Monique has done nothing wrong. She’s a never-in who was harassed with dildos at her place of work by Miscavige. But because she gave up the lawsuit, she’s “just as bad as Marty”, in the word of one fellow on Facebook SPs R Us group, and of course Marty is the Great Judas now. Sick tribal loyalty, the same as supporting a pedophile because he’s OUR pedophile.

  3. Very interesting turn. I’ve been wondering what has been percolating behind the scenes regarding Ortega’s and Aaron’s disagreement on the “all Scientologists believe in pedophilia” charge. I am totally on Aaron’s side on this. Both Leah and Mike R. should’ve spoken up the way Aaron has. Or I guess I should say Mike should have because Leah is a big part of the problem on this particular issue by making the false accusation in the first place.

    Obviously the screen capture you have is from a Facebook post, but it wasn’t done on Aaron’s page. Can you reveal which page it is from? And/or how long ago it was posted by him?

  4. Probably cuz they know the truth of a situation he’s trying to spin another way and/or has spun another way. So best to discredit them, so therefore when they try to say ‘hey, that’s not right’, his readers will have been programmed to know not to trust him.

      • Random –

        On the left menu you have this Alanzo:

        Scientology Allegedly
        Scientology Allegedly Uses Fake Social Media Accounts To Slam Leah Remini’s Docuseries The InquisitrFull coverage

        With a little slight wording adjustment, you’d get a description maybe much closer to the truely twisted happenings in Scientology-World.

        Scientology Ex-scientology Operatives Plant Scientology Attacks Uses Fake Social Media Accounts To Slam Leah Remini’s Docuseries To Raise Flagging TV Ratings November 9, 2017

        I think I need more coffee.

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