Yesterday, Tony Ortega continued his assertions that L Ron Hubbard & Scientology endorses pedophilia. He used Sunny Pereira and Nora Crest experience in Scientology to do it. But, it turns out, Nora Crest had something to say about Tony’s exploitation of her standing in the Ex community to continue his belligerent, and false, narrative.

Here’s what she said on Facebook

Dear Tony Ortega,

First of all, you did NOT have my permission to quote me for your article today. You did NOT ask for any of my comments to be on the record and as a journalist you should have had the integrity to do that. I have worked with MANY journalists over the past several years and every single one of them, except you, has ALWAYS ensured that every comment I gave them was on the record before printing anything.

Secondly, I do not appreciate you attacking, very backhandedly I might add, a family member of mine by screen shoting a quote from him, and labeling him a “Hubbard Apologist”. You didn’t even screen shot his entire statement to you. Only the part that suited your narrative. And you never responded to his PUBLIC comment to you on the fan forum, instead you screen grabbed it and placed it on your site and welcomed the pile on of this person with no way for him to defend himself or even know that you had done that.

Those are the actions of a coward. I am telling all of this to you directly, in this message and I am posting this publicly to my page and to every fan group.

I do NOT trust you Tony. Your motives are not clean here. As an ExScientologist that is still very much in the process of healing from a lifetime trapped in the cult, I can say unequivocally that you are NOT helping anyone to recover. I feel used by you. Used to further your site hits and your popularity, and your supposed authority in the subject of Scientology. Used by you to suit your ends only and I am ashamed that I allowed this to go on this long.

I don’t work for you. I never have. But the way that you speak to myself and other exes in your messages to us and in your phone calls is disgusting. Demanding information from us at all hours of the day and night. Getting furious and swearing at us if we discuss parts of our story with anyone else but you. You treat us the same way that Scientology did when we were working for them. As something that gives you power, something to be used, and not as human beings. YOU don’t own our stories. They are ours and ours alone.

Real recovery from Scientology can only come from gaining a true understanding of what you went through, what you actually did to yourself and others, and from a lot of time. When people are in the process of coming to terms with all of that it is hard to let go of everything all at once. To throw away a lifetime of what you thought was “helping people”. You may have “had wins” or helped another person to “have wins” and that felt good at the time so it doesn’t seem like that was a bad thing, or wrong. So you cling to it. because 10, 20, 30, 40+ years of your life can’t have been a total waste. Otherwise what the fuck do you have?

So I am calling you out Tony, very publicly, because instead of having compassion for this man, and others who are recovering from decades of mind control, physical and mental torture, you used him as fodder for your ego and allowed a group of strangers on the internet, who know NOTHING about this person, behind his back, to tear him apart.

That is disgusting and lacks integrity and is devoid of any humanity. And you can quote me on that.

Nora Crest