atheism 2 alain de botton

Atheism 2.0 – Alain de Botton

In this short TED talk, Alain de Botton delivers a heavyweight performance. He builds a very workable connection between atheist and religious thought, presenting a way to extract the good from both for the future of society.

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Information Disease

A broader perspective, a wider context, and an array of diverse sources of ideas and information are the cures for information disease.

in defense of j gordon melton

In Defense of J Gordon Melton

I believe if an Ex-cultist is to fully graduate from his former cultic thinking and keep evolving and growing in a constructive manner after the cult, he should teach himself to listen to criticism, and carefully determine if there might be something true in it.

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The Heartbreak of an Ex-Scientologist

When you’ve spent so much of your life supporting & defending all the good you’ve experienced in Scientology and you finally become aware of the people the leaders have harmed, there’s a heartbreak that occurs … Read more

the thinker's toolkit by morgan jones

Hypothesis Testing

There’s a really good book, written by a former CIA analyst, called “The Thinker’s Toolkit”. This book contains 14 tools of structured analysis which can be used to help you figure things out. A structured … Read more

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Discussion: The Limits of Science

1. Science is limited to what can be tested. 2. Do things exist which can not be tested? Examine Number 1 above. – Tell us whether it’s true. Ask yourself Number 2 above. – Tell … Read more

scientology victims of spiritual abuse

What Scientology Is & Why You Should Care

The Church of Scientology is a fanatic, totalitarian para-military organization whose criminality and human rights abuses are being protected by the First Amendment in the United States.