Sounds kind of circular, doesn’t it?

Well it is.

Most Scientologists are stuck in the circular trap of trying to use Scientology to understand Scientology.

You can see them on the Internet, using an LRH reference to explain another LRH reference.

For example: How do we know the reactive mind exists?

Because we have engrams that kick in on us when the present time environment approximates past bad incidents that are stored in the reactive mind.

And another: How do we know that we are a thetan?

Because theta postulates and perceives.

In order to fully understand Scientology, you have to step outside of Scientology to understand it.

For instance: How do we know the reactive mind exists?

Because Freud said there was an “Id”, an “Ego”, and a “Super-ego”. How do those ideas correspond with the “Analytical Mind”, “Reactive Mind”, and “Somatic Mind”? How does the neuroscience idea of a “Lizard Brain” correspond with the idea of a Reactive Mind?

When you start stepping out of Scientology in order to understand Scientology, you start to get somewhere. It is when a Scientologist begins to do this, that he starts to widen his understanding of Scientology, and the proper contexts in which its ideas exist.

Shift the proper context for an idea, or delete it entirely, and you can make a slave.

This, of course, is an application of Scientology’s Logic 8: “A datum can be evaluated only by a datum of comparable magnitude.”

Which of course originated from Alfred Korzybski, not from L Ron Hubbard. When you understand Logic 8 from within the context of Alfred Korzybski’s Science and Sanity, you get much farther than you would had you stayed within Hubbard’s bubble and only looked at its context from within Scientology.

If you want Scientology to actually free you, then you should never try to use Scientology to understand Scientology. When you can see Scientology this way, you can see that Scientology’s best and most constructive use is as a stepping stone to other spiritual ideas and philosophies, never a place to hole up and stagnate.