How Big is Scientology – Really?

Mike Rinder posted a graphic which proves that the Church of Scientology lies to the world about their size, and the rate of their growth.

They, in fact, are shrinking, while they tell the world, and the world’s media, that they are growing.

Jefferson Hawkins of SkyHawk Studios created this graphic from statistical data that the Church itself has reported over the decades of its existence. It’s counter-intuitive to think that an organization that calls itself a “Church”, and which enjoys the full protection of the First Amendment in the United States, will blatantly lie like this. But they do.

how big is scientology?

2 thoughts on “How Big is Scientology – Really?”

  1. it is much smaller than that, most of the scientologists that show up for events are broke and simply hustling for money.  in my experience, most “scientologists” will tell you privately that they are secretly disaffected with the criminals that run the church now and do not announce their lack of allegiance because the church would force family members to disconnect from them, or they would lose business, or because the church would sanction or attack them as being “suppressive” if they announced they left. these scientology policies are hubbard’s tricks to make it look like there were more members than there actually were. if 1,500 people show up for an event, probably less than half are really loyal and active members, and out of those a large percentage are sea org or staff members. real active public members are a small percentage of those attending, maybe several hundred.

    the open information on the internet has reduced scientology and the growing number of lawsuits from the rampant abuses will do the rest. the church no longer has the resources to go after all its enemies but it sure knows how to make them. as it is a money scam, it no longer produces much in the way of clear and OTs but it does declare many more as suppressive enemies.

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