Information Disease

Information Disease

Donald Trump: America’s No 1 Sufferer of Information Disease

When the President of the United States gets most of his news and information from Brietbart and Fox, and not from the information gathering services that the US has to inform the president and other leaders in our government, then you have skewed and pitched ideas filling the heads of people who need the best information they can get to think straight. You get bad decisions. You get wild attacks and fights based on delusory illusions.

You get information disease.

First coined by deprogrammers Conway and Seigelman in the late 1970’s and early 80’s, their concept described

“a new class of information-processing disorders caused not by germs, drugs, illness, or any recognized physical abuse, but by the manipulation of information. Their concept proposed that basic human capacities of thinking and feeling can be altered solely by information and communication.”

Information disease is not just for religious cults. It can come from political groups, too. And it is not just a disease that one can catch from Scientology. Any time you engage in daily information gathering from only one or two sources, with only one narrow viewpoint allowed, then you are likely to catch information disease.

It’s said that the basis of nutrition is a balanced, diverse diet. And that “infection” only occurs when one type of microbe dominates what should be a diverse population.

The same is true for information. The Internet, while allowing people to find their niche interests and gather together with others who are like-minded, can also wall-off those niches and barricade out other information which could help to maintain a proper context.

It goes like this:

An idea like: “A misunderstood word can be one thing that blocks your understanding of a sentence or passage.”

Becomes: “A misunderstood word is the cause of all failures in all activities everywhere.”

One is a sensible idea in its proper context.

The other is a diseased idea which has had its proper context removed.

This can happen in niche circles on the Internet.

An idea like: “Scientology is a cult that can bankrupt you and divert you from your true purpose in life.”

Becomes: “Scientology is a criminal organization where anything good in it is actually very bad.”

The second idea lacks context. It does not allow for facts that the niche finds offensive or threatening to its ideology.

As you know, an ideology must always be true – especially when it’s not. Where an ideology is not true, its adherents must take steps to enforce it’s “truth”, such as through threats, social coercion, censorship, and disconnection. And if those can not stop the threat, then fair game must be used on people who continue to communicate their threatening ideas.

Anti-Scientologists on the Internet have now developed an ideology about Scientology that they must protect through the above means of social coercion. Where their ideology is not true, it must be made true through these means.

A broader perspective, a wider context, and an array of diverse sources of ideas and information are the cures for information disease.

If others in your niche will not allow these, then you must get them for yourself.

Or risk becoming Donald Trump.

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“When the President of the United States gets most of his information and news from Breitbart and Fox . . . ” (Somebody once said that, I think.) He also got to be a multi-billionaire by reading tea leaves.

Yet another left winger brainwashed from too much left wing media propaganda. Information disease is all over the place.


The problem with jumping on the bandwagon and putting labels on Trump or posting stupid pictures of him is that the ISSUES are REAL and he’s willing to tackle them. Obama spent 10 Trillion dollars on the American credit card passing on a huge burden. What’s to show for it? Would Hillary be any different? 500,000 people per year run across the southern U.S border. Most get arrested, jailed and sent back which is a huge waste of money and not humane anyhow. IMO if it were known that the border was impenetrable then they wouldn’t even try. The list goes on.


“Here’s the contract for the brand new Air Force One, Mr./Madam President. Only four billion dollars.” Trump; “Wait a minute!” Hillary “Where do I sign?” LOL

Millions of non citizens vote using any kind of identification. Political correctness. They’re illegal aliens with no voting rights hoping for continued “sanctuary” (lol) from the democrats. There’s your “Hillary won the popular vote.”


Tipping points are occurring. On Trump’s solo news conference last week, he brought up “the tone of hatred” against him on a certain CNN show. People got it. The very next day the tone of the liberal media came off the tone of hatred. Issues and policies are still passionately debated, but the tone went up. I’ll take a (small – lol) win for humanity on that.

Good People
Good People

Trumps delusional attack on the medias hateful tone is just a passive aggressive attempt at media censorship. Media censorship is dictatorship 101, not to mention unamerican. I don’t find any solace in it.


The political civil war continues. Globalists vs. nationalists. The world order established after WWII worked when human population was 2.5 BILLION. Only 70 years later it’s almost 8 BILLION and continuing to rapidly expand. A new paradigm exists.

Quoting Steve Bannon at CPAC this weekend “They’re corporatist globalist media. They’re adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has.” People who have decided that Donald Trump is a fascist and sociopath will not consider this possibility.


I’m sorry Richard, but you come across to me as promoting fictional narratives. I imagine you are trying to make sense of our complex world, but your posts leave me only with the feeling of “How does he know any of what he says is true?” I don’t think you do, or indeed can, know that anything you have posted here is TRUE. It is all conjecture and imagination as far as I can see.


Al, here is something I thought you would be interested in and which think cannot be disseminated enough: the source and basis of Trump’s apparent “delusions” about himself, America, the voters, and just about everything else in the world. I think this article pretty much nails it. And of course it immediately reminded me of Hubbard and his “affirmations”

It seems Trump’s apparent delusions, grandioseness, and denials of everyone and everything he does not like or agree with, are more intentional than the result of senile dementia on his part. He lives in a world of intentionally created and maintained self-delusion, using a “positive thinking” system he learned as a child from Norman Vincent Peale.