Rachel Bernstein is Pissed!

Rachel Bernstein is Pissed!

Rachel Bernstein Cult Counselor, descended Upon ESMB this week “to clear up any misconceptions or flat-out lies about me floating around the internet.”

Here’s the text of her post:

“Hi- Rachel Bernstein here. None of that is true. If you ever have questions about anyway that I practice, or what I charge, or if I take insurance, just contact me. I have been doing this work for 26 years and there is no way that I would have had so many clients and people coming to me for help if I didn’t work with them and make it possible. My professional reputation means so much to me, so i am happy to have an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions or flat-out lies about me floating around the internet. This group in particular, I assume, would be quite sensitive about people making up stories about them which somehow get codified as the truth. I am happy to give you an invoice that you can submit to your insurance, and you don’t have to pay cash to see me. I know there was also some talk about me that said it was cold-hearted of me to charge for my services at all. It is an odd accusation, as I’m sure if you went to the doctor, dentist, or even car repair man, you wouldn’t find them cold-hearted if they charged for their services. Again, if you hear anything about me that you think does not fit with the fact that people have been coming to me for years and getting help and trust me, then just be in touch and let me know and I will explain how I really do things. Take care, and best to you all,
Rachel Bernstein”

Chris Shelton started the thread on ESMB to market Rachel’s services to all her potential prospects on ESMB who have been “mentally damaged” by Scientology and need to pay Rachel to recover.

So what prompted Rachel to wade into ESMB and handle all the narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths on the Internet?

Well, everything was going swimmingly for Rachel’s practice in that thread, with all kinds of her promotional marketing materials being supplied to ESMBers, until this:

Rachel Bernstein is Pissed!

ESMBEer “This is NOT ok!” questioned Rachel Bernstein’s practice pricing scheme.

LongTime ESMBer “This is NOT okay!!” posted:

“I heard that she does not take insurance, that is to say that even if you have health insurance through your employer, you have to pay cash and not just a co-pay, but upward of $100.00 per hour.

Is this true?

I’m sorry, but this rubs me the wrong way (on many levels).

And then long-time ESMBer “Knows” posted something that really questioned the whole idea of Ex-Scientologists paying therapists to help them to “recover”.

Default Re: Rachel Bernstein support group
I understand that everyone needs to make a living but my friend contacted Rachel to see if she would help an Ex Sea Org – in really really bad shape.

Rachel basically wanted to know how the person could pay and if they could not pay – she was not interested.

The person just left the Sea Org and Rachel is wondering how they are going to pay???? Sea Org people have nothing….no money, no job and in many cases no family or support.


That rubbed me the wrong way – it really pissed my friend off.

He was willing to pay Rachel but so totally insulted by her “no empathy” response – he found someone else to help the poor Ex Sea Org person – who is helping the ex Sea Org member get back on their feet at no charge.

I am not saying don’t use Rachel – but what Ex Cult members need more than anything is


Plus empathy and compassion.

Also – to not get ripped off by therapists who only care about money – I would do some research up front on cults so you don’t waste money on unnecessary “therapy”

Margaret Singer has some great you tube videos out there.

Margaret Singer says that “therapists” who are not trained in “CULT RECOVERY” can do more damage by focusing on “why the cult member got into the cult” – which is not good to do….the cult found us…we did not find the cult….we were victims and were exploited by the cult.

She says ex cult members should stay away from “therapists” because they will make it about “what drove them into the cult” instead of helping the cult member focus on recovering and figuring out how the cult used mind control tactics etc…

We need people who care about human beings…

Another Ex Sea Org HORROR story – Karen posted on social media (thank you Karen – for exposing these stories that need to be told).

Talking about Sea org Youngsters being *DUMPED* and discarded like trash or pieces of furniture reminded me of Kirsi’s story.

Other people’s horrific RPF stories always impact me.

It might be that I have never quite gotten over the CRUELTY and DOMINATION of my bogus fraudulent and unwarranted RPF.

Mark Headley so eloquently expressed it “Another Day in Hell.” So I resonate and duplicate other’s RPF stories.

I was very happy to meet Kirsi in person. A Finnish girl recruited in Denmark and sent to Flag another 20 year Sea Org member who spent some 8 years in OSA Flag, Office of Special Affairs, Flag from where she was sent to a sadistic RPF for 2+ years.
Kirsi posted on Marty’s blog.

in front of the group by a senior executive, spouses sent to work in different continents, disconnection in full use, veteran staff who had worked with LRH were separated for years.
During my final stages of routing out of The Sea Org in Clearwater four years ago, I was scraping off the O block exterior walls (home for us RPFers) day in, day out, thinking…. what happened to that dedication. Here I am, routing out after 20 years and on a ‘scrape those walls’- assignment. It was a very odd combination of mixed feelings and confused questions and had no one to talk to – talking to anyone is forbidden in the RPF and when you’re in the RPFs RPF you just have you. Now even the fellow RPFers condemn you – save 2 or 3 who did try to talk to me. But their talk was about changing my mind and staying. Staying wasn’t an option, I needed to understand what is the real reason for sayonara my friends, my group and the once burning purpose. I had seen spiritual rape of fellow staff; humiliation in front of the group by a senior executive, spouses sent to work in different continents, disconnection in full use, veteran staff who had worked with LRH had been routed off or RPFed, and the reasons for my questionning and disagreements went on like this. I had done my share of actions I regret.

Kirsi told me she was dropped off at Tampa Airport penniless.

After serving 20 years, and knowing she was a Finnish national with NO $$$ (RPF for 2 years is virtually penniless for 60 hour weeks of slave labor ~~ human trafficking) Kirsi was dropped off at Tampa airport without a cent to purchase a meal or drink, leave alone air fare. This was some 7 years ago. But look at the pattern of conduct over the years.

Imagine the GREED of an entitiy sitting with $1 billion in reserves in the IAS account, spitting a staff member out with NOTHING as punishment for asking to leave the group. The Church gives no pension, no 401K, nothing absolutely nothing to veteran staff and gets away with slave labor for cents an hour under the guise of “MINISTERIAL EXEMPTION”.

She did a collect call to a friend who paid her ticket back to Europe and she now lives in Europe. She made it through and survived.

Here’s Kirsi.

So Rachel has waded into the fray. So far, as of this morning, the post above is her only post to ESMB. It was basically a plea to all her prospects there on ESMB to call her practice so she can explain her pricing structure to them. It reminds me of the time when Marty Rathbun was starting an Independent Scientology practice to help Ex-Scientologists and he posted once to ESMB to announce it to any of his possible prospects there, as well.

Look how well that turned out.

The question is, will Rachel Bernstein Cult Counselor stick around ESMB and actually post something that is not in her own commercial interests?

She does know that all those narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths on the Internet just want to discuss things openly and honestly – all the pros and all the cons – doesn’t she? And maybe openly discuss and challenge and test information that they might be able to use for themselves and others?

If Rachel Bernstein starts posting to ESMB and becomes a valuable contributor there, I’m all for it. But can a psychologist’s business interests survive in that kind of an environment?

I’m fascinated by this on many levels.

I’ll be watching closely.

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Lone Star
Lone Star

Are you insinuating that ESMB is full of narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths? If so I think that’s over-the-top. There are a few people there that I don’t particularly like, but I don’t think there are any sociopaths or psychopaths. Narcissists? Well most of us have a little narcissism in us. But there are not any horrible, pathological narcissists on ESMB.

Claire M Swazey
Claire M Swazey

Hard to know what really happened since I wasn’t present. I’ll give Ms. Bernstein tge benefit of the doubt.

Rachel Bernstein
Rachel Bernstein

Hi –
Not sure where to jump in here, as I don’t want to be fodder for harassment over and over, and I know there are those who will once again scrutinize every word I write and make assumptions and accusations on some or all that I write here because it serves a purpose for them.
I have been working with people who have been hurt by Scientology for about 26 years now. I found out about how it operates by having some very frightened, confused, shaking and tearful Sci members come to me in the early 90’s knowing that they needed to address what was happening to them. They were asking for help and needing to understand what was being done to them. They were thin and pale, constantly looking behind them and jumping at every sound they heard. They were just kids, but already had the beginning signs of PTSD. It was very hard to see how much those who were tremendously hurt by this group were then being systematically harassed by the same group, which was cruel, and how brave they needed to be just to make it through the day and remain strong.
I have never sought to offensively attack anything or any group, yet for some reason working with former Scientologists has put a target on my back and has left me open for the kind of talk and harassment that is even taking place right here.
There need to be more therapists out there working with former cult members, yet many I have spoken to who could really help many people are afraid of doing this work for this reason – that it seems to invite attack. I have been told over and over to stop helping former Scientologists because those in it or recently out of it can sometimes take their anger out on those trying to help them.
I once asked a client of mine (who had years ago harassed me as part of an organized effort by Sci. but then came to me for help when she left) what she got from harassing me. She said she had no choice, but additionally, it made her feel strong and powerful and was an outlet for the anger she was REALLY feeling towards others in the group who had made her life miserable but who she couldn’t direct any of her very understandable and negative emotions to. So basically, she said, she harassed me because she could. She knew I wouldn’t harass her back, she had access to me, and it made her feel better at the time. She then told me she was greatly relieved I hadn’t cut and run due to the harassment, because 8 years later she needed my help. and I welcomed her into my office and we put it all behind us.
If, for whatsoever reason or reasons, you feel the need to consult with a professional to get help, it certainly doesn’t have to be with me. Just find someone who is in your area or who is a good match for you, and get the support you need and get your questions answered.
As before, I wish you all well, and the best always.


Hi Rachel
I don’t follow ESMB, but checked it out yesterday after Alanzo’s post. I was very impressed with several of the stories people told about the invaluable help they received from therapists. So, your thread has triggered an important discussion over there.
It was ironic to see people talk about the excellent help they received, but still wish that they could have seen a cult-recovery specialist.
Personally, I have come to believe in a “trauma care” model (except for issues like addictions, pediatrics etc). I think Scientology experiences are like tiny concussions that impact processing, and shape perception. As you know, the impact of small repeated concussion can be great.
A suggestion: If I were you I would ask the ESMB moderator to retitle the thread. Instead of Rachael Bernstein perhaps something like “Psychotherapy after Scientology” Takes the target off your back. The Internet is a wild place.
Alanzo moderates every posting here, so you won’t be harassed, although you may be challenged. -Eileen


Dear god, what is she thinking? This will not end well.
Alanzo, you stay out of this! Don’t make me send my orange cat out there!


Once upon a time I had a goal of becoming a field auditor. I would hang out a shingle and make a good living. I was quite confident that I could produce better results than any psych. But then someone decided to jack up the prices to hundreds of dollars an hour and I decided my services wouldn’t be worth that much money. The basic economic laws of supply and demand would cause people to look for a cheaper way to enlightenment first. Alanzo probably thought he’d get rich as a Mission Director. It didn’t work out. We both blew. 🙁