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The Unquestioning Arrogance of Anti-Cult Movement Ideologues

An ideologue is so certain of the ideology he has adopted, and the rightness of how he sees the world, that he can sneer at people, knowing how superior he is. It is a lazy way to go through life, intellectually, but if you surround yourself with people who also never question their assumptions, either, it’s easier to live that way. One of the best examples is Tony Ortega.

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I love @RepRaskin and consider him a hero, but until any normal person has read this bill, no one knows what's in it, no matter the PR name they place on it.

We need widely available, public, NO-PARTISAN READINGS of US legislation impacting all our lives and all of our futures. https://t.co/CefGVR2rWu

Note: 400,000 Americans died in World War II. https://t.co/Oc4wHZSKbD
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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley @RepPressley
Tonight, I joined my colleagues for a moment of silence to mourn, remember & honor the 500,000 American lives lost to this pandemic. https://t.co/o6CQlXcMPd

Anticult tribalist goes after anyone connected to accused rapist Danny Masterson, getting you to assume he's guilty before his trial begins & hoping you'll hate his family, too.

He uses your most base and degraded instincts to influence you in the worst possible way.

Such a POS https://t.co/mcjoAGac66

"Barker argued that, far from experiencing brainwashing, the large majority of people who attended recruitment seminars opted not to join the Unification Church."

#persecutionofminorities https://t.co/FnvafjzzMX

It's been clear for a while now that @TroMcManus is celebrity Anti #Scientology's No1 Fangirl. She's been unable to remain objective in the matters she reports on for the @TB_Times. She's more of a tribalist, than a journalist, now.

This exchange proves it. It's a bad situation. https://t.co/yfkg792OZw

Watch how @MikeRinder lies and distracts people away from the truth about what he knows, and what he did in #Scientology.